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Singer Rain says daughter opened new chapter in life

SEOUL, Dec. 1 (Yonhap) -- Singer-actor Rain said Friday his newborn daughter has opened a new chapter in his life.

"For me, she is more important than myself. After having my daughter, chapter two of my life opened," Rain said during a press conference for his new EP album "My Life."

Rain, 35, and his wife actress Kim Tae-hee became parents to a baby girl in October. Rain, real name Jung Ji-hoon, and Kim married in January.


"It's the fans who I owe myself to becoming a parent and living a stable course in life. I want to raise my child to be good for the world," the singer said.


Debuting as a pop singer in 2002, Rain was named one of the "100 Most Influential People" by U.S. Time magazine in 2006 and 2011. Rain has also appeared in many hit TV dramas, including "Full House" and "A Love To Kill."

The star is currently the main host on KBS 2TV's idol audition show "The Unit."  


Singer-actor Rain speaks to reporters during a press conference for his new EP album "My Life" on Dec. 1, 2017, at a hotel in central Seoul. (Yonhap)

Singer-actor Rain speaks to reporters during a press conference for his new EP album "My Life" on Dec. 1, 2017, at a hotel in central Seoul. (Yonhap)





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You are welcome and oh, not a problem to me. I’m very excited with the updates anyway, haha! KimBi couple’s happiness is giving me a lot of strength!  I was and still am awestruck by the brillianc

More pictures are coming! As of now, I’m at page 23rd of Nate news online portal. Everytime I finished extracting the pictures from 1 page, I thought I could go forward, but no, instead I have to




Kim Tae Hee likes all Rain’s songs






In the 'entertainment contest', Rain mentioned his wife Kim Tae-hee. Singer Rain was featured on the KBS2 'Entertainment Artists' broadcast on the 1st, against 'Guerilla Date'. On this day, the reporter asked his wife Kim Tae - hee about the marriage that took place in February. First, Rain said that Kim Tae-hee "likes all the songs he's singing". Also, when the reporter asked if Kim Tae - hee liked Rain 's best gift, Rain said, "I like that song, but I give a lot of support to my music activities." "I had a lot of thinking about doing family stories," said Rain, who said that it is difficult to answer such questions.






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[Best TV] "How dare you!" ... How do I feel about my wife and my wife Kim Tae-hee?






[OSEN = Reporter Choi Na-young] Even at the moment of the moment, rain made me feel the way I love my wife Kim Tae-hee. In MBC entertainment program broadcasted on the 1st, 'I live alone', it was shown that Ishinye meets the best friend and spend a time with friendship. On this day, the rain was so striking and sober. "I waited for tomorrow while I was going to a concert in Malaysia and I did not have any luggage," he said. When Isaiah responded, "My wife will pack it up," Rain said, "How dare you, I must do everything from one to ten."


Rain that recently got her daughter. To him, Ishian gave gifts that were carefully packed from the house. The gift was unexpected liquor. Isaiah said, "How many gifts do I want to receive? I wanted to be special." 20 years later, "I said, and Rain expressed his gratitude and said," I will drink with my daughter in 20 years. " On the other hand, Rain and Ishenan laughed at the same feeling as real friends. I felt a warm heart while I was hitting it. Rain asked Ishenan, "Who is your favorite rainbow member?" So, Rain said, "Everything is bad except for Ah Gyun?" Then, Ishihan called his uncle gag (?). Ishian sounded a bit too shrill, saying, "You know, how to avoid the song sun," and then it is not good with the sun.


Also, Ishian made a picture of Rain after putting a gift wrap cap on his head. Rain was saying, "You are the only one who treats me around me." "I do not think it's a star," he said, "but I do not think there is anything like a wall," he said. And my kind personality is similar to me. " "I'm sorry, but it's not the same as Ishian," Rain said, "It is different from Mr. Ishian," he said, "I can tell you something like this. . In the trailer that was broadcasted at the end of the broadcast, there was a curious question as Byeon and Isishan went to the karaoke room together. /nyc@osen.co.kr






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Rain reveals choreography practice clip + special MV footage for 'Gang' | allkpop.com




Rain has released a special choreography practice clip for his title track, "Gang"!


SEE ALSO: Rain reveals the reason for titling his comeback track 'Gang'


For the title track to his 1st mini album, Rain went for a strong, hip-hop sound, with the singer taking on the challenge of the hip-hop genre of dance for the first time since his debut. The song was composed and produced by team Magic Mansion


Have you listened to Rain's full mini album 'My Life 愛'? Also check out some special MV footage of Rain's "Gang" MV below!












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Rain reveals the reason for titling his comeback track 'Gang'



Broadcasted on December 1, KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Weekly' welcomed Rain to the show where he revealed the main reason for titling his comeback song "Gang".


When asked if his "body has become slower/ gestures duller", the singer responded, "It's true.  Honestly, it's not that my body has become slower but full of pain.  I have chronic muscle pain, neck disc, and arthritis. That's why the title of my latest track is 'Gang' (a slang expression used to describe giving one's all.) I clenched my teeth in order to prepare for the comeback."


SEE ALSO: Rain brings his 'Gang' in comeback MV!


Also, when asked if he was currently satisfied with his earnings, Rain said "Yes," however, the lie detector results recorded otherwise, causing much laughter.






How are you enjoying his comeback track?







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Watch Rain in KBS’ Music Bank.



Song : Again






Song : Sunshine






Song : Gang












Watch Rain in Guerilla Date, KBS Weekly Entertainment show.









Credit : KBSEntertainment




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Rain Opts Challenges Than Stability For Comeback Album




Reminiscing his colorful 15 years in the K-Pop industry, Rain reveals new EP album “My Life”, featuring songs that pay tribute to the new chapter of his life.





Photocredit: Yonhap

Not long ago, Rain gushed about how his daughter has double eyelids, much to the delight of his fans. When Rain met the press for his latest album launch on December 1, the new father candidly talked about how his baby with wife Kim Tae Hee is his source of inspiration for the coming album. He disclosed that he did a thorough preparation for his new EP album, which highlights five tracks. Two of those have already been released.

The singer-actor revealed how he talked with Hongdae songwriters, who are forerunners of Indie music in South Korea, in order to achieve a distinct sound that is unlikely of him.



He added that he intends to challenge himself in his new venture instead of playing safe since he has a stable career. He acknowledged that he owes his fans for paving a way for him to have a happy second life chapter so he is doing his best to up his game.

Rain divulged that the title track of his album “Gang” is a mix of hip-hop and electronic music from producing team Magic Mansion. Another standout track is a break-up song titled “Goodbye”, which is written by Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zakapa.





Rain admitted how he has reached the stage of his life where he does not dwell on worries anymore.  After marrying early this year and having a beautiful baby, fans couldn’t agree more.

Mentoring the participants of idol reboot show The Unit, Rain indeed has come a long way from debuting in 2002.  He has extended his projects to acting and endorsements, and was cited twice as one of “100 Most Influential People” by the Time Magazine.

Famous for his classic Korean dramas and films such as Full House, A Love To Kill and Ninja Assassin, Rain is expected to star in his second Chinese drama after Diamond Lover with f(x)’s Victoria for Endless August in 2018.

Listen to a brand new Rain in this emotional love song:










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Rain, usually nicknamed "Bumma" ... "Kim Tae-hee cooks well"






Asian economist Hong Min Jung reporter] Singer Rain has released his nickname. Interview with singer Rain was broadcast in MBC 'section TV entertainment communication broadcasted on the 3rd. On the same day, Rain admitted that "I have a lot of words and instincts to say" about the nickname "Bijumma". Lee Jae - eun said, "I married and my dad was able to cook well for my wife." Rain frequently hobbled with his hobbies and said, "Sometimes I cook for my wife Kim Tae-hee." Meanwhile, Rain has comebacked as a mini album 'My Life Love' in three years, and is actively performing with his title song 'Kang'.







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Rain Is Back’s special stage, aired on 3 December 2017.


Apologies if I got the sequence wrong as I did not watch the full show yet, but the videos for each performance of Rain have been uploaded by KBSEntertainment. So, taking the chance in posting them here for anyone who wishes to watch. Let me know if I missed out any!



The Unit : My Turn




















Go Back





Interview with some Rain’s friends





I - Rain










How To Avoid The Sun





I’m Coming





It’s Raining





Hip Song





Love Story





Instead of Saying Goodbye






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Oh thanks so much @Nancyzakfor all the updates. Like I said before you're the engine that keeps this thread running. Thanks so much for your dedication to this thread and KTH thread. I trully appreciate. 


I understand rain for not wanting to talk more about his family, it's kinda tiring being asked same question every time. But the fangirl in me isn't so happy, because she wants more hehe. 

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3 hours ago, laughter4christ said:

Oh thanks so much @Nancyzakfor all the updates. Like I said before you're the engine that keeps this thread running. Thanks so much for your dedication to this thread and KTH thread. I trully appreciate. 


I understand rain for not wanting to talk more about his family, it's kinda tiring being asked same question every time. But the fangirl in me isn't so happy, because she wants more hehe. 




Hi @laughter4christ 

You are most welcome, dear. Happy to serve, so to speak, hehe...I also want more about KTH and Baby Jung but I totally agree with you that it must be tiring for Rain to keep answering the same questions about his family. He nonetheless shared bits here and there to satiate enough of initial curiosity. We accept them with gladness and continue to pray that he shares a bit more down the road whenever he is ready to share while we wait for KTH’s return to limelight and share hers! :tongue::D



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Here’s the article by Soompi on Rain Is Back.



Watch: Rain Makes A Roaring Comeback With Performances Of Hit Tracks, Collaboration With “The Unit” Idols, And More





On December 3, KBS 2TV aired Rain’s comeback special entitled “Rain is Back.”

The 90-minute special showed Rain performing old classics and new songs from his comeback mini album, as well as featured candid talks and interviews from celebrity friends.


Rain opened the show with an intro and a performance of his comeback title track “Gang.” He then followed up this powerful performance with fan-favorites “Hip Song,” “How to Avoid the Sun,” “I’m Coming,” and “It’s Raining.”



Continue in this link:









Park Jin Young Talks About Rain’s Memorable JYP Audition And Once Crying At Rain’s Acceptance Speech

J. Lim December 3, 2017

Producer Park Jin Young opened up about his affection for Rain.

During Rain’s comeback special show “Rain is Back,” which aired on KBS 2TV on December 3, Park Jin Young appeared on the show to talk about his friendship with Rain.


Rain’s music career started with him entering JYP Entertainment as a trainee. Looking back on Rain’s audition, Park Jin Young said, “I still remember every expression he had and how much he was sweating because he was working hard. I think the reason I picked him to join our agency was because of his eyes. His gaze reminded me of a young lion or tiger cub that was hungry and on the brink of starvation.”


He continued to state, “He had already auditioned at 19 other agencies and been rejected by all of them. He had a lot of pride and as the world wasn’t going the way he wanted it to, his eyes seemed to hold a sense of rebellion, cynicism, and a determination to not lose his pride. It was the first time I’d seen that kind of look in a trainee. I wanted to see what he could do, I was curious.”





Though Park Jin Young has been behind countless stars who have shined in the entertainment industry, he has always had a soft spot for Rain. He said, “The most memorable moment for me is when he won his first Daesang [Grand Prize] on KBS. He started crying during his acceptance speech and I think that’s the only time I’ve cried for someone who won an award.”


When asked why he cried, Park Jin Young said, “He was talking about how I had taken him in when he was at his lowest, and each and every word held so much sincerity that it made me cry along with him. He’s still someone I hope for the best for. He’s someone I always keep my eye on.”


Park Jin Young concluded by stating, “He’s someone I will always come running to if he needs my help. I’ve met many people who can dance, but in my eyes, he’s still the best person at filling up an entire stage by himself with his charisma.”


Source (1)











Rain Opens Up About How It Feels To Make His Long-Awaited Comeback As A Singer

J. Lim December 3, 2017

Rain recently opened up about making a comeback as a singer.

He appeared on MBC’s “Section TV” on December 3 to discuss a wide variety of topics and celebrate his 15th anniversary as a singer.


On how he felt about his recent comeback with “Gang,” Rain replied, “For the past four years, I’ve been busy with other things. I shot two dramas and did a few productions in China. But people kept telling me that they missed seeing my powerful performances on stage. So I went back to the mindset I first had 15 years ago and I worked really hard for this comeback. ‘Gang’ is the story of my life for the past 15 years.”




When asked whether it felt awkward to stand on stage again for the first time in a while, Rain said that it felt like coming home. He explained, “If I don’t work hard, I won’t be able to keep up with the younger singers. I at least wanted to show them what I can do as their senior.”


Rain recently made his comeback with his new mini album “My Life” on December 1. Don’t forget to check out the music video for his new title track “Gang.”

Source (1)








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I confess......I purchased Rain’s My Life 愛 album!


Firstly, I really like the songs. Even though most of them were heard from the preview but I had a good feel of the songs through it. Now that I’ve heard them all, I can say that it’s worth the purchase!


Secondly, why not? In support of Rain, as KimBi couple shipper, my bias’ hubby and our Baby Jung’s daddy! :tongue::D


Get a copy if you have been itching to do it! :wink::D



Rain's New Album Includes His 1st Hip-Hop Track




Singer Rain unveiled his new mini album at a press event in Seoul on Friday.


"My Life" is his first release since his sixth full-length album "RainEffect" in 2014 and contains a hip-hop number, the first for the singer, who is celebrating the 15th anniversary of his debut.


"In my 20s, I just gritted my teeth and did my best. I didn't think of anything else. Now I've grown to truly enjoy making music", said Rain.


He said he included the hip-hop song "because I wanted to take on a new challenge, and I think that's what I had to do as a singer. In fact, I was always a hip-hop kid".







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The most important thing is both are happy on their big day, celebrating it with their loved ones and close friends. There should be many opportunities to make up for /replace whatever deemed shortcomings later! :wink::D


Rain Candidly Reveals The Price Of His And Kim Tae Hee’s Small Wedding

S. Park December 5, 2017

Rain went on a three-day trip to Taiwan on the December 5 broadcast of JTBC’s “Carefree Travelers,” during which he opened up about his wedding.


“Carefree Travelers” is a variety travel show where celebrities go on packaged tours with the cast members. On the show, Rain was asked about his small wedding to Kim Tae Hee and whose idea it was. The couple got married on January 19 after about five years of dating. They are now parents to their first-born daughter, who was born on October 25.


Rain responded, “My wife was the first to say she wanted a small wedding at the Catholic church without empty formalities and vanities. I wore a tuxedo that I already owned and [we] didn’t do a wedding photo shoot. We didn’t hire a photographer either. The guests acted as the photographers and we put those photos together and made a video.”






He continued, “Honestly, I have a lot of regrets [about the wedding]. There were lots of things I wanted to do for my wife on that day. I even opened an installment savings account for the wedding. The actual total cost of the wedding came out to a little over 2 million won [approximately $1,840].”


Meanwhile, Rain recently made his comeback with the title track “Gang,” which he showcased during a 90-minute comeback show. He also currently acts as a mentor on KBS’s idol rebooting program “The Unit.”


Source (1)







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Rain reveals how much his small wedding with Kim Tae Hee cost





Rain talked about his wedding with Kim Tae Hee on JTBC's 'Around the World Travel Package'. 


During the December 5 episode, MC Kim Yong Man asked Rain about his marriage, and said, "Did both of you want a small wedding?" Rain replied, "My wife was the first to say that she wanted to have it at a cathedral without the extravagant formalities. I just wore a tuxedo I already owned and we didn't even have a professional photographer. The attendees were actually the photographers instead. We gathered the photos by them and made the wedding video."


Rain continued, "Honestly, there are some regrets on the wedding. I wanted to do a lot for my wife. I even started savings for the wedding but the total wedding cost only added up to be around 2,000,000 KRW (1,838 USD)."














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Rain in Guerilla Date (with English Sub)




Credit : KBS World TV








Not sure if below is the entire episode. I’ll post if I come across a longer version with English Sub.


Rain in I Live Alone (with English Sub)




Credit : Satisfying and Relaxing 1510




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The first few paragraphs are like what were reported before this. The last 2 paragraphs are news to us!


[SBS Star] A Fool for Love, RAIN Only Thinks about Kim Tae-hee





Korean singer/actor RAIN revealed the cost of his wedding to be 2 million won (approximately 1,840 dollars).

On December 5, RAIN made an appearance at JTBC's 'Carefree Travelers', and shared his personal stories with its members.

RAIN talked carefully and honestly about his wife actress Kim Tae-hee and newborn daughter.






When the members asked RAIN why he didn't invite them, RAIN revealed he wanted to have a small wedding with only family members. It was told that Kim Tae-hee suggested a small wedding.  
RAIN said, "My wife suggested marrying at a Catholic church first. She didn't want it to be fancy. So I neither bought tuxedo nor shoot a wedding photo." 

He continued, "On the day of the wedding, instead of having a professional photographer taking photos, guests took the photos for us. Even for a family picture, we took it with a small camera."

It was reported that RAIN and Kim Tae-hee's wedding photos released on the day of their wedding were taken by the guests.






RAIN said, "I'm regretful. I wanted to give everything to my wife. I even opened an installment savings account for the wedding." He also added the cost of their wedding to came out to be around 2 million won, which is a relatively modest wedding for celebrities.  

RAIN could not stop expressing deep affection for his wife. RAIN said, "it took a long time for my wife to dine outside. She would always say her mother's food is the best. She couldn't even drink coffee before she met me. But now she knows the taste of latte as well as beer."

The members showed envious reactions and complimented RAIN that he met a nice lady as a wife.

(Credit= JTBC 'Carefree Travelers' Screen Captured, Ruach Entertainment)

(SBS Star)         







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[Night TV] 'Weekly ah' Kim Tae-hee and his marriage affect Rain







[Daily News] Kim Sung-ra showed a sad regret after marrying actor Kim Tae-hee in 'Weekly Idol'. Rain appeared as guest on MBC Everly 'Weekly Idol' broadcast on the afternoon of the 6th. On this day, the words that the rain wrote in the past became public and attracted attention. 'Hard work is the most precious asset to me. I do not want to dance the moment I can not follow the beat. I do not want to dance. It's faster than the beat yet. "


As for the story of becoming a 'wise maker', Rain said, "Those who see can think of what a young friend is saying, and that was why I stood at the time." "When I was a trainee, I had difficulty because of the vague idea that there was. When I did that, I put my words on Post-It and put it all on one wall. " He said, "When I feel shaky or mental, I want to quit, and when I want to quit, I have survived a day with this idea." Defcon said, "This is a good thing, it melts in your music." Jung Hyung-don asked, "Do you have any words recently that caught me?"


Rain then said, "There is no reason to hold back." Recently, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China (人 倫 之 大事) was married, and it was a satisfying answer because it was the money that the child got. He sprang a happy aura from his expression. "When I was a kid, I wanted to be so vaguely successful and I wanted to be honored," he said. "I worked hard to see my goal and I was not in my twenties." "Now it's time to be a head of a family and look around," he says, "I think it's time to relax."







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Sports Josun.com Jung An Ji reporter] was Kim Tae-hee. There was also friendship. Rain smiled while smiling at the mention of Kim Tae - hee. Ishian showed an envious expression. Also, the two of us were tired of seeing each other, but it was filled with a mind to think about each other. On the eve of MBC 'I Live Alone', Ishihan and Rain showed Kim Dae Kim Kim. "I am a trend these days," said Ishin who showed confidence. Rain just made a grinless smile. At this time, Ishian asked, "Is it good for you to get married?" And the nod nods. I did not say it, but the expression was full of happiness. Ishian showed an envious expression. Ishian offered to go out to the rain, "I want to go to your house," but Rain declined firmly, saying "no".






Afterwards, Ishihan and Rain who found karaoke. When he wanted to sing a song for Finckle, Rain mentioned Kim and S.E.S., and Ishian said, "I liked three of my sisters, Sister Eugene and Kim Tae-hee." Rain suddenly mentioned embarrassing Kim Tae - hee, but soon laughed, saying, "Come out for a while." It was Kim Tae - hee before the battle. It was raining to spare the horse, but his expression could not be concealed. While I was singing the songs, the two of them were singing, but Park Jin-young's singing "Do not leave me" showed unexpected breathing. "If I get married later, I wish I could have a family trip together." Rain said, "I am a friend who has a lot of gratitude." Though I hung out, I was deeply moved to think of each other. Support the friendship of two people.












[Best TV] "Good marriage ♥" ... Kim, Tae-hee's husband's life revealed in 'Rain,' '






[OSEN = Sung Mi Kyung] The marriage of the top star is always receiving public attention. If you are a top star couple, this interest will get bigger. After a long love affair, the rain and Kim Tae-hee's interest in the wedding, which reminded him of the 007 operation, was also hot. It was because of two people who had a big change in their life from marriage to childbirth this year. Rain and Kim Tae - hee 's marriage, where everything was confidential, Rain has come back to the comedy scene with a comeback, carefully cautiously telling out the story of the family and resolving the curiosity.


Rain has recently appeared in MBC 'Weekly Idol' and MBC 'I Live Alone', cable channel MBC Everlon, and JTBC 'JTBC'. She was interested in her first performance since her marriage and childbirth, and she cautioned about her marriage to Kim Tae-hee and her first daughter.


The beginning was 'I gotta get together.' The characteristics of the travel program We have been sharing a lot of stories for a long time, and Kim Yong Man and Jung Hyung Don have naturally brought up the family story. Rain has revealed her first daughter's name, which means "superior," and she has also revealed the appearance of her daughter "once there is double eyelids." Above all, it is the one that collected the topic about the marriage life with Kim Taehee, leaving the saying "It is easy to be caught" (?). "Being married and having a child is a real adult," said Bee, "it 's easy to be caught by my wife."


In addition to having a drink together with the members who are "united," it is also a curiosity about the wedding ceremony with Kim Tae - hee. "My wife first suggested a wedding ceremony for the cathedral," she said, "I did not want to be so big without a brilliant expression, I did not buy a new tuxedo, I did not take a wedding shot," she said. It is the rain that said.


The story of Rain and Kim Tae Hee led to 'I live alone'. In a meeting with my closest friend Ishihon, Rain expressed embarrassment and careful happiness to the question about Kim Tae - hee and her daughter. It was possible to be honest with friends. Rain was happy with Isaiah's question, "Are you married?" And laughed at the provocative "Do you live with your wife?" It's a careful family story, but it's a bit of an honest heart to talk to with people who are in a good mood. /seon@osen.co.kr







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K-pop singer Rain is ready for new direction in life




Fifteen years ago, Rain was the Bad Guy – as he described a persona in the title of his debut song. The 35-year-old is now open to a new direction in life, he said recently while promoting his new EP called My Life Ae.

“I asked (the songwriters) to make me a song that doesn’t sound like me. I even consulted a separate rapping coach so I can rap in a way I’ve never tried before,” The Korea Herald cited him as saying.

“I think it is right for me to seek a challenge instead of stability.” Rain, who is married to actress Kim Tae Hee, became a father in October.

He said: “I’ve now reached Act Two of my life and it’s just an indescribable feeling … I want to raise (my daughter) as a person who can help the world.”

Rain, who is currently appearing on KBS singing competition show The Unit as a mentor, added that he is also relishing the opportunity to inspire younger singers. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network






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