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This is so lovely, coming from a florist in her Naver blog! 




* erica flower *: Naver Blog Good morning Erica is the flower ~ A few days ago, You visited the store. It's a longtime fan of the rain. Kim Tae-hee's birth is about the end of October On your visit to Korea You came to place an order. Yesterday Kim Tae Hee finally gave birth to a pretty princess. How did you know I called the store and gave birth. He told me to prepare and send it. Pretty princess in childbirth celebration Please choose a cute pink rose I finished the heart flower basket ~
































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TV report is embedded in the article per this link:





[★ ★ wedding ceremony ③] rain · Kim Tae-hee, 007 mission to the express secret wedding ceremony [OBS Unique Entertainment News Cho, Reporter]


Rain-Kim Tae-hee's wedding ceremony was reminiscent of the 007 operation. OBS 'Unique Entertainment News' (Director Yoon Kyung-chul, writer Park Eun-kyung, Kim Hyun-sun) told the story behind each star's hiding in the wedding ceremony of the top stars. Rain-Kim Tae-hee couple announced a wedding ceremony that reminds them of the 007 operation by confusing the reporters without notifying the date and place even before the wedding day earlier this year. At that time, the crew circulated all the churches in Seoul that were supposed to be a wedding hall, but eventually they were able to meet Rain-Kim Tae-hee couple at a church in Gahoe-dong. However, unlike the saying that there is nothing to set before the wedding, this cathedral has long been a place where Rain has noticed. I was able to confirm this fact in a shop I came across by chance. The owner of the shop near Gahoe-dong said, “Rain had taken a Chinese drama at a restaurant near here," he said. "So I thought I would come here, but it seemed to come."


(Video = OBS 'unique entertainment news', editing = Son Hyun-jung PD, author = Hyun Kyung Choi)







Credit image above : Rain Company







More pictures.















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TV report embedded in the article per this link:






[Top actress wedding lightning comparison ②] Kim Tae-hee, fashion sense sense of self-produced wedding dress



[OBS Unique Entertainment News Cho, Reporter] It turns out that the actress Kim Tae-hee's wedding dress was made in-house. OBS 'Unique Entertainment News' (Director Yoon Kyung-chul, writer Park Eun-kyung, Kim Hyun-sun) explored the wedding behind-the-scenes story of Kim Tae-hee, Song Hye-kyo and Jeon Hyun. Kim Tae-hee is known for making the most special wedding dress for her life. At the wedding ceremony, Kim Tae-hee wrote simple razors in a race mini dress unlike her splendid beauty.


Moon Jung-kyung said, "Kim Tae-hee wears a mini-dress, which is cute but cute, with a lace material at the time of the wedding ceremony. This brand does not have a separate brand (Kim Tae-hee) . She designed her own wedding dress as a native of the Department of Clothing and Textiles, and she was known to have created a 'Made in Kim Tae-hee' dress. Kim Tae-hee also picked up a simple line of A-line and silk material as a dress for the reception dress. (Video = OBS 'unique entertainment news', editing = Son Hyun-jung PD, writer = Na Se-hee).








My screen caps.













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Old news report, after the birth of Baby Jung.


Happy to note that the news of the birth of Baby Jung became no. 1 news in the K-ent.



[★ hot water cold bath] Kim Tae-hee






[Sports world = Kim Won-hee reporter] In the last week's entertainment system, various events and accident stories made the stars laugh and cry. From Kim Tae-hee and Rain-married couple to the news of the young man, the story of the murder of the husband of the song Stern and cold Bath.


▲ No. 1 Kim Taehee ♥ A non-married woman, the first child's birth


Actor Kim Tae-hee was the first child to give birth to the defensive couple. "Thanx for his SNS on the 25th of the rain. Pretty princess. I am happy to be a child who is helpful to the world, "he told the birth story. He did not attend the KBS 2TV ' Idol reboot Project more units ' production presentation, which was held on the day to protect the wife Kim Tae Hee. On the other hand, Kim Tae-hee and the rain have opened up a couple of years earlier at the end of the five-year period on January 19.
[Between Choosing and Wrong] Rain ♥ Kim Tae-hee,
[The Fact ㅣ Reporter Kang Su-ji] Hello. "Between the good and evil", which is a summary of the entertainment news of one week by the comment of the netizens, came back. Among the news of crying and smiley celebrities, I gathered <The Fact> in one place to see what the sensible " More between wit and comprehension 'between good and evil', I will start now!
◆ Rain ♥ Kim Tae-hee
"I will grow into a helping child" Singer and actor Rain (35) and actress Kim Tae-hee (37) announced the news of their daughter. On October 25, Rain and Kim Tae-hee's agency said, "Kim Tae-hee has a pretty daughter." Both mother and baby are healthy. " Rain said, "Thank you, I am a pretty princess. I will raise you well as a child to help the world." Rain and Kim Tae - hee had a marriage ceremony on Jan. 19 with a private wedding ceremony at the Gahoe - dong Cathedral in Jongno - gu, Seoul. I was born, but my mom was born, but my father is not a father (skyh *). I am born, ***) "Congratulations, be a happier home in the future" (jein ****) "It is a couple to be compared with other people in a good sense to nurture it as a helpful child" (jo94 ****) It was celebration such as.
- skipped unrelated -

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As mentioned in the page before this, when it is Rain, it’s Kim Tae Hee’s man or Kim Tae Hee’s Rain.


I also mentioned,the opposite being the case for KTH and below is an example......anyway, we have seen one too many. Put it down to SK reporting style......and to top it up, both are husband and wife and just goes to show their popularity as a couple! Oh, now a family with Baby Jung!! :wink:B):D




Kim Tae-hee, in her 20s? 'Previous class CF' 


Rain's wife Kim Tae-hee is a hot topic among the netizens.   A recent community site posted an article entitled 'Kim Tae-hee Legend CF'.








The content was published in '04 season Cyon CF 'and the advertisement CF scene in which Kim Tae-hee appeared.   The netizens who saw this were "really catchy with", "it is the same as before", "it is the same as before" Korea has been hit by the past. "








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Singer Rain to unveil new duet next week



Singer Rain will release his new song "Let's Break Up Today," which he sang in a duet with a female singer, next Friday, his management company said.

The sad ballad song about a man who wants to end a relationship with his old lover will be included on the upcoming EP album "My Life Love" to come out on Dec. 1, according to the Rain Company Friday.

Rain is scheduled to hold a concert titled "2017 Rain Is Back" to mark his comeback at KBS Hall in Seoul's Yeouido on Tuesday. The taped show will be aired on the KBS television network on Dec. 3.


(Rain Company)



In January, he married actress Kim Tae-hee who gave birth to a girl last month. He is part of the judges in KBS 2TV's new audition program "The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project," which started airing on Oct. 28. (Yonhap)








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IGiers met KTH and Rain!



Credit : https://www.instagram.com/p/BbtNZVvFk5j/?tagged=김태희



Translated message :

"The two who were kind and sweet Thank you for signing and pocket money  # Kim Tae Hee # Rain"














Credit : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb1J9oRHzRp/?tagged=김태희



Translated message :

"The lesson with Kim Tae-hee was a very enjoyable time. I will remember and remember deeply. . . # Kim Tae-hee # Rain # Yoga lesson # Cheongdam Yoga # Yoga aesthetics # Cheongdam Mari Double Rest # Cheongdam Mari Obstetrics and Gynecology # Postpartum correction Yoga # Jung Hye Yoga # Thank you Gram"











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Celebrities With Impressive College Entrance Exam Scores

S. Park November 26, 2017

Students in South Korea took the highly anticipated college entrance exams on November 23, a week after the originally scheduled date due to the Pohang earthquake.

Because of this, the topic of the college entrance exam was a hot issue and celebrities who took the exam in the past also gained a lot of attention. Here are some celebrities who are well-known for their high scores and what they studied once they became college students.



- skipped unrelated -



Kim Tae Hee

Actress Kim Tae Hee’s college entrance exam placed her at the nation’s top 1 to 1.5 percent. This allowed her to apply to Seoul University’s department of natural science and the then-popular apparel studies.

According to college entrance experts, at the time when Kim Tae Hee took the exam, the cutoff line for Seoul university was 10 points higher and above 380, which means she scored somewhere between 385 to 390 out of 400.







During his trainee years, JYP’s Park Jin Young told Rain that he would not let him become a singer if he did not study. So, Rain studied hard and was accepted into Kyung Hee University where he majored in post-modern music.





- skipped unrelated -






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Awww, the proud and happy daddy......




I do not know what to say. 'My wife Kim Tae Hee is alike' 



[Top star news reporter Kim Eun-ji] Rain raises the beauty proud of her daughter resembling Kim Tae-hee. JTBC 's' Around the World in a package - It 's Coming', which is broadcasted at 10:50 pm on the 28th, depicts the members who left the package with the 'Korean Wave star' Rain in Taiwan. Rain has announced recent news since his wedding with actress Kim Tae - hee earlier this year. Rain opened his eyes to the second generation of "Bai Tae Hee," which attracted the attention of everyone. Members who had been friends since Rain began to wonder about Rain's second generation.






"To whom did the child resemble?" Rain said to the members, "There is double eyelids once," and the child was surprised by his appearance and laughed. The members who heard the news of the second generation that there are double eyelids unlike the outside Rain, "It is like the child resembles the mother", and was shouting repeatedly greeting congratulations. In the words of the members who admire her daughter that she is going to be pretty, the new daddy can not hide her smiling smile and is proud to join the ranks of "fool for daughter". The new trip 'Daughter of the Daughters' and the members of Taiwan traveled together at 10:50 pm on the night of the 28th JTBC 'unite the float' can be confirmed.







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There’s a revelation by Rain of how it was like being a father in the article below.



Rain Explains Why He’d Want To Work On Music With SHINee’s Taemin

J. K November 27, 2017


On November 27, Rain appeared on the radio show “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” ahead of his comeback later this week.

During the broadcast, Rain was asked by host Jung Chan Woo if he ever gives any harsh comments as a mentor on “The Unit.”

Rain replied, “I don’t want to give harsh comments to people who are standing at the edge of a cliff. I’ve experienced it myself. There was a time when a harsh comment wounded me and made it so I felt like I wasn’t able to get up again, and so I mainly prefer to offer a carrot [instead of a stick]. It makes people think, ‘Oh wow, I can do it,’ and they do even better. However, if there are people who are conceited, then I will use ‘a stick.’”


Rain and his wife Kim Tae Hee recently welcomed their first daughter into the world. When asked how it feels to be a dad now, Rain replied, “It’s so great. It’s indescribable. I feel like I’ve started the second chapter of my life.”


The hosts also asked Rain which junior artist he’d like to collaborate with. “Collaborations are good, but I want to produce,” said Rain. “I want to do something with Taemin. His lines when he dances are so beautiful. He also has a kind personality.”


Rain is currently appearing on “The Unit” as the lead mentor (along with fellow mentors Taemin, Jo Hyun Ah, San E, HyunA, and Hwang Chi Yeol) while preparing for a comeback on December 1.

Watch the latest episode of “The Unit” below!


Watch Now


Source (1) (2) (3)






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Believe it or not, take it with a pinch of salt, but so happy to note......KimBi Couple anointed as couple with best compatibility/chemistry in the “fun” comparison! :wink::D



Watch the video embedded in the article per this link:





[Tae Hye-ji couple chemistry ③] Rain ♥ Kim Tae-hee, the best couple chemistry '


[OBS Unique Entertainment News Jo Sung-soo reporter] The relationship between singer Rain and actress Kim Tae-hee attracts attention. OBS 'Unique Entertainment News' (Director Yoon Kyung-chul, writer Park Eun-kyung, Kim Hyun-sun) had a fun relationship with Kim Tae-hee, Song Hye-kyo and Jeon Hyun's marriage ceremony. Rain and Kim Tae-hee married in a simple wedding ceremony after the surprise wedding announcement earlier this year. In addition, the rain, which had been inactive since the marriage, turned out to be the judge of the recent Idol contest program, and collected topics. The Youngmyung Empress Shindang said, "Your husband comes out to be a good person if you do a little creative work in finding talented people who can raise the bottom line."


The Empress Hwang said, "When my child is born, my dad is getting worse and my mom is going to have to rest a bit. There are a lot of vacancies. It is better to spend time with a child than to work, especially in a house with a yard where children can play freely. He said, "It is better for people to step on the land or the land. It is better for them than for houses or apartments.


In fact, Kim Tae-hee was surprised because he planned to move to a single house in Itaewon after giving birth. In addition, the Empress Hsinchu said, "Your husband now has an enormous range of activities with entertainment, and these people are very good at chemistry, but investors should be careful just because they come to them with misfortunes. I think, "he said.








"The bond of heaven" ... Kim Tae-hee ♥ Rain, best couple compatibility






[Insight] Jang Young-hoon, reporter = actor Kim Tae-hee, singer Rain and his wife gave birth to two daughters who gave birth to a relationship with the sky attracts attention. In OBS 'Unique Entertainment News' broadcasted on the 27th, it was time to have fun with Kim Tae-hee, who uploaded 'Wedding of the Century'. "It is a good idea for my husband to do a little creative work in finding talented people who are bringing up the underprivileged." "My father is getting worse because of the birth of his child, and my mom has a little bit of rest that needs to rest a little bit." "It looks like there is no such thing as going out to the drama or film."








Kim Tae-hee, who became a mother of a child, is more likely to spend time with her child than to work on a drama or a movie. Especially, it is appropriate for a living in a house where a child can freely jump and play. "It is better that you can step on the land or the land," said Youngmyung, the Empress. "It is more appropriate for you than your apartment or apartment complex." In fact, Kim Tae Hee and the non-married couple are expected to move to a single-family house in Itaewon.







Finally, "the husband is now playing an enormous range of activities through entertainment," said Younghwang. "It 's very good that we have good chemistry. "I think the compatibility of the two is the best," he added. On the other hand, Kim Taehee and Bidoo had a wedding ceremony on January 19th at the Gahoei-dong Cathedral in Seoul after a five-year romance. On October 25th, Rain was the parent of a child, saying, "I am thankful, I am a pretty princess" and posted photographs and photos directly to my fans.












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Gotta understand where he is coming from.


We’ll be more than happy if and when he decides to share, anytime!


Rain says he no longer wants to talk about his wife Kim Tae Hee and daughter on broadcast





Rain talked about his wish to remain silent on matters regarding his family. 


On the November 27 airing of SBS Power FM's 'Cultwo Show', Rain was asked, "What's it like to become a father?" 


The singer replied, "A lot of people ask, 'What is it like? How's your family?' but after getting married and seeing many celebrity families, I decided on one rule, and that is to not talk about my family matters on a broadcast. If people give me questions, I ask for their understanding." 


SEE ALSO: Rain drops teaser images for upcoming song 'Gang'



Rain explained, "I don't think it'll be good for my children and wife later on."










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LOL, guessing Baby Jung’s name!





Singer Rain, who recently married actor Kim Tae-hee, talked about her daughter. On the 28th night of the JTBC 'Around the World in a Package - Unite to Launch', Kim Yong-man and three others who took a package trip to Taiwan together with singer Rain got on the air. On the day of the show, the members of the Rain, "the questions are full of questions," "Who do you look like daughter?" Rain said, "I have double eyelids, and I will tell you that." He added, "If you tell me what you mean, you will know it. It means you are superior." The members who heard the words of Rain, after their own reasoning, referred to the names of "Jung Woo-wol," "Jungwol," and so on.











Rain, "daughter name superiority, wife Kim Tae Hee resembles beauty"





Singer Rain mentioned her daughter Mimo. On the 28th, JTBC entertainment program "Unity to float" appeared as a guest, revealing his love for his wife Kim Tae-hee and his daughter. This day, Rain showed hesitation when MC asked what his daughter 's name was. So, Jung Hyung-don told me to tell him what he meant, and Rain replied, "You know everything about it. Kim Sung-joo said, "I can not take it." Kim Yong-man speculated that it was not Jung Woo-wol. Kim Yong - man then laughed at Rain, calling him "Dad".







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Rain opens up on married life with Kim Tae-hee

By Rumy Doo



Singer Rain spoke up about his marriage to actress Kim Tae-hee on the travel reality show “Carefree Travelers,” which aired Tuesday evening.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, said he feels “comfortable” giving into his wife’s wishes. 

Rain and Kim wed in January after five years of dating and welcomed a daughter on Oct. 25. 

The JTBC show featured comedians Kim Yong-man and Jung Hyung-don, announcer Kim Sung-joo and former soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan on a trip to Taiwan. 




Rain stars in “Carefree Travelers” on JTBC Tuesday. (JTBC)



While walking by shops in Taiwan’s streets, comedian Kim Yong-man said, “You always go into these shops if you go traveling with your wife. 

“Isn’t it the same for you?” he asked Rain, who replied, “I just follow her around.”

Rain also added, “You’re not fully an adult until you get married and have a child.”

The travel reality show, which kicked off on Nov. 19, airs Tuesdays at 10:50 p.m. 

Rain is set to release an EP album titled “My Life” on Friday. 









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Rain and Kim Tae Hee are a 'match made in heaven' according to this psychic





During the November 27th broadcast of OBS' 'Special Celebrity News', viewers were able to get a closer look at star couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee's marital compatibility.


According to psychic medium Young Mae, "The husband has a special talent in taking care of his juniors so it would be wise for him to take on creative works."





She continued, "When the baby is born, the life of the father will become busier, as the mother will take time to rest looking after her child. Starring in a drama or movie isn't going to bring much success during this period in my opinion."  Meaning the mother, Kim Tae Hee, should focus more on spending time with her child.


The psychic added, "It looks like a good time to invest in land or to purchase a home."  In reality, both Rain and Kim Tae Hee recently purchased a private residential area in Itaewon causing much attention.


Lastly, the psychic medium remarked, "The husband appears to be doing well in the entertainment industry, taking on various projects and actively blooming in the industry. He just needs to be careful when making a business investment."


She commented on the couple's compatibility, "I believe the two are indeed a match made in heaven."


Meanwhile, Rain and Kim Tae Hee tied the knot back in January and welcomed a baby girl in October. 












For those who have been following/shipping for KimBi Couple since day 1 will know that this is not the first time that a fortune teller/psychic had mentioned about KimBi couple being a match made in heaven. It was said the same before, way back to 2013, not long after the revelation of their relationship. I post one of the articles here.



Rain-Kim Tae Hee Reveals Match Made in Heaven 'Meant to be Together'

By Staff Writer | January 04, 2013 05:52 PM EST


The new power couple of Rain and Kim Tae Hee revealed their perfect compatibility.


According to cable channel Y-Star's "Curious" an expert shared, "Based on the birthday of Rain and Kim Tae Hee they have a good martial compatibility both are fatefully attracted to each other."


"Rain's attraction to Kim Tae Hee can be called destiny," this matches the media reports that Rain did his best to win Kim Tae Hee's heart.


© Copyright 2017 KpopStarz.com. All Rights Reserved.








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KimBi couple is mentioned.



South Korea’s Hidden Treasure: A Vibrant Catholic Church


- skipped unrelated picture -




SEOUL, South Korea — From the celebrities accounted as adherents, to nuns, to the president and his parish, the Catholic Church in Korea is alive and purposeful.


When Korean “K-pop” megastars Rain, 35, and Kim Tae Hee, 37, announced their engagement last year, all details were secret — except plans to marry in the Catholic Church.


Among the couples’ shared gigs was a music video, with some 20 other young Korean celebrities, greeting Pope Francis, who visited Korea on his first Asian trip in August 2014.


Like the majority of new Catholics, Rain was baptized as an adult. In 2016, 74% of all baptisms in Korea were of adults. Ten years ago, that percentage was 84%.

Now, the famous couple are true stars in the eyes of the Church: They had a baby girl four weeks ago — Rain announced the birth with the hashtag #blessed via Instagram — at a time when the Church is keen to encourage bigger families.




More about the subject matter in the article per this link:







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Rain answers if his daughter looks like him or Kim Tae Hee





Rain shared about his baby daughter on JTBC's 'Carefree Travelers'. 


The November 28 episode invited Rain on the travel show. The MCs asked the singer, who've recently welcomed his first baby with Kim Tae Hee, "Who does the baby look like?"



Rain answered, "Well, she does have double eyelids. I'll only say that." As for the daughter's name, he explained, "It implies the meaning of outstanding."














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[SBS Star] RAIN Shares About His Marriage Life with Kim Tae-hee





Korean singer/actor RAIN opened up about his marriage life with his wife and actress Kim Tae-hee.

On November 28 aired episode of JTBC's 'Carefree Travelers', RAIN went on a trip to Taiwan with the program's cast members.






During the trip, RAIN received a lot of questions from the cast members about his happy marriage life with his wife and their newborn daughter. 

▶ [SBS Star] RAIN Talks about Daughter "Well first, she has double eyelids"

As all of the other cast members of the programs are also married, they started to tease RAIN by asking, "Who takes control about the family's finance?".






RAIN laughed and replied, "It's easier for the wife to take control when it comes to marriage life." 
He added, "Getting older doesn't necessarily mean that you're fully grown up. You have to get married and give birth to your child."





Meanwhile, RAIN is expected to make his comeback as a singer with a mini-album 'MY LIFE 愛', which is scheduled to be released on December 1.

(Credit= JTBC 'Carefree Travelers', Ruach Entertainment/SBS FunE, 'RAIN's Official Channel' YouTube)

(SBS Star)    








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Rain's TV Appearances from 1st to 3rd of December:


Music Bank @ 5 pm KST

Entertainment Weekly @ 9 pm

I Live Alone @ 11:10 pm KST



The Unit (Comeback Collaboration)



KBS Comeback Show "Rain is Back" @ 10:40 pm





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Listen to an album preview of Rain's 1st mini album 'My Life 愛'! | allkpop.com




D-2 until Rain's full comeback, and the singer has released an album preview for his upcoming 1st mini album, 'My Life 愛'!


The mini album contains 5 tracks total, including his pre-release ballad with Urban Zakapa's Jo Hyun Ah "Goodbye", "Baby Baby", "Again", "Sunshine", and title track "Gang". Rain also participated in several of the tracks in the album. 


Catch Rain's full album and MV release on December 1 at 6PM KST, before his KBS2 comeback show on December 3 at 10:40 PM KST. Do you like the sound of the album so far?












Rain drops sinister dance MV teaser for title track 'Gang' | allkpop.com




Rain has dropped a dark, sinister, and charismatic dance MV teaser for his comeback title track, "Gang". 


Rain's 1st mini album 'My Life - 愛' will be celebrating the singer's 15th anniversary since debut this year. Title track "Gang" is the work of Brand New Music producer Taewan, and by the looks of the MV teaser so far, will be a powerful dance track full of swag. 


You can listen to Rain's 1st mini album in full this coming December 1, before you also catch his comeback show '2017 Rain is Back' on KBS2this December 3!








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