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Kang Ha Neul 강하늘 ♥ Best Actor (TV) @ BaekSang Arts Awards 2020 | [Upcoming Movie: Rain and Your Story / Drama 2021 : The Moon Rising River 달이 뜨는 강

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Film 'Twenty' Still Cuts (Kang Ha Neul)B8__j8GIIAA_ZKu.jpg


-----Film ‘Twenty’ Releases Character Trailer Starring 2PM’s Junho, Kim Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul
Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul and 2PM’s Junho will be taking over the big screen.
On February 4, the film Twenty released the character trailer on various portal sites and streaming sites.
Twenty is a film about the love and friendship of three friends, who turn 20 years old, a time when they can be anyone, love anyone and face an infinite number of possibilities. 

Kim Woo Bin, who caught the hearts of ladies through the drama The Heirs and the film The Technicians, Kang Ha Neul who became a rising star through Misaeng, C’est si bon and more and Junho, who went from being a member of 2PM to an acting-dol, will be acting as three best friends.
The film Twenty will comically depict Chi Ho (Kim Woo Bin), who has nothing but popularity, Dong Woo (Junho), who has nothing but strong survival skills, and Kyung Jae (Kang Ha Neul), who is only skilled when it comes to studying, as they share the most embarrassing moments in their lives together.
As the debut commercial film of director Lee Byung Hun Twenty, who won the Audience Award from The 38th Seoul Independent Film Festival, Twenty will premiere in March.
-----A character trailer of movie 'Twenty' revealed
A character trailer of movie 'Twenty' was revealed.
On February 4th, the production team of movie 'Twenty' released a character trailer through many different internet websites.
'Twenty' is going to show a story of friendship, dreams, and romance of three vigorous twenty year-old friends.

The character trailer starts with Kim Woo Bin, who played in the film as a guy named Chi Ho. Kim Woo Bin starts asking his father for more allowance, and ends up lying on the floor as his father says no.
Afterwards, Lee Jun Ho, who played as Dong Woo, appears, and he says to Kim Woo Bin, "It's our family that went bankrupt, and what's the fuss with your family?" Then, Kim Woo Bin says, "I just did it for fun."
As the last part of the video, Kang Ha Neul, who played as Kyung Jae appear. While looking at Min Hyo Lin (played as Jin Joo) who came to his home, he starts falling into his own imagination, and suddenly wakes up in a surprise as Min Hyo Lin speaks to him.
The trailer ends with a narration that says, "We were together at the most shameful moment of our life," and many fans and netizens are showing huge anticipation for the film.
Meanwhile, 'Twenty' is the first commercial film of director Lee Byung Heon, who had received 'Popularity Award' during 'The 38th Seoul Independent Film Festival.'

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Actor Kang Ha Neul Says He Doesn’t Develop Romantic Feelings for Actresses

deedeegii  February 8, 2015




Actor Kang Ha Neul recently opened up about dating an actresses during an interview with OSEN on February 9.


On the topic of dating, the actor shared, “I have never dated an actress until now, and I have no thoughts [of doing so] in the future. I’ve heard that an artist once said, ‘If I were to be born again, I would never hold a brush.’ It’s similar to that. I know very well how difficult acting is. If I met an actress and she has as much love for acting as I do, she would see how difficult it is. And if not, she would not have any charms as an actor.”


Kang Ha Neul continued, “There is an actress that I like—Jung Yoo Mi sunbae(senior). I’ve seen her only once at a press conference for the movie she starred in called ‘Manhole.’ My hands were shaking the moment I shook her hand, not due to romantic feelings, but because of the thought that I was meeting a senior actor that I respect. I’ve liked her since the movie ‘How to Operate a Polaroid Camera.’ Her eye for choosing a production and the tone of her acting are good. I think it’s similar to the style of acting that I am pursuing.”


Meanwhile, the actor’s latest movie, “C’est Si Bon,” recently hit theaters on February 5.



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