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Last week, Rain and his father took their little princess to a kids cafe to play and signed his thanks for the cafe. The staff said dad is gorgeous, grandpa has the aura of an actor and the little princess is very lovely and pretty :heart:


(The note on Lilliput_hannam's Instagram was on Feb 4, 2019)



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The two of them have weathered a lot of stress and pressure to stay by each other's side. I wish them lots of trust and strength and love to grow old together :heart:





Rain Explains Why He Rarely Speaks About Wife Kim Tae Hee On TV

Rain Explains Why He Rarely Speaks About Wife Kim Tae Hee On TV

Feb 17, 2019
by S. Park

On the latest episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Rain shared his thoughts on speaking publicly about his wife Kim Tae Hee.

During the February 16 broadcast of the variety show, Rain and Lee Beom Soo appeared as guests to promote their film “Uhm Bok Dong.” At one point, the cast jokingly urged Rain to talk about his wife on the show.

Pretending to be angry, Kang Ho Dong began, “I heard that you’re going around pretending to be a bachelor and that you sincerely requested to the staff that we don’t talk about [Kim Tae Hee during the show]. Even Seo Jang Hoon and Lee Sang Min [who are both divorced] don’t pretend to be bachelors. Why can’t you say that your wife is your wife?”

Seo Jang Hoon commented, “We understand why you [stayed silent] before, but it’s been a long time now since you got married.” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul added, “You’re not even wearing your wedding ring.”

Kang Ho Dong continued, “[Lee] Beom Soo, imagine this. You’re holding a special screening, and [Kim Tae Hee] shows up. It becomes a hot issue, and the entire country is talking about it. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?” Rain interjected, “Actually, she’s coming to the VIP screening.”

However, Kang Ho Dong didn’t stop asking Lee Beom Soo questions about imaginary scenarios, and Rain finally shouted, “How much longer are you going to do these outdated things on variety shows?” Lee Sang Min responded by demanding to know what the actress was up to lately.

Rain explained, “I never said that I wouldn’t talk about her. But these days, no matter how carefully I talk about her, it comes back to bite me. I want to separate my work from my family life, and so I’m being more careful. It’s not that I won’t talk about her. It’s just that I love her and cherish her so much.”


The cast members then brought up Rain’s past appearance on the show in 2017, which he filmed shortly before announcing his engagement to Kim Tae Hee. During the show, Rain performed his song “The Best Present” for the first time, and it was only later that he confessed that it had been a proposal song.

When the cast accused him of proposing to Kim Tae Hee through the performance without telling them, Rain replied, “It’s true that I deceived you. I want to take this opportunity to apologize.” He added, “[Kim Tae Hee] really likes ‘Ask Us Anything.'”

Rain and Kim Tae Hee got married in January 2017 and welcomed their daughter in October of the same year. Check out Kim Tae Hee in her most recent drama “The Gang Doctor” below!

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[HanCinema's News] Rain Mentions Wife Kim Tae-hee on Knowing Bros




On Saturday night, February 16th, Rain made an appearance on the popular JTBC variety show Knowing Bros to promote his new film "The Cyclist King" which will be released on February 27th. The film is about a legendary bicycle athelete from the Occupation era.


Rain also discussed his relationship with his wife, Kim Tae-hee.


Knowing Bros personality Kang Ho-dong mentioned that he remembered hearing about how Rain would just be a bachelor forever.


Rain responded to the notion with humorous outrage, further noting how he phrased past comments poorly. Rain claims that while he spoke about being careful, he was worried about going too far with his love, not about getting hurt over it. The specific metaphor used was that of a returning arrow.


In addition to talking about married life and his new movie, Rain also discussed BTS' remake of his song "Come Back Home" and danced to it. After the appearance, Kim Tae-hee also uploaded a supportive photo on social media.




Written by William Schwartz

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Rain explains why he and Kim Tae Hee are private about their baby and marriage





Rain explained why he and his wife Kim Tae Hee are private about their baby daughter and marriage.

Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee welcomed a baby girl in October 2017, but they've kept their child away from social media and headlines in general. At the press conference for the upcoming movie 'Uhm Bok-dong' on February 20, Rain expressed, "I think I'm different after having a family. There's nothing I feel I have to do necessarily because I have the title of father, but I have rules now. In the past, I talked cheerfully about how I want my family to get along a certain way, but the world is scary now. I want to reveal my baby, but I feel it could come back as a knife later."

He continued, "In the future, I plan to keep a wall between work and family. It's because I don't want my family to get hurt. Having a family doesn't affect the kinds of projects I choose, but I don't want to open up about my family. I'm careful. I have guilt because of what happened to my mother in the past... There can be misunderstandings about me because I have the job of being a celebrity. You can play with me, and throw me away, but you can't cross the border of touching my family."

Rain is playing the titular character of 'Uhm Bok-dong' in the film about the famous Korean cyclist. It's set to premiere on February 27 KST. 






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Rain opens up about what kind of husband he is to Kim Tae Hee at home




Rain opened up about what kind of husband he is at home to actress Kim Tae Hee on KBS' 'Entertainment Relay'.

On the February 22nd episode, Rain appeared as a guest to promote his upcoming film 'Uhm Bok-dong'. When asked how he is at home to wife Kim Tae Hee, he shared, "Firstly, I'm a cute husband at home. It's going to become like this now. I've worked hard to promote the movie, and it took me 2 hours to walk all the way over here from the other road, but the headline is going to be 'Cutie at Home.'" 

He continued, "That's why I was so careful." When asked to show a bit of his aegyo towards the camera, Rain responded he couldn't because he could already foresee the negative comments.






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Big big congratulations to the couple with best wishes. Kim Tae Hee will attend the VIP screening of "The Cyclist King, Uhm Bok Dong" tonight, I believe, lucky fans will be able to see the two together right after this huge announcement, am so envious!




Kim Tae Hee And Rain Announce Pregnancy With 2nd Child

Kim Tae Hee And Rain Announce Pregnancy With 2nd Child

Feb 26, 2019
by E. Cha

Kim Tae Hee and Rain have shared some very happy news!

On February 26, Kim Tae Hee’s agency BS Company announced, “Kim Tae Hee recently became pregnant with her second child, and she is expected to give birth this September. She has become the mother of two children.”

The agency continued, “After welcoming her first daughter in October 2017, Kim Tae Hee is currently very excited and grateful for another blessing in the form of [her second child]. Her condition is stable, and she is focusing on taking care of the baby’s well-being.

“We would like to sincerely thank those who have always shown a great deal of love [for Kim Tae Hee] and watched over her with a kind eye. We would be grateful for your blessings and congratulations on the arrival of this new life.”

Congratulations to Kim Tae Hee and Rain!

Source (1)

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Rain and Kim Tae Hee Announce They’re Expecting Their Second Child

Congratulations to the couple!




Rain and Kim Tae Hee, widely considered one of Korea’s top power couples, have just announced that they are expecting their second child.


Kim Tae Hee’s agency released a statement sharing the exciting news, sharing she is due in September.

“Hello, this is Kim Tae Hee’s agency BS Company.

We would like to share some warm and exciting news regarding Kim Tae Hee, on this day that feels like spring is right around the corner.

Kim Tae Hee and Rain recently conceived their second child, and she is expected to give birth in September, and become a mother with 2 children.

Back in October 2017 when Kim Tae Hee was able to hold her daughter in her arms, she has been blessed once again. Currently Kim Tae Hee taking in prenatal education with joy and gratitude.

We would like to thank everyone who always watches over Kim Tae Hee with love and warmth, and would like it if you would send your blessings and congratulations to the couple on their new family member.

— BS Company

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, back in October 2017.


Rain also shared an adorable picture of a pair of baby girls’ boots to celebrate his first child. Do you think he will share another picture of girls’ boots in September, or will he be sharing a pair of boys’ shoes?






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Actress Kim Tae-hee Expecting 2nd Child




Actress Kim Tae-hee is expecting her second child with singer Rain in September, her management agency said on Tuesday.


"After having their first child in October 2017, Kim and Rain are excited to be blessed with another child", the agency added.


Kim married Rain in January 2017 and gave birth to a baby girl later that year.




Source : english.chosun.com/si...

Translation : Hancinema

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Kim Tae-hee and Rain awaiting birth of second child in September


Kim Tae-hee and Rain, one of South Korea's top star couples, are awaiting the birth of their second child in September, the actress' management agency BS Company said Tuesday.

"There is a piece of warm, good news from Kim Tae-hee ... Kim Tae-hee has recently conceived her second child and is expected to give birth in September, becoming a mother of two children," BS Company said.



"Upon news of the child that once again came like a blessing, Kim is currently taking a rest with a heart full of excitement and gratitude," her agency said.

The couple tied the knot in 2017 as one of the country's most prominent star couples. Kim gave birth to her first daughter in October the same year.

Since 2015, Kim has not appeared in any films or dramas. (Yonhap)

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Kim Tae-hee, Rain are expecting




Actor Kim Tae-hee and her husband, the singer Rain, will welcome their second child this fall.

Kim’s agency, BS Company, made the announcement Tuesday morning.

“We have news that’s just as heart-warming as the spring coming our way,” said the agency. “Kim Tae-hee is expecting her second child, and she will be a mother of two in September.”

The couple, who got married in 2017, had their first child, a daughter, in October of the same year.

“We want to thank everyone who supports them with kindness, and we ask for all your blessings,” said the company.

Meanwhile, the movie “Uhm Bok-dong, the King of the Bicycle,” which Rain - whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon - appears in, hit local theaters today.

Kim has not appeared on screen since 2015.

By Kim So-yeon
credit : JoongAngDaily

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Actress Kim Tae-hee Expecting 2nd Child


Actress Kim Tae-hee is expecting her second child with singer Rain in September, her management agency said on Tuesday.


"After having their first child in October 2017, Kim and Rain are excited to be blessed with another child," the agency added.


Kim married Rain in January 2017 and gave birth to a baby girl later that year.

credit : Chosun Ilbo

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Rain and Kim Tae Hee Expecting his 2nd Child


BS company, Kim tae Hee’s management has announced that she is now pregnant with her second child with actor Rain.  They are expecting the child this September  2019.   Their first born was welcomed last October 2017.  They are both excited on their second chile.  She will now focus on raising her baby and make priority above her career.

We would like to extend our congratulations for both of them on the arrival of the newest member of their family!

Congratulations Rain and Kim Tae Hee.!




written for korea.cpm:  GiKimTan




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kim tae hee + rain… another baby on the way




Kim Tae Hee and Rain are expecting their second child, as confirmed by her agency. The baby is due in September, which means we are unlikely to see Kim Tae Hee in filming projects for the rest of the year. She has been lying low since her marriage and even more so after the birth of their first child. I doubt we’ll see much of her in the coming months though Rain mentioned she would be attending the VIP premiere of his new movie.



source : https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2019/02/26/kim-tae-hee-rain-expecting-2nd-child/

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Rain And Kim Tae Hee Purchase Apartments In Same Apartment Complex As BTS

TV Report | Published 17 hours ago

They’ve purchased homes in “Hannam The Hill”!


Rain and Kim Tae Hee have each reportedly purchased an apartment in the luxurious apartment complex “Hannam The Hill”, which also happens to be where BTS lives.


According to reports, the couple who lives in a house in Itaewon purchased two apartments at “Hannam The Hill” located in Seoul in August 2018.






Rain purchased a 70-pyeong apartment on the 7th floor in on August 10, 2018 and put it up for lease. The lease amount is 3.3 billion KRW ($2.9 million USD). 7 days later, Kim Tae Hee purchased a 70-pyeong apartment on the 4th floor of a different unit at 4.23 billion KRW ($3.7 million USD).






Kim Tae Hee’s agency revealed that the couple currently lives in their remodeled Itaewon home while her mother lives in the apartment in Hannam The Hill.

The two people are currently living in their home that they remodeled (Itaewon). Kim Tae Hee’s mother lives at Hannam The Hill (which Kim Tae Hee purchased).

ㅡ Kim Tae Hee’s agency

Meanwhile, the gorgeous couple has recently announced that they are expecting their second baby!







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Rain and Kim Tae Hee each purchase a separate $4 million residence at Hannam The Hill





Rain and Kim Tae Hee have purchased "the most expensive apartment in Korea."


According to Biz Report on March 8, back in August, the celebrity couple each purchased a residence at Hannam The Hill located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. 


Rain reportedly purchased a residence on the 7th floor back on August 10. A week later, Kim Tae Hee reportedly purchased a residence located on the 4th floor of another apartment building. 


Rain signed for jeonse, or lump-sum housing lease at the cost of 3.3 billion KRW (3 million USD). Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee fully purchased the residence at 4.2 billion KRW (3.7 million USD). 


A rep from Kim Tae Hee's agency commented, "Currently, the two are remodeling and living at a home in Itaewon. Kim Tae Hee's mom lives at Hannam The Hill."


On the reasons for the additional home purchase, both Rain and Kim Tae Hee's agency stated they do not know as it's the artists' personal matter.


Some other residents of Hannam The Hill include BTS, actress Han Hyo Joo, veteran singer Lee Seung Chul, and veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki.







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Celebrity Husbands Who Are Known To Be Hopeless Romantics

Mar 8, 2019
by C. Hong

Marriage, like any long-term relationship, has its ups and downs, but these celebrity husbands keep things sweet at home with their well-earned reputations for being hopeless romantics.


Whether it’s surprising their partners with sweet gifts or stepping up their responsibilities at home and with their families, these celebrities are serious #husbandgoals for the rest of us.



- skipped unrelated -






Rain and Kim Tae Hee tied the knot in 2017, had their first child later that year, and recently announced her pregnancy with their second child. Rain has always been vocal about his love for Kim Tae Hee while they were dating, saying, “I love her very much and want to cherish her.” He also dedicated his song, “The Best Present,” to her to show how much he loved her through his music.


Recently, he touched hearts with his confession that he did not want to talk about his family on air anymore, as it often led to trouble down the road. He has decided to separate his work and family life in order to protect their young child.



- skipped unrelated -






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The much interest and curiosity over KTH and Rain’s daughter.


Reportedly described as “Heaven has descended” and ...having KTH’s eyes and Rain’s lips...




[★ Peek] Taehee Kim ♥ Rain, a mysterious daughter? "The eyes are Taehee Kim and the lips are Rain-resembling"
Top Star News Original article transfer 2019-05-01 09:03

[Top Star News Kang so Hyun]
' Heard by hearsay, the show (The Hearsay show) ' was illuminated by the Taehee Kim and the two-year-old of the Rain and Kim Tae Hee couple.

The channel A ' Hearsay Show ', aired on the 29th of last, had time to learn about the identity of A daughter in the veil of the Taehee Kim-Rain.






Kim Tae Hee and Rain were married in January 2017, giving birth to her first daughter in October.

However, the information about the daughter is not known, even the name of the face, raised questions.

The question of who the mom and dad looks like is the "biker pool," and even more curious to answer it was amplified.

In this, Kim Ji-hyun asked the Taehee Kim manager for information about Taehee Kim daughter.

Taehee Kim manager said that "the heavens seem to have descended," and that the eyes of the Taehee Kim and the lips of Rain.

Then Mom and Dad's advantages as it is, "I wonder how beautiful it is," he added.

"Not even the name of the public is not intended to protect the child," said Lady Jane, clapping her words, "The entertainer will be in a normal life," he said, worrying about the public's excessive interest in Star II.

In fact, the commonplace of Star II, who appeared in the entertainment program, undergoes aftereffects after filming.

Children who are overly interested in strangers will have a situation in which they are confused.

In this regard, Kim Ji-hyun said, "I ask you to pretend you know you're trying to be a skinten, and that your child's mental swing is wobbles," and that too much attention is poison.

Taehee Kim, born March 29, 1980, is 40 years old this year and Rain is 38 years old in the year of June 25, 1982.

Taehee Kim and Rain have been married for the past year in 2017.








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