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You are welcome and oh, not a problem to me. I’m very excited with the updates anyway, haha! KimBi couple’s happiness is giving me a lot of strength!  I was and still am awestruck by the brillianc

More pictures are coming! As of now, I’m at page 23rd of Nate news online portal. Everytime I finished extracting the pictures from 1 page, I thought I could go forward, but no, instead I have to

I'd just like to remind everyone not to quote long images / videos because it's against the Soompi rules. We love this topic way too much to let it get into trouble with the moderators. Thanks! :)

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anjjo said:
@Nancyzak, it will be a treat and a blast if KTH can accompany Rain's singing with her piano playing in one of his concerts,. . . . . there's nothing wrong in dreaming, though.  8-> :)  Rain formed the Six to Five fashion business, but it brought him heartaches and failures, strings of charges were filed against him and luckily as truth will prevail, he was acquitted in all the cases proving him not guilty.   Maybe, partnership with KTH will bring all the luck.    :)>-

Rain's schedule is tight -  his MCM appearance is on Oct. 11 while his fan meeting is on Oct.12.   Hectic activites are nothing to Rain, his appearances are always like this even before his enlistment, very workaholic.   :)) :-bd ^#(^   Maybe, soon,  with KTH's prodding, he will slow down, somehow.    :x   ;;)

Dear, when I say "impressive write-ups on Rain and/or KTH", sorry, I mean for Rain only, X_X  because when it comes to KTH, she is your your focus and expertise together with Xheonheex, and I vow to both of you,   ^:)^   :-bd, so many things and achievements about our couple matches so well, which we learned through you. I hope you will also appreciate old articles/news about Rain  where you can see how he became  the influential and role model that he is.  There are so many young celebrities specially those male singers that turned into actors now reigning in the Kpop world and whenever I read reports of their successes, I thought that Rain had been there, done that . . . . . . . .   and even if he still has to stage his major comeback in SK after his discharge, at present, his accomplishments are still hard to contest or equal.     L-)   =D>

My gratitude for your sharings about KTH's university life and passion in drawing and fashion designing.   Actually, Rain did some cross stitching when he was just starting his career and he did that while waiting  for his cue to perform.   I wish I could find the pix .  Could you believe that?   Another compatibility.  :)) :D


Nancyzak said:
Here are some earlier fun artworks of mine, which were made in anticipation of Rain's discharge from MS.


What do you think will happen after Rain's discharge from MS?  :-? 8->

I could think of some possibilities, though.  ;):D

1.   At every Rain's concerts, there is a special designated seat for KTH. (hmmmm, there goes without saying, right?)

If she chooses to stay up at the seating gallery, she can blow the vuvuzela, shake the pom-pom, to cheer her bf while he sings his heart out and dance to the delight of all his fans and his gf. Here is the possible picture:

Cr photos : Owners

If she chooses to sit in front of the stage and when the downpour comes, there's always the umbrella and raincoat ready for her. This is the possible picture:

Cr photos : Owners

2.   If there is photoshoot, it is an unwritten rule that a distance be kept between KTH and her male counterparts. If Rain is not physically present to check the distance, the men are presumed to be imaginative, i.e. of the imaginery Rain sandwiched in between. This is the likely picture   :P:D =))

Cr photos : Owners


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Annyeong everyone!
Today is the first day of the week. A few days more to go before we are swarmed with pics, vids and articles/news reports of Rain and KTH at their respective events.
I'm sure many will agree that Monday is always the slowest day of the week. Let me perk up the atmosphere in this thread a bit with the following artworks and quotes. The artworks were posted in KTH's thread sometime ago. The only change is the last one with different background now. The artworks and quotes were all done in the name of fun! I hope I am successful in putting a smile on everyone's face, just like KTH did on Rain!   ;):P :\"> :-bd :D 
Enjoy!    :-bd ;);))   


Act 1

KTH : "Oh, my darling Ji-Hoonie is so serious today!"  :-O :-/  :-?  

Act 2

KTH : "What shall I do? Aahhh, sing him a song. Hmmm, what song? ......(thinking hard, coz she is not a songwriter or singer to begin with) ......(blank, ooppps) ...... (thinking harder, ... a little bit more) ...... yah! *-:)   ...... Baa... baa... black sheep,... have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!..."  ;;) :-bd   

Act 3

KTH : "Oh yeah.... gotcha cute smile there!"  ;) :x :-bd <:-P   

Cr all photos : Owners

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Nancyzak said: Hi @anjjo,

Understandably, being a World Star, Rain is and will be in great demand to perform and make public appearances. Whoever the prospective wife of Rain will no doubt be the kind of person who will understand and support his schedules. Having said that I'm sure as a prospective husband and wanting the best for his marriage like all happily married couples, he will conscientiously arrange his schedules to allow sufficient down time with his other significant half, more so, when the children come along. Correct me if I'm wrong. I've read that his ultimate aim in life is to be a good father. That says as much, and by extension, good to his wife too.  :x :x :x

While you bring on the old articles and reports on Rain, I will try my level best to post those that I could find on KTH as it's quite hard to come by many press reports or interviews of her since she is seldom in the limelight when she is not undertaking any movie/drama projects or making necessary public appearances. Before her recent JOJLIL drama, her last drama was Boku to Star no 99 Nichi in late 2011. If I'm not wrong, in between the 2 dramas, she made less than 10 public appearances at promotional events. If we are lucky, we get piecemeal news of her doing CF shootings with some bts pics from time to time. As you know, @xHoenheex is our main contributor at KTH thread. We can't do without her there. I'm sure if I missed out anything significant, she'll be game enough to chip in!  @Heonhee, hear ye!

I share with you my sentiment on 'Rain has been there and done that' whenever I watch or read of the younger generation of Kpop performers and their achievements. I guess his stature as the King of Kpop is hard to defeat as Rain is not afraid to work really, really hard to the point of sacrificing many things in life and to sail into uncharted territory to reach out for the brightest star.......

For the kind of man that he is known to the public (if one cares to delve the insights) and I'm sure his more positive personality and characteristics that are known to those who are close to him, is it any wonder that Mrs Kim (and as you've shared with us at KTH's thread, Mdm Lee of CJ Entertainment) become staunch supporters/sponsors of Rain, and most importantly for all of us here who support the couple, that KTH surrendering her heart to him?   :x :-bd =D> :D 

Thanks for sharing with us the requirements to watch Rain's performance. Now I know why his fans just scream his name so loudly but, hahaha... I cannot imagine KTH screaming "Jung Ji Hoon" while waving the "R" lightstick and go wild along with the crowd at Rain's performance! My guess is, she'll probably wave the "R" lightstick and beaming happily at her boyfriend.....   ;);))

I'm looking forward to seeing the latest pictures, press reports/articles and videos of the couple when each makes an appearance at their scheduled events in the next 4-5 days.

Meanwhile, this is how I imagine it will look like if Rain takes to the stage with KTH playing the piano:

Cr photos : Owners.


I was reminded of Rain's picture of him doing cross stitch that I've seen before when you mentioned it and managed to trace this article with that picture.

KTH is so lucky. Rain is a man with many talents indeed and can donate his cross stitch works for KTH's charity causes!

Hmmmm, has he done one with heart shape for KTH?     

Come on Rain, surprise your girlfriend, if you have not. It'll be an invaluable sentimental gift!   ;):P :-bd =D>

Rain Doing cross Stitch?

IPB Image

Pop star, Rain, seen doing cross stitch? Believe it or not, this is true. The picture in which he is doing cross stitch, while waiting for his performance, is creating a quite a buzz on the Internet. When spotted in a waiting room by entertainment news programs cameras, stars are usually seen taking a rest from their hectic schedule, or busy preparing for their performance. Another typical scene is of stars chatting with colleagues whom they haven’t seen for a long time.

But Rain is different! He was recently spotted in a waiting room doing cross stitch. His ‘feminine’ side, revealed in the picture, is all the more surprising given that he’s famous for his powerful and masculine dancing.

Rain has recently returned from his tour of China and Hong Kong. Due to his huge popularity in the region, he had to use every means possible to stay away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. As he’s such a big star in Asia as well as in Korea, the picture of him doing cross stitch to relieve stress brings him closer to his fans.

Rain has been invited to perform before a 50,000 audience for a pre-match show at Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo. He sang at the show on July 28 before the friendly soccer match between Manchester United and Kashima Antlers. Along with this performance, Rain gave concerts on July 30 and 31 in Tokyo and on August 3 and 4 in Osaka as part of his “Rainy Day-Japan” tour.

This article has been translated from Sports Today.
Picture courtesy of Sports Today


Talking about charities, like many generous SK celebrities, KTH has contributed in terms of her time and money to charities. The ones that are close to KTH's heart are Make a Wish foundation and charity in assisting those with deformities.

I've posted some pictures and a video of her at last year's Ohui Charity Bazaar in back page. I shall post the forthcoming one when the pictures and news start to stream in.

Here are some pictures, videos and report of her involvement in Make a Wish Foundation. She was apponted as the Foundation's spokeperson in 2005. Although she is no longer one now, she still lends a hand, privately.


Cr : salang13221


Cr : Fin Peo


Cr : MoChiMP


Cr : Fin Peo


Kim Tae Hee records a song for 'Make-A-Wish' foundation

September 15, 2011

Actress Kim Tae Hee impressed netizens once again with her compassionate heart. The 'Make-A-Wish Foundation' revealed on September 15th that Kim Tae Hee participated in the recording for an original song written by producer Sung Gi Young called, "Make-A-Wish". She worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation's chorus, comprised of children with incurable diseases.

An associate of the foundation commented, "Kim Tae Hee attended practices every Saturday, and even if she had a personal schedule that day, she still came out and met with the kids who wished to meet her. She also gave them words of encouragement". He continued, "Kim Tae Hee continues to provide services for the children with chronic diseases. Every year, Kim Tae Hee visits these suffering children and personally supports them and gives them hope".

This album will be released through Daum Music and Bugs Music, and listeners will be able to hear the song for free. Every time a purchase is made through Daum Music, however, 1,000 won (~$1 USD) will be donated towards the 'Make-A-Wish' foundation to help those children who are battling incurable diseases.

Source & Photo: Star News

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2011/09/kim-tae-hee-records-a-song-for-make-a-wish-foundation#ixzz2gwrTfT6B


Kim Tae-hee secretly does good deed in Sorok Island


Actress Kim Tae-hee was spotted doing a good deed.

Recently on an online bulletin came up a picture if Kim Tae-hee in Sorok Island.

In the picture is Kim Tae-hee standing on stage under the hot sun smiling continuously and signing autographs for people as if it was her fan autograph signing session.

On a phone call with News N, her management revealed, "Kim Tae-hee visited Sorok Island in celebration of the 8th Hansen Family Day. She took pictures with and signed autographs for the sick people and wanted to give them positive support".

According to her management she attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the building of "Daewoo Seaside Hope Village" in Jeon-nam Goheung-gun Sorok Island. As she has been active as an ambassador for the "Make a Wish" foundation for children with incurable diseases since 2005, she usually likes giving attention to the sick children and taking care of them.

Her management said, "She decided she will attend the event as soon as she got the request from the National Sorok Island Hospital. She also happened to have a free day".

They continued, "The Hansen disease is not infective but this fact has been misunderstood by many. Kim Tae-hee wanted to let people know. She usually doesn't like to reveal this kind of event to the media but this time she thought as much as it's an isolated matter, she should".

Those who have seen the picture say, "We can't hate her. She's a beautiful actress", "Her heart is as pretty as her face", "The picture is shining...I'm jealous of everything", "I wannabe her. You're so cool" and more, applauding her good heart.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )



Kim Tae Hee sends a gift to a child suffering from leukemia

December 7, 2011

Kim Tae Hee recently took some time out of her busy schedule to autograph a baseball bat, glove, and ball, and send it off to a child suffering from leukemia through the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Korea.

Back in 2005, Kim Tae Hee was appointed as the spokesperson, and has been meeting with different children that are diagnosed with incurable diseases to encourage them with cheerful messages and gifts.

It was brought to Kim Tae Hee's attention that Hyung Joon, a 13 year-old boy suffering from leukemia, has always dreamt of becoming a baseball player. It turns out that the boy is also a big fan of Kim Tae Hee, and in order to return her gratitude, she personally purchased the bat, glove, and ball, autographed each item, and sent it to Hyung Joon.

After receiving the unexpected gifts, Hyung Joon stated, "My health isn't so good, but I will continue to get treatments everyday with the bat from Kim Tae Hee noona right next to my bed, so that I'll be able to play baseball with all my friends."

Kim Tae Hee will continue to hold fundraising campaigns and charity events for the organization which is currently established in 36 other countries.

Source: My Daily via Naver
Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2011/12/kim-tae-hee-sends-a-gift-to-a-child-suffering-from-leukemia#ixzz2gx3AnDrG


Courtesy of @Heonheex at KTH's thread:

Last 14th August. KTH secretly does good deed again..   :)   :x

Cr. KTH baidu

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Nancyzak said:

Annyeong everyone!
Today is the first day of the week. A few days more to go before we are swarmed with pics, vids and articles/news reports of Rain and KTH at their respective events.
I'm sure many will agree that Monday is always the slowest day of the week. Let me perk up the atmosphere in this thread a bit with the following artworks and quotes. The artworks were posted in KTH's thread sometime ago. The only change is the last one with different background now. The artworks and quotes were all done in the name of fun! I hope I am successful in putting a smile on everyone's face, just like KTH did on Rain!   ;):P :\"> :-bd :D 
Enjoy!    :-bd ;);))   


Act 1

KTH : "Oh, my darling Ji-Hoonie is so serious today!"  :-O :-/  :-?  

Act 2

KTH : "What shall I do? Aahhh, sing him a song. Hmmm, what song? ......(thinking hard, coz she is not a songwriter or singer to begin with) ......(blank, ooppps) ...... (thinking harder, ... a little bit more) ...... yah! *-:)   ...... Baa... baa... black sheep,... have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!..."  ;;) :-bd   

Act 3

KTH : "Oh yeah.... gotcha cute smile there!"  ;) :x :-bd <:-P   

Cr all photos : Owners

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anjjo said:

Hi Nancyzak,  even in his maturity, I think Rain's outlook on family life will not change, i.e to be a good father to his children and surely to conquer that, he must love his wife so much.   I wonder if his weakness for daughters will be different now  :))  ;;)    The way I saw how KTH bonded with her nieces in the pix,  she also dotes on them lovingly.  =D>  Here are some old articles related to these topics -

class="post-title"12.15.09 Rain wants to be a good father,being in a fog on the subject of his loveRain made his position clear on his outlook on marriage.

03.03.11 [sports Korea] Rain Proves Himself To Have Weakness For Daughters

01.06.11 [sports Josun] A Video Clip Showing Rain Has Weakness For Little Girls Is The Talk Of Town


Of course, all of you are very important and valuable at KTH's thread and also here at our couple's, it's already a given that xheonheex is the prime contributor but everyone is indispensable and cooperative for her threads to flourish.  The pages move so quickly because of your participations.   :)>-   ^:)^

Thank you for being in harmony with my opinion that  'Rain has been there and done that".   Showbiz is harsh and it is the popular belief that the result of the celebrity's last project states his bankability as such.  Rain enlistment slowed down his career and the flak he received from press in view of his controversy in the military can not be asserted with pride . . . . .  but . . . .  for all the achievements he accomplished and the contributions he had to Kpop  . . . . he can always hold his head high for being the idol that he is.     :-bd   :))   It is but natural that there are artists that looked up at him as their ideal role model -
:)>-  ;;)

02.07.11 [Newsen] Rain Is A Role Model For 2PM’s Taecyeon


11.12.09 Jaejoong (DBSK) “Director And Senior Rain Inspired Me A Lot”


Rain is very fortunate to earn the motherly loves of two of the powerful women in Asia and with that goes their caring and concern for him which will be very beneficial with his major comeback.  :)  ;;)

I am so delighted that you were able to provide the pic of Rain doing his cross stitches and may I request that it be the subject of your next art work of the couple, joining KTH's photo of her sewing.  Such a display of blissful domesticity it will be!    :D   =D>   I read from a follow-up article that Rain did not finish his cross stitch project but dumped the task to his manager for completion due to his busyness so it will be a real labor of love if he ever will be able to do even a simple heart shape one for KTH.  :))   :)>-  :D

Rain also had his charity projects.  He and KTH shared their fortunes and talents to the needy, that's why both of them are so blessed.   >:D<  L-)

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Nancyzak said:

I saw the 2 articles that you posted in KTH's thread on the theme of "Fate, Destiny or Coincidence?". Coincidentally, I'm in the midst of collating news and events on the same theme and will post them one of these days. :-bd


@Nancyzak, for the convenience and benefit of other Rain-KTH couple supporters, let me first re-post these articles direct from KTH's thread plus one about Rain that accompanied these write-ups -   ;;)    <:-P

Fate, Destiny or Coincidence?    :x    :x

06.10.09 35% of netizens think that Rain is kissable!


Rain & Kim Tae-Hee

35% of netizens said they think Rain is regarded as a most kissable man with appeal lips among male stars, according to recent survey by movie ‘Shall We Dance?”, on-line bookstore ‘Yes24′, and ‘Nate.com’, in celebration of the Kiss Day, June14, whereas, actress ‘Kim Tae-Hee’ took the first ranking among female stars.

credit to Newsen
Brief translation by rain bird


class="post-title"02.16.11 [Allkpop] Ranked List of Celebs’ CF Earnings Revealed

s1.jpg?w=600With the quality of advertisements climbing ever upwards, more celebrities are earning greater pay just by signing contracts as CF models. Money Today’s enterprise team recently compiled data and created a ranked list of exactly how much top celebrities earn through CF deals by categorizing them into three classes (A to C), which range from $9,000 USD to over $200,000 USD.
According to this list, the top stars who earned the greatest income from CFs alone in the past year were Lee Young Ae, Go Hyun Jung, Jung Ji Hoon, Big Bang’s T.O.P, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Ji Hyun and Jo In Sung.

Technically speaking, musician Seo Tae Ji actually topped the charts by a fair amount. However, since Seo Tai Ji did not participate in a CF last year, and the figure is really only a “suggesting price”, it was difficult to fully compare his figure with other stars’.

When analyzing groups, Big Bang came out first with $970,000 USD, beating out the likes of SNSD and the Wonder Girls.


The full chart was categorized into three classes, A to C, which contained the earnings of just under 1,000 singers, actors, idols and sports stars. The data was from one single year, and was provided by advertising agencies whose main jobs were to hire celebrities for corporate CFs.

“Class A” consisted of celebrities who earned over $400,000 USD; “Class B” consisted of those who earned between $178,000 USD and $400,000 USD; meanwhile, “Class C” was for stars who earned under $178,000 USD.

Analyzing both males and females together, only 69 of out 869 celebrities (7.9%) were categorized in “Class A”, while 60% of the celebrities were classed under “Class C”.

Stars that were categorized under “Class A” include Jung Ji Hoon, Won Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Ahn Sung Gi, Kim Tae Hee, Moon Geun Young and Kim Tae Hee.

Only ten celebrities aged over 40 were grouped in “Class A”; the remaining celebrities were in their 30s and 20s respectively.

Finally, a total of 10 idol groups were calculated to be earning over $400,000 USD.

Check out the full ranked list down below!


Male Celebrities:

1 – Seo Taiji – 2,000,000,000 won ($1,800,000 USD)
2 – Big Bang – 1,100,000,000 won ($970,000 USD)
3 – Rain – 1,000,000,000 won ($890,000 USD)
4 – T.O.P – 900,000,000 won ($801,000 USD)
5 – Jo In Sung – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
6 – Jang Dong Gun – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
7 – Bae Yong Joon – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
8 – So Ji Sub – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
9 – J.Y.J. – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
10 – 2PM – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
11 – Won Bin – 700,000,00 won ($620,000 USD)
12 – Song Seung Hun – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
13 – Jung Woo Sung – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
14 – Nichkhun – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
15 – Lee Min Ho – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
16 – Hyun Bin – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
17 – SS501 – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
18 – Daniel Henney – 650,000,000 won ($580,000 USD)
19 – Yoo Jae Suk – 600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)
20 – Kang Dongwon – 600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)


Female Celebrities:

1 – Lee Young Ae – 1,200,000,000 won ($1,100,000 USD)
2 – Go Hyun Jung – 1,000,000,000 won ($890,000 USD)
3 – Kim Tae Hee – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
4 – Jeon Ji Hyun – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
5 – Wonder Girls – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
6 – 2NE1 -800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
7 – After School – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
8 – Lee Hyori – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
9 – Go So Young – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
10 – Lee Na Young – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
11 – Lee Mi Yeon – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
12 – Song Hye Kyo – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
13 – Moon Geun Young – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
14 – Han Ga In -700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
15 – SNSD – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
16 – Jang Mi Hee – 600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)
17 – Kim Hee Ae – 600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)
18 – Kim Nam Joo -600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)
19 – Ha Ji Won -600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)
20 – Han Ye Seul – 600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)

Source: Money Today//allkpop


06.12.09 Rain’s ‘Love is’ took the first raking as the best song for ‘Kiss Day’


06.12.09 Rain’s ‘Love is’ took the first raking as the best song for ‘Kiss Day’

Rain’s ‘Love is (사랑이라는 건), one of hit songs in his 5th music album, has been selected as the best song for ‘Kiss Day’, June 14th.

A recent survey of their membership by Monkey 3, an online music site, has found that they selected Rain’s ‘Love is’ as the best for ‘Kiss Day’ on the ground of that Rain, who also took the first ranking as the best kissable lips in a recent poll, seems to give his lips to them, singing the song.

credit to ElsKorea news
Brieft ranslation by rain bird

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Nancyzak said:


Rain certainly makes no bone of his desire for daughters. I've read that he once said at one of his appearances in China before his enlistment that because of his desire to have many daughters, he understand the burden his wife will face.
L-) :x

I'm sure Rain's desire and conviction in wanting daughters and to have a good family life does not go unnoticed by KTH. Being a religious person, having a close knitted family and wanting a 'forever happily married' life, a conviction like that is one of the essential criteria for consideration in a prospective husband.
;;);) :-bd

On the part of KTH, we all know that she is a very private person and does not reveal much of her inner thoughts on her future children. I guess it is not something that single female celebrities freely discuss about it either. We've seen her 'loving and playful aunty' relationship with her nieces.

For the benefit of the visitors of this thread, I share below the videos that strengthen our belief that she has an abundance of motherly instinct in her, something that Rain will no doubt appreciate. If KTH ever needs any help or guidance, all she needs to do is to turn to her mother and sister. 
:-bd :D

Here is the
Rediscovery of KTH, which was aired by MBC in 2011. We see the loving and playful aunt in KTH. The video is courtesy of @xHeonheex at KTH's thread.


Cr : ifornot1

The  other occasion that was revealed to the public of KTH's natural motherly instinct was when she was captured cooing and pacifying the baby actor in JOJLIL bts video. Here's the bts video.


cr : SBSNOW1

With their love of children, Rain and KTH will make great and enviable parents one day!  
:x :-bd :)


Thank you for your suggestion to have an artwork of Rain doing the cross stitch with KTH sewing beside him. Will see to it. Since Rain's schedule does not seem to be hectic at the moment, he should consider this labour of love for his ladylove. Even a tiny simple heart shape cross stitch would be a very romantic gesture and priceless in the eyes of his beloved!  
;) :x :-bd ;))

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anjjo said: Nancyzak said:

I saw the 2 articles that you posted in KTH's thread on the theme of "Fate, Destiny or Coincidence?". Coincidentally, I'm in the midst of collating news and events on the same theme and will post them one of these days. :-bd

@Nancyzak, for the convenience and benefit of other Rain-KTH couple supporters, let me first re-post these articles direct from KTH's thread plus one about Rain that accompanied these write-ups -   ;;)    <:-P

Fate, Destiny or Coincidence?    :x    :x

06.10.09 35% of netizens think that Rain is kissable!


class="post-title"02.16.11 [Allkpop] Ranked List of Celebs’ CF Earnings Revealed----------------------------------------------

06.12.09 Rain’s ‘Love is’ took the first raking as the best song for ‘Kiss Day’

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anjjo said:
@Nancyzak, celebrities value and guard their privacy and the Rain-KTH couple is no exception being top stars that they are.   Rain is very protective of his family and like KTH, they are concerned with their safety.   Unlike Rain, KTH's is sheltered from childhood that she is so lucky to have her sister and mom to aid her when she becomes a wife and mother.   :)>-

Thank you for the videos you posted.  I learned so much about KTH.

Since I ended with the couple's participations in charity works, I am now sharing some of -
class="title"Rain’s Charitable Causes-------------------------------------

Here's an article about  Mrs. An So-Bong -

09.07.09 The story about the late Mrs. An So-Bong supported by Rain, will be adapted for the stage.

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Nancyzak said:
Hi @anjjo,

Thank you for posting the 2 articles and the last one here.

We agree that there many 'coincidences' between Rain and KTH in the past years, which makes us wonder whether they are all fated, culminating in a 'more than friends' relationship by end of 2012. Today, let me share with you and all the following. I'll come back with more this weekend!   :x :-bd :D

2004 KBS Drama Award

Both attended the 2004 KBS Drama Award ceremony. Rain received Outstanding Performance, Most Popular Actor and Best Couple awards for his performance in Full House whereas KTH received Best New Actress award for her performance in Gumiho.

Rain sang his 'I do' song whereas KTH sang with his brother, Lee Wan. Sorry, I do not know the title of their song. Let us watch them singing and imagine that is how they look like by the other in the audience. If you look carefully, you can spot Rain's back to the camera at mins 0.29 to 0.40 of KTH & her brother's performance. KTH was so shy when she finishes with her part of the song!  :P :\"> :)


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LoveRain - December 1, 2005 11:05 AM (GMT)

Kim Tae-Hee and Rain as "The Perfect Christmas Date"

Kim Tae-Hee and Rain were voted as "The Best Date" that most people want to spend this special occasion with.

From Woori Family Shopping (on Nov 7 to 23), 5421 people were surveyed through the on-line shopping site, www.woori.com. For question, "Which celebrity do you most want to spend Christmas with?" Males chose Kim Tae-Hee (11.2%), Hyun Jun Ji (6.1%), Hyo-lee (4.9%), Ying Wen Gen (3.3%), and so on. For females, Rain received 14.3% of the vote, followed by Hyun Bin (8.2%), Jang Dong Gun (7.4%), and Daniel Henney (5.8%), and so forth.

One interesting to note, is that regardless of gender, Hyo-lee and Rain are people's favorite celebrities.

In other news, for question "What do you want to receive on Christmas Day from the opposite sex?" Clothes recive 31.4% of the vote, and then jewelry (27.2%), and Cellphones (14.3%)

Credits: Chosunilbo // Translation: PSYL@Solid07 // Rain Internatonal


Kim Taehee, Rain, Moon Geun Young are "creative"
[August 17, 2006]

Kim Je Dong, Kim Taehee, Rain (Pi) and the like of Moon Geun Young occupied the number 1 ranks of various sections in a questionnaire survey which asked for "Which showbiz celebrity is creative?"

From July 31 to the 5th in South Korea, the public advertisement exhibition synthesis media group "Sing"(?) and the finding employment site "Power job" executed the concerned questionnaire survey "Public advertisement exhibition and creative entertainer" targeting at 417 university students. As a result, the above-mentioned entertainers came in 1st place in each section.

First for the question "Which showbiz celebrity may acquire the grand prize with various public displays where creativity is questioned?", 23.3% of the people replied comedian Kim Je Dong's name and he reached the number 1 rank.

In addition, for the question "Which showbiz celebrity may acquire the grand prize of thesis public advertisement exhibition?", talent Kim Taehee received 29.5% support, ranking number 1. As for the question "Grand prize of advertising the public advertisement exhibition", movie actress Moon Geun Young ranked at number 1 with 19.2%.

Furthermore, singer Rain topped the question "Grand prize for design public advertisement display" with 24.7% support.

Besides this, concerning the grand prize investigations for "Marketing public advertisement exhibition" and "Idea public advertisement exhibition", singer PSY won the support of 30.9% and he came in 1st place.

Article source: http://korea.livedoor.com/news/news_view.html?serial=5560
Rough English translation credit to KTH-Home of the Angel


[10/21/2007] 25th Ad Asia 2007 at Jeju International Convention Center

Actress Kim Tae-hee (Honorary Publicity Ambassador)


(source: http://www.adasia2007.com/eng/afaa/afaa2.asp )

2 Top stars promote AdAsia 2007


Actress Tae Hee KIM and Singer Rain, South Korea's top advertisement figure and Hallyu (The Korean Wave) star, were appointed to the Honorary Publicity Ambassador of the 25th AdAsia 2007 Jeju.

The Organizing Committee was able to experience South Korean King of Pop Rain's fame and popularity through overseas road shows to Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand carried out in the first half of the term. And we strongly believe Actress Tae Hee KIM, as the South Korean Queen of Advertisement and New Hallyu star, will make a great deal of contribution to the success of the AdAsia 2007 Jeju.


Most popular actors for 1st half of 2008 – Jang Dong-gun and Kim Tae-hee

Translated from: http://news.naver.com

(Seoul, Yonhap News, Reporter Kang Jong-hoon) 2008-04-15

Jang Dong-gun and Kim Tae-hee have been selected as the most popular male and female actors for the 1st half of 2008. The most popular in singer section are Rain and Wonder Girls while Yoo Jae-suk and Shin Bong-sun are the most popular in the comedian section.

Marketing research firm Lee’s PR & Research Ltd announced the result of entertainer popularity survey for 1st half of 2008 which it conducted on 1,404 people aged 13 to 65 in 5 big cities nationwide from 25 to 31 March 2008.

In the male movie actor and TV drama actor section, Jang Dong-gun defended his No.1 position which he has held since 2nd half of 2005 with 25.4% (Translator’s Note: should be 1st half of 2005). Jo In-sung took the 2nd place (19.2%) and No.3 is Ahn Sung-ki (7.1%). Others in the top ten include Kwan Sang-woo, Bae Yong-joon, Jung Joon-ho, Won Bin and Jung Woo-sung - Kang Dong-won - Choi Bo-ram (joint 10th place)

In the female movie actor and TV drama actor section, Kim Tae-hee rose from last year 2nd half’s No.4 to No.1 with 16.0% and overtook Jeon Ji-hyun (8.5%). Kim Ha-neul and Choi Jin-sil whose TV drama are currently showing took the joint 3rd place with 8.4%. Others in the top 10 include Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-soo, Han Ji-min, Song Yoon-ah, Kim Hye-ja and Song Hye-kyo.

In the male singer section, Rain with 15.7% support votes took No.1 position for the 6th consecutive time. Lee Seung-ki who gathered popularity through ‘1 night, 2 days’ corner in KBS2 TV’s ‘Happy Together’ rose to 2nd place with 11.8%. They were followed by BigBang, Tae Jina and SG Wannabe.

For the female singers, Wonder Girls took the No.1 position with 20.0% while 2nd place went to Girl Generation (18.7%). Lee Hyo-ri who held No.1 position since 2nd half of 2006 dropped to No.3 (18.2%). She was followed by Jang Yoon-jung and Jewelery.

In the male comedian section, Yoo Jae-suk confirmed his unique popularity with 51.1% while Kang Ho-dong took the 2nd place with 24.4%. They were followed by Park Myung-soo, Shin Dong-yub and Jung Jong-chul.

For female comedian, Shin Bong-sun maintained her No.1 place with 45.9%. She was followed by Park Mi-sun, Jo Hye-ryun, Kim Mi-hwa and Jung Sun-hee.

For sportsman section, Park Ji-sung defended his No 1 position with 47.2% while Lee Seung-yub and Park Tae-hwan took the joint 2nd place with 18.0%.

In the sportswoman section, Kim Yun-a took the No.1 place with an overwhelming support of 69.4%. She was followed by Pak Se-ri, Kim Mi-hyun and Michelle Wie.

[Translated by Just JDG Team]


class="entry-title"“Stars Best Fit for HDTV” Posted by gebens2001 on March 11, 2009 .

Which star celebrities are the most perfect for high definition television, which is known to capture even their sweat glands and fine body hair?

Ahead of its 7th anniversary, cable operator SkyLife conducted an Internet survey last month on the most preferred actors and actresses for HDTV. Topping the actors’ list was Jang Dong-Gun at 18%.

He was followed by Gang Dong-won (14%), world famous singer Rain (12%), singer Kim Hyeon-jung (famous for his acting role in the current hit drama series “Boys over Flowers”) and Jo In-seong (7.8%).

For actresses, Kim Tae-hee (20%) ranked first as having the best looks for HDTV, trailed by the heroine of “Boys over Flowers” Gu Hye-seon (17%), Moon Geun-young (12%), the heroine of the hit Korean film “Speedy Scandal” Park Bo-young (6.4%) and sexy pop queen Son Dambi (6.3%).

Respondents chose MBC comedy “Infinite Challenge” (28%) as the most preferred program for HDTV, followed by KBS’s “1 Night 2 Days” (23.3%) and SBS” “Family Outing” (22.7%). The leading reality entertainment shows of the three terrestrial channels rounded out the top three.


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