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The Cathderal weddings of KimBi couple and KTH’s brother, Lee Wan and his now wife, Lee Bo Mee


Video featuring both the weddings, KTH and Lee Wan as siblings and Lee Bo Mee.







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Hallyu Star, Kim Tae-Hee Makes Her Return To K-Drama After 4 Years




- skipped unrelated -



This is Kim’s big return to acting after four years, since her last big project, the highly popular medical drama, Yong-Pal in 2015. The 39-year-old beauty was one of the pioneers of the Hallyu wave back in the day, alongside K-pop superstars at that time, such as Rain. Coincidentally, Kim ended up marrying Rain in a private wedding in 2017. This makes their two kids, in our humble opinion, officially two of the most genetically blessed people in the world. 

I mean, just LOOK at these two.





Kim took time off acting, in the last few years, to focus on motherhood. She also recently gave birth to their second daughter in September 2019. We’re glad to see her get back into the swing of things with a new series that revolves around family as she has emphasised multiple times how much her family means to her.






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Finally after so many years, we are now seeing KimBi couple together on screen, in the following CF (scream of excitement!!!:P:lol:, and love, love, love...:wub::wub::wub:)









The ad.




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KimBi couple’s good deeds.


Kim Tae-hee, Rain, reduced rents by 50% in March... Corona 19 Overcoming Predecessor 





Rain and his wife, Kim Tae Hee reduced their self-owned building rent by 50% for tenants who are struggling with the spread of corona virus infection-19 (Corona 19). 


According to a broadcasting official on April 4, Kim Tae-hee recently decided to cut the rent by 50% in March to tenants of a building near Gangnam Station in Gangnam- dong, Seoul, which he owns. 


Kim Tae-hee reportedly made this decision in order to overcome it together for tenants who are struggling with the proliferation of Corona 19. 


In particular, Kim Tae-hee has done a good deed in addition to the recent rent reductions. On January 14, on the 100th day of her second daughter, she delivered 100 million won to the Catholic Archdiocese of Seoul for single mothers and daughters. In 2018, she delivered 100 million won to the Catholic Archdiocese of Seoul for her first daughter's 100th birthday. 

He has also established himself as a "leading star" by helping Lou Gehrig and donating children's facial deformities.


Kim Tae-hee's husband, Rain, also reduced the rent of a building he owned in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, by 50%. An official told Star News: "This decision was made to ease the grievances of tenants due to the recent proliferation of Corona 19." Rain has also done good with donations several times.


Kim Tae-hee and Rain’s good deeds have recently fueled the "good landlord movement" that is working nationwide. In addition to the couple, Seo Chang-hoon also decided to make some rent cuts for tenants of his own building. 

Meanwhile, with the spread of corona 19 communities, many stars in the entertainment industry continue to donate. In addition to Hyun-bin, Hwang Yun, Kim Sook, Lee Kyung-kyu, Kim Se-jeong, Han Hyo-joo, Ma Dong-seok, Lee Young-ja, Gray, Yoo Tae, Park Na-rae, Kang Daniel, Sue Young, Exo Guardian, Jeon Hyun-moo, And kim jae-jung, and many other stars have donated to support corona 19 spread prevention and damage recovery.






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Celebrity Landlords Cut Rent Costs In Light Of Economic Difficulties Caused By Coronavirus Outbreak












Rain-Kim Tae Hee couple revealed to have marked down rent for their Gangnam buildings for business owners by 50% this month








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