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Celebrity Husbands Who Are Known To Be Hopeless Romantics

Mar 8, 2019
by C. Hong

Marriage, like any long-term relationship, has its ups and downs, but these celebrity husbands keep things sweet at home with their well-earned reputations for being hopeless romantics.


Whether it’s surprising their partners with sweet gifts or stepping up their responsibilities at home and with their families, these celebrities are serious #husbandgoals for the rest of us.



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Rain and Kim Tae Hee tied the knot in 2017, had their first child later that year, and recently announced her pregnancy with their second child. Rain has always been vocal about his love for Kim Tae Hee while they were dating, saying, “I love her very much and want to cherish her.” He also dedicated his song, “The Best Present,” to her to show how much he loved her through his music.


Recently, he touched hearts with his confession that he did not want to talk about his family on air anymore, as it often led to trouble down the road. He has decided to separate his work and family life in order to protect their young child.



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The much interest and curiosity over KTH and Rain’s daughter.


Reportedly described as “Heaven has descended” and ...having KTH’s eyes and Rain’s lips...




[★ Peek] Taehee Kim ♥ Rain, a mysterious daughter? "The eyes are Taehee Kim and the lips are Rain-resembling"
Top Star News Original article transfer 2019-05-01 09:03

[Top Star News Kang so Hyun]
' Heard by hearsay, the show (The Hearsay show) ' was illuminated by the Taehee Kim and the two-year-old of the Rain and Kim Tae Hee couple.

The channel A ' Hearsay Show ', aired on the 29th of last, had time to learn about the identity of A daughter in the veil of the Taehee Kim-Rain.






Kim Tae Hee and Rain were married in January 2017, giving birth to her first daughter in October.

However, the information about the daughter is not known, even the name of the face, raised questions.

The question of who the mom and dad looks like is the "biker pool," and even more curious to answer it was amplified.

In this, Kim Ji-hyun asked the Taehee Kim manager for information about Taehee Kim daughter.

Taehee Kim manager said that "the heavens seem to have descended," and that the eyes of the Taehee Kim and the lips of Rain.

Then Mom and Dad's advantages as it is, "I wonder how beautiful it is," he added.

"Not even the name of the public is not intended to protect the child," said Lady Jane, clapping her words, "The entertainer will be in a normal life," he said, worrying about the public's excessive interest in Star II.

In fact, the commonplace of Star II, who appeared in the entertainment program, undergoes aftereffects after filming.

Children who are overly interested in strangers will have a situation in which they are confused.

In this regard, Kim Ji-hyun said, "I ask you to pretend you know you're trying to be a skinten, and that your child's mental swing is wobbles," and that too much attention is poison.

Taehee Kim, born March 29, 1980, is 40 years old this year and Rain is 38 years old in the year of June 25, 1982.

Taehee Kim and Rain have been married for the past year in 2017.








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Rain Dapper in Taiwan for Tiffany & Co Jewelry Event

ockoala May 11, 2019






This may have just been an excuse to make a quick jewelry shopping trip but K-actor and singer Rain was just in Taipei last week attending an event for Tiffany & Co. With wife Kim Tae Hee home with their little toddler and pregnant with their second child, he better not go home empty handed and be ready to hand her a robin’s egg blue bag. With so much crap going on in K-ent with idols and actors, it behooves to remind that one can succeed in the industry while maintaining a happy personal life as Rain has shown. He’s a notorious workaholic who came from a poor background hence his drive, but also one with a clean image and now even better family man persona by marrying Korea’s top daughter-in-law candidate. Glad to see him looking so dapper and in Taipei.




















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This was in February 2019, when Rain was promoting Uhm Bok Dong. I just discovered it. Articles on this were posted in the preceding page.




Credit : Min Minie.



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KimBi couple spotted at Incheon International Airport, leaving for LA on 20/5/2019.


The body language speaks a lot of how loving and protective of Rain over KTH, who should be in her 2nd trimester now. ;):D Travelling at this stage of pregnancy should not pose any discomfort to her. May they have a wonderful time in LA! B)


Credit image : owner, courtesy to IGier.





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Pregnant the second time, Kim Tae Hee is spotted with her husband, Bi Rain.


Recently, a few pictures of Kim Tae Hee and Rain appearing at Incheon airport were shared online. It is known that these photos were taken on May 20 when the actress and couple "Love Story in Harvard" set out for Los Angeles.






Rain expressed that the husband is deeply in love with his wife when having a sweet gesture with Kim Tae Hee in public.


Although it was unclear, Bi Rain could see his arm around Kim Xa Hee's shoulder as they moved. This sweet act of "One-eyed Prince" shows that he loves and loves his wife.




"One-eyed prince" took pictures with fans at a coffee shop in the US on May 22.


Currently Kim Tae Hee is pregnant for the second time. This is also the first time she has revealed herself in public after announcing that her family is about to add new members. It is expected that she will sink in September.


Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain married in January 2017. These two stars welcomed their first daughter in October of the same year. After getting married, Rain actively worked, participated in many films, and Kim Tae Hee paused acting, only appearing in a number of events and shooting advertisements.





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Rain and pregnant Kim Tae Hee off to America together

The married couple singer Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee went to America together.




On May 20, Rain and Kim Tae Hee departed to Los Angeles, America at the 2nd terminal of Incheon International Airport.

On May 28, the management company's representative of Rain shared via the phone call with TV Report, "Rain has gone to the US with Kim Tae Hee because of the work needed to be considered. The two are expected to return to Korea this weekend or early next week."

After marriage in January 2017, couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee welcomed their first daughter in October the same year. Currently, Kim Tae Hee is pregnant the second child and is expected to give birth in the upcoming September.

On the other hand, singer Rain has recently become a hot topic because he is the only Korean singer to be invited to the event with the attendance of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

TV Report = Reporter Kim Soo Jung swandive@tvreport.co.kr

Photo = TV Report DB

Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN!

▶️ https://vtoday.vlive.tv/home





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All our love to these hot dads - fatherhood never looked so good



- skipped unrelated -


11. Rain




Known for his chiselled physique and roles in popular dramas such as Full House as well as his Hollywood debut in the film Speed Racer, Rain became a dad for the first time in October 2017 with actress Kim Tae Hee and though we haven’t gotten a full picture of his princess daughter as he keeps his life very private, we’re sure that she will grow up well under the love of her parents! Rain’s newest work is Race to Freedom: Uhm Bok-dong (2019), which is Based on the true story of famed cyclist Uhm Bok-dong.






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Kim Tae Hee’s Agency Responds To Reports Of Her Buying A House In California





BS Company has responded to reports about Kim Tae Hee purchasing a house in California.


On June 13, media outlet Newsen shared, “Kim Tae Hee bought a house for $2 million in Irvine, a city near Los Angeles in the United States.” One source added that it was an arrangement for her acting career in the United States.


Her agency BS Company confirmed that she did buy a house in California but avoided giving an immediate answer concerning other areas, such as her entrance into Hollywood, saying, “There is nothing else we can say.”


Kim Tae Hee and her husband Rain left for the United States on May 29. Kim Tae Hee is currently pregnant with their second child and is set to give birth in September.


Source (1)






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Kim Tae Hee confirms buying house in US but not for Hollywood plan



On June 13, the representative of Kim Tae Hee's management company shared with TV Report, "It's true that couple Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain has bought a house in the US. Because this is for personal reason, we can't disclose more."

Earlier, on the morning of the same day, Newsen reported, "Kim Tae Hee bought a house in Irvine city near LA, USA. The actress took over a house in a high-end housing complex of townhouse style here worth up to 2 million USD (about 2.36 billion won)."

Besides, the newspaper reported, "Although she keeps in mind her husband's activities in America in the future, it's also true that Kim Tae Hee arranged a living place for her family in order to advance to Hollywood herself."

Regarding this, Kim Tae Hee side explained, "There are parts concerning debut in Hollywood that seem to have been exaggerated. Before getting married, she once considered auditioning for big (Hollywood) TV series and films, but no works were chosen. Kim Tae Hee also doesn't know whether she will be cast in the future.

Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain got married in January 2017 and had the first daughter in October of the same year. The two are about to welcome their second child in the upcoming September.

TV Report = Reporter Shin Nara norah@tvreport.co.kr

Photo = Kim Tae Hee's management agency






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Kim Taehee and Rain Reportedly to have Purchased a USD 2 Million-Worth House in the States, to Move to the Country Soon




The celebrity couple is reported to move to the U.S.


According to various news on June 13th, Kim Taehee and husband Rain are getting ready to move to the States. It was reported that the two have purchased a luxurious house in Irvine, a city in Orange County, California. One insider revealed that the house is worth USD 2 million and said, "Kim Taehee and Rain had been looking for the house for quite a long time and finally came to their final decision." 




Another source revealed that Kim Taehee and Rain have decided to move to the States for their schedule in the country. It is said that Kim Taehee would like to pursue her acting career in Hollywood. On the other news, Kim Taehee is reported to have received various offers to star in American movies and dramas. 


Regarding this, Kim Taehee's agency responded, "It is true that Kim Taehee purchased a house in the country. However, nothing is confirmed for her Hollywood debut."


Disclaimer: Photo on the right-hand side of the thumbnail is used only for illustration purpose. 



Thumbnail Credit: BAZAAR, ocregister.com


ⓒ KStarLive

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A big wave to everyone!


Please watch and support Rain’s latest K-drama, Welcome 2 Life (MBC).


Here’s the write-up as an introduction.


Hop over to the Soompi K-drama and movie thread for updates.



Welcome 2 Life is the newest drama that will take you to imaginative worlds.

MBC’s upcoming drama Welcome 2 Life dropped its main poster featuring two divided worlds.


Starring Jung Ji Hoon (Rain), Lim Ji Yeon and Kwak Si Yang, the image shows distinction of the two worlds to be traversed by the actors. In particular, the colors reflect the mood to be unraveled in the series. While the bottom picture shows bright hues, the inverted part of the image hints a dark ambiance.




Photo Credit: MBC


READ: “Welcome 2 Life” Flashes Character Posters Of Rain, Lim Ji Yeon & Kwak Si Yang


Welcome 2 Life centers around the story of  cunning lawyer Lee Jae Sang, who will do everything in his power, may it be good or bad, to win his case. Unfortunately, he meets a car accident. From there, his life will change as he gets trapped to a parallel world. Instead of his former job, he will become an upright prosecutor.

At the top of the poster, figures of people heading to one direction highlights Jung Ji Hoon’s bad lawyer character. Walking along with him are fellow actors including Son Byung Ho, Park Won Sang and Han Sang Jin. Additionally, the purple sky alludes to an ominous impression elicit by the picture.


In contrast, the bottom part of the image reveals Jung Ji Hoon leading the cast entourage in a brightly lit scene. Amplifying the anticipation of the fans, the main poster framed the trajectory of MBC’s ingenious project.


Two Worlds Connected

Playing two characters of different personalities is one of the drawing points of the series. In the initial released photos, the distinct variations of the roles show cold and warm facades of the characters Jung is about to play.


Suiting up as the story’s female lead is Lim Ji Yeon. In Lee Jae Sang’s real world, she plays the role of strong-willed detective, Ra Si On. Also, she is Jae Sang’s former lover, but they are not at all friendly. Interestingly, in the other world, she is a supportive and loving wife to Jae Sang, as he performs his duty as an honorable prosecutor.


Rounding up the cast is Kwak Si Yang (Chicago Typewriter). In both worlds, he will portray the role of Si On’s partner detective.


Welcome 2 Life will premiere on July 29 via MBC at 8:55PM KST.











More posters of Rain.




















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After two years, the people all got up because the only wedding photo of Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain suddenly appeared

The rare color of Kim Tae Hee and Rain's wedding photos on the ceremony two years ago was officially revealed.





On January 19, 2017, Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain boarded a flower car in a strict and discreet security wedding, but were very simple at the church. After that, the couple released two wedding photos in the wedding ceremony but were completely black and white, the scene was also intriguing because only the most expensive moment was recorded. 2 years passed, finally the first quality color photo of this wedding was released. It is known that this is a wedding photo of a couple taking a party with the priest who presides over the wedding ceremony and the photo is also celebrated at the church.


This rare image is currently causing network storms. Despite being "drowned" by flash, both Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain appeared with excellent looks. After 2 years, the couple is still happy despite the other couples "melting down". Kim Tae Hee is also the mother of a child and is preparing to welcome you this year. She currently only focuses on the family, occasionally participating in promotional activities, events.







Nguồn: Weibo, Naver





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Rain replied to a question posed to him, that KTH supports him in his latest drama by MBC, Welcome 2 Life.


Watch from minute 3:23.




Credit: Tong Tong TV




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Rain Talks About Kim Tae Hee’s Support For “Welcome 2 Life” And Chemistry With Co-Star Im Ji Yeon


During the press conference for MBC’s “Welcome 2 Life,” Rain talked about support from his wife Kim Tae Hee and chemistry with co-star Im Ji Yeon.


“Welcome 2 Life” is a romantic comedy about Lee Jae Sang (played by Rain), a selfish lawyer who gets sucked into a parallel universe because of an accident and starts living a new life as an upright prosecutor. In this world, Ra Si On (played by Im Ji Yeon) — his ex-girlfriend in the current world — is his wife.


When asked about how Kim Tae Hee reacted to his new drama, he answered while laughing, “I think this will make more of a headline than the drama. She is very supportive of me.”



Please read the remainder of the report here:






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Bi Rain, "My wife Kim Tae Hee is super supporting"


Actor Jung Ji Hoon (stage name Bi Rain) plays lead role in new Mon-Tue drama "Welcome 2 Life" (MBC).


The launch press conference for the Mon-Tue drama "Welcome 2 Life" (MBC) has taken place at MBC Golden Mouse Hall, Sangam, Mapo District, Seoul on the afternoon of August 5.




During the launch press conference that day, in response to the question that if his wife (actress Kim Tae Hee) encouraged him, actor Jung Ji Hoon (stage name Bi Rain) shared, "I already knew that this matter will become a hot topic on the press instead of the drama promotion. Yes, she is super supporting regarding me acting. I hope everyone would also support me as well."




On the other hand, "Welcome 2 Life" is a rom-com drama with investigative elements, revolving around the evil lawyer who only follows his own benefits. Because of the accident, he fell into a parallel world, thus completely removing the past to become a righteous prosecutor.


More footage of Jung Ji Hoon in launch press conference:





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Watch the interview below, where Rain replied not wanting to restart life as he wants to keep his family and himself as a sweet and kind person to his family, to the questions of resetting life and commonality with his character in Welcome 2 Life. 



Credit: Kocowa TV



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Awww...so nice!!! :wub:


Such a wonderful and lovely thoughts of those who contributed to the figurines, as seen in the IG post. I have no doubt many of us and others share the same good wishes to the expanding family too!


Now, awaiting the big announcement of the birth, which should be this month!


Hwaiting KImBi couple!


Credit post below: IGer.







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***OMG  -  another girl.................. Congratulations to the couple! Absolutely another adorable girl. God bless the (4) of you now.. :P





Kim Tae Hee And Rain Welcome 2nd Child




Kim Tae Hee and Rain are now parents of two children!


On September 19, Kim Tae Hee’s agency released the following statement:


Hello. This is actress Kim Tae Hee’s agency Story J Company.


We would like to deliver the joyful news that actor couple Kim Tae Hee and Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) have welcomed a new member of their family.


On the morning of September 19, Kim Tae Hee gave birth to her second child, a healthy daughter, at a hospital in Seoul.


The mother and baby are both healthy, and they are resting with the care and blessings of their happy family.


We express sincere gratitude for the generous congratulatory messages and warm interest sent to Kim Tae Hee, and she will work hard to also return as a good actress. Please show lots of support.


Thank you.


The couple got married in January 2017 and welcomed their first daughter in October 2017.


Congratulations to Kim Tae Hee and Rain!




Source (1) / soompi news

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Kim Tae Hee and Rain just had their second child




Actress Kim Tae Hee and singer Rain just had their second child, a baby girl! Story J Company, a management company of Kim Tae Hee has just released its public announcement about this amazing news. 


In its statement, it says "Hello, this is management company of actress Kim Tae Hee. We are happy to announce that the couple just welcomed a new member to their family. On the morning of September 19 in a hospital located in Seoul, she gave birth to a healthy daughter. Both the mom and the baby are in a very healthy state and they are under the care of a happy family's love and blessings.

Thank you all for your support for Kim Tae Hee and she will do her best to return with good condition both as a mom and as an actress."


Congratulations to Kim Tae Hee and Rain!




source : allkpop

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