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Rain in Please Take Care of My Refrigerator episode 114 - with English subs.

As in KB, but not that much, Rain was cornered left, right and center with enquiries of KTH. 

He turned left, right and center to avoid answering. :lol:

Cast not giving so easily, LOL!

So, he’ll mention, “......MY ALBUM......THE BEST PRESENT......” :lol:

Then, the cast doesn’t know the underlying meaning of The Best Present but now we all know , huh?!?! :wink::lol:








I am reposting the Knowing Brothers episode 58 - English subs and Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook - English subs, in case you missed them at back page.






Rain in Guerrilla Date - with English subs.

How can Rain ever avoid reference to KTH when it comes to MC Kim Tae Jin?

Nope he can’t, hehe......

But, KTJ has been kind to Rain. All he did was to ask Rain......check it out in the video below! :wink::D




Credit : KBS World TV 




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You are welcome and oh, not a problem to me. I’m very excited with the updates anyway, haha! KimBi couple’s happiness is giving me a lot of strength!  I was and still am awestruck by the brillianc

More pictures are coming! As of now, I’m at page 23rd of Nate news online portal. Everytime I finished extracting the pictures from 1 page, I thought I could go forward, but no, instead I have to

Idk it's kinda interesting

Celebrity tarot reading




1.Rain Bi thoughts about marriage in general?

The Two of Cup

Rain Bi thought of marrying his new wife is special towards him. He knew she is the one for him.

2.Rain Bi thoughts about being married to Tae Hee Kim specifically?

The Nine of Wands

Rain Bi fight so hard to keep his relationship with her alive and respectful. I do see he has to fight to get Tae Hee Kim parents approve of their relationship.

3.What he’d rather be doing with his life instead of being married?

The Two of Pentacles reversed

I see Rain Bi be in debts and wasting his life ways by doing works for films. He becomes a lost soul without love in his life.

4.Practical concerns preventing him from proposing?

The Queen of Pentacles

I see Rain Bi is very concerned about Tae Hee Kim mom. I don’t know why but I feel like her mom doesn’t like him. He is proving to her that he is a good husband to her daughter.

5.What he’s afraid of losing if he gets married?

The Ten of Cup

Rain Bi biggest fear isn’t having a family of his own. Believe it or not, Rain Bi is really a family man who loves.

Side Note: Rain Bi will be a father soon. And his dream come true.

6.What he’s afraid of gaining if he gets married?

The Ten of Wands

Rain Bi is so into raising a family and taking care of his wife. He is afraid of being a burden on his wife. So, I see another fear that he going to works a lot in films. That keep him away from his family. He don’t want that at all. I feel like he is a stay in home dad.

7.What, exactly, is he waiting for?

The Page of Wands

Good news of Tae Hee Kim gonna give him a child soon. Which is going to happen soon.

8.Will he ever ask?

The Two of Wands

It’s already happen between them.

They are husband and wife now.

9.What kind of husband he would make(something to think about!)

The Queen of Cup

A stay at home dad

I see him being a lovely husband with her and her kids. He is so fatherly and so nursing to his family.




1. What is Tae Hee Kim thoughts about marriage in general?

The Five of Wands

Tae Hee always has to fight for her marriage with Rain Bi. Now she is married to him and happy.

2. What is Tae Hee Kim thoughts about being married to Rain Bi specifically?

The Queen of Pentacles

Tae Hee was the happiest woman in the world. She finally married her best friend and soulmates.

3.What she’d rather be doing with her life instead of being married?

The Ten of Wands

Tae Hee will be working with films and television in her careers.

4.Practical concerns preventing her from proposing?

The Two of Cup

Tae Hee relationship with Rain Bi. She knew her relationship with him is hards. Because she has a lot of male fans and he got lot of females fans. So, She has to remain level-heads with Korean netizens spreading lies on their relationship. So, She keeps a low profile about their relationship with friends and family.

5.What she’s afraid of losing if she gets married?

The Nine of Wands

Tae Hee is a spitfire who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. However, She is afraid to lose her independence. I saw her being afraid of losing her head strong personality and independent.

6.What she’s afraid of gaining if she gets married?

The Two of Pentacles

Marriage is sharing

I see Tae Hee afraid of losing money by being married to Rain Bi. I see there is no prenup between them. Now she is worried about her money with Rain Bi. However, I see wants to work with production and distribution in filmmaking.

7.What, exactly, is she waiting for?

The Ten of Cup

Tae Hee want a family with Rain Bi. She is trying to get pregnant with him. Now she gonna has a honeymoon baby or a soon baby this year.

8.Will she ever ask?

The Four of Swords

Yes! Tae Hee in her honeymoon with Rain Bi. Now they are getting a family together as a whole.

9.What kind of wife she would make(something to think about!)?

The Wheel of fortunes

Tae Hee gonna be the beard winner in this family with him. I see her as the dad and Rain Bi as the mom. She is gonna has a lot of projects and business gonna made her extremely rich indeed. People think Tae Her is a typical Korean women who stay home and keep having kids.

Nope! Not Tae Hee Bi!

She is gonna made a name for herself in the business world and the filming world. Tae Hee Bi acting career just started it. She will get more roles in film and television. I feel like she going to sign a big movies deal will change her careers forever. In a good ways!

Rain Bi will never be prouder than she is. He is happy to Tae Her who love him for him. And the same as her too.

They are soulmates!


Cr.: http://extremedivas.tumblr.com/post/156099360512/rain-bi-and-tae-hee-kim-relationship

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Such a nice comments!

Article: Rain ♥ Kim Tae Hee reveal pictures from their wedding... 'we are married now'

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+1,258, -48] It's so nice to see how happy they look

2. [+1,180, -56] So much love in their eyes~

3. [+1,082, -44] Wow, Kim Tae Hee is so pretty...

4. [+56, -11] Oh so she wore a mini dress because she had to do mass... antis kept going on about how her mini dress looked tacky but it's more practical for her because she has to kneel to pray

5. [+49, -6] She looks good in a simple dress without the need for a tiara or earrings~~~

6. [+41, -4] So pretty, dress is pretty too. I usually don't like dresses that show a ton of cleavage. They look so happy together.

7. [+39, -6] They look so good together, it brings tears to my eyes. She always seemed like she had an easygoing personality and her choice of dress and venue reflects that. Doesn't seem like the type to care for flashy things.

8. [+38, -8] Look at how pretty her hands look in prayer... be happy!



Source: Naver

1. [+17,609, -242] Be happy~

2. [+11,885, -254] Pretty couple, be happy~~~

3. [+10,966, -225] So pretty, have a happy life

4. [+8,750, -211] Congratulations~ be happy!!

5. [+1,783, -49] Probably the classiest and most simplest wedding I've seen out of all celebrities. They're the best.



Article: Visual couple is born, pictures from their wedding revealed

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+753, -24] Kim Tae Hee looks like an angel in that picture of her praying...

2. [+658, -30] When pictures of their backside were first released, everyone kept going on about how she should've worn a longer dress but now that we see the front, her face more than makes up for it... pretty ㅜㅜㅜ I hope they are happy ^^

3. [+464, -21] The dress is so pretty... ㅎㅎ it matches her well

4. [+55, -4] This dress looks way more appropriate for the setting than one that shows cleavage and shoulders and all... Kim Tae Hee and Rain seem like such smart people.

5. [+53, -4] Looks like Rain is getting married to a doll... unreal

6. [+44, -7] She has more than enough credentials to get married into a chaebol family but it shows that she cares more about marrying the right person than wealth



Article: [Exclusive] Kim Tae Hee's lace wedding dress "She personally designed it"

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+930, -32] She got married in a Catholic church so her simple one piece matched more than a flashy wedding dress. It's Kim Tae Hee after all, what could she not pull off..

2. [+789, -36] The dress looks fine, it's none of our business what she chooses to wear as long as she likes it for her own wedding

3. [+581, -18] I hope she lives a happy life with the man who calls her his greatest gift in life...

4. [+48, -4] Quite obvious that she designed something simple and classy since it's a church wedding... some people just seem too jealous and wanting to hate ㅋㅋㅋ sigh, be happy ♥

5. [+38, -3] She is the only female celebrity to have such a low-cost, simple wedding. She's the best in everything from looks to inner character to intelligence.

6. [+32, -5] One of the most beautiful pictures I've seen recently...

7. [+31, -2] Pretty sure Kim Tae Hee majored in fashion design... very cool of her to design her own dress! People who aren't minding their own business should be jealous of her skills

8. [+30, -4] As long as unni is happy and comfortable with her dress.. I'm all for it!!!! Have a happy life you two!!



Article: Rain ♥ Kim Tae Hee, the wedding of the century only cost 1.3 million won

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+1,383, -32] Probably the most ideal wedding without the need for flashy things

2. [+1,099, -29] It was a wedding that truly showed that you can achieve happiness with nothing but the right partner. Unlike weddings that seem to try to show their happiness through how much money they spent on it...

3. [+1,020, -57] Yup, weddings in Catholic churches do cost 1.3 million won~ I pray for their happiness~

4. [+47, -4] I wish I was rich enough for a small wedding like this. But reality is that my parents invested so much already that the rest of us regular folks have to have flashy weddings to make up for the costs. It's really only the rich who can actually afford to have low-cost weddings ㅠ

5. [+35, -6] Something we can all learn from. Lee Na Young and Won Bin had a small, private wedding as well. No need to spend so much money on an impersonal wedding that looks like everyone else's. I really hope that celebrities like them change Korea's obsession with showing off and keeping face.




Article: Honey Lee catches the bouquet at Rain and Kim Tae Hee's wedding

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+1,180, -34] Daebak! I wish Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang will marry soon too ㅎㅎ they match so well

2. [+1,015, -21] Omo, then could there be another marriage in the works....? :)

3. [+958, -25] Hul, maybe she'll get married to Yoon Kye Sang

4. [+49, -2] Rain and Yoon Kye Sang both went to Kyunghee University while Kim Tae Hee and Honey Lee both went to Seoul University at the same time..

5. [+48, -3] It's so cool how Rain and Yoon Kye Sang are close and their wife/girlfriend are close too



Article: Kim Tae Hee writes handwritten letter, "I will try my best as Rain's wife"

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+985, -29] Whatever people may say about him, Rain has achieved one successful life

2. [+916, -35] Ahh that last picture of them looking at each other, I can just see the honey dripping from their eyes ㅠㅠ

3. [+864, -67] So many people gave her crap about her dress looking weird... but she looks fine ㅠㅠ a goddess like no other...

4. [+53, -13] Amazing of Kim Tae Hee... stuck with him even through the times when everyone was against her boyfriend and even after he did something disappointing... She stayed quiet and stuck by his side. It's no easy feat what she did.

5. [+29, -6] Almost choked up at how sweet they looked in that photo... ㅠㅠ I've been Rain's fan for 16 years... I hope that you live a happy happy life with oppa!!



Article: The reason the public is so supportive of Rain and Kim Tae Hee's wedding

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,434, -40] A meaningful, reverent wedding. Congratulations to both, please live a long and happy life...

2. [+392, -2] They dated for 5 years without any scandals and held a small, quiet wedding like this ㅠㅠ the pictures released today look gorgeous... Rain looks so cool, Kim Tae Hee looks so pretty ㅠㅠ

3. [+389, -7] I love that their wedding was small. Very simple and quiet, just a private moment to reflect on their relationship together. None of the fuss that would come with unnis chasing you around to fluff your dress, reporters everywhere taking pictures of you, not being able to spend time together because you're busy being pushed from guest to guest... These two are smart.

4. [+385, -10] The best proposal... a handwritten letter... a wedding totaling to 1.3 million won... personally invited guests without any invitation cards... no honeymoon trip... so good to see, live a happy life you two

5. [+350, -7] The fact that they dated for 5 years and stuck through till the end shows that the man is genuinely in love with her... be happy

6. [+335, -4] It doesn't matter how simple their wedding is because they shine as people themselves

Cr.: http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2017/01/follow-up-rain-and-kim-tae-hee-release.html

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Thanks dear @Nancyzak for posting all Rain's activities........ binge watching them. I didn't realise he participated in so many variety shows. and they bring out so many sides of him, knowledgeable , funny, expresses his views very well.............The subs saved my life........ at least I can enjoy the conversation and hence the shows. I zonk out if I don't understand what's going on. 

Righttttt......... !! I really want to ask you where is the video of the DISHES FOR GIRLFRIENDS. The video just stopped short of the competition between the handsome lookalike Kwon Sang Woo and another chef. I really want to see more teasing with the dish. I'm sure Kim Tae Hee's name will mentioned like there is no tomorrow. Also did Rain announced an " exclusive ?"



Related image

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More pictures, of the delicious food, served at KimBi couple's wedding reception.



By a very close friend of KTH:




By the caterer :







Some of the chefs putting together the delicious food.






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A blog about Skyfarm restaurant, where KimBi couple held their wedding reception.





IG pictures, the first by the close friend of KTH and the second, one of Rain's dancers, showing the night view from Skyfarm. They should be taken during the wedding reception as they were invitees to the wedding and we can see the top of Skyfarm's interior. Both pictures are facing the same direction and that must be the best view from the restaurant as the same view can also be found in the blog above about Skyfarm.







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[★TRENDING] This is How Rain and Kim Tae Hee First Met

4 hours ago



KBS‘s Entertainment Weekly revealed Rain and Kim Tae Heestarted dating after filming one particular commercial together.

On January 21, Entertainment Weekly aired a special segment dedicated to the newlywed power couple, Rain and Kim Tae Hee. In this segment, they revealed the two met for the first time in 2011 while filming a commercial for Coupang, an online shopping service similar to United States-based company Groupon.

On the set of the commercial, the two showed off undeniable chemistry despite the fact that it was their first meeting, and fell in love with each other during the short CF filming which had become the beginning of Korea’s most influential couple.

Watch the cute commercial below:



Source: Newsen








The KBS' Entertainment Weekly referred to in KB's article above.



Credit : KBSEntertain 



Screenshots posted in SK news reports :













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Here they are, the newly-weds; the HUBBY & WIFEY-CUM-HONEYMOONERS, hand in hand, awwwww......too sweet for words, at Incheon International Airport, heading to Bali, Indonesia!!! :wub::wub::wub:


















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@Nancyzak thanks for the updates chingu, I've been waiting for your posts about their airport pictures.

 awwwww that's so sweet. You can see how happy and in love they are, Rain is proudly and  lovingly protecting his wife and  just look at KTH, she's more beautiful than ever, she's glowing, blooming and radiating. Their happiness is....  blinding for the lack of the word to describe it.

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@Nancyzak thank you thank you!!!! What would we do without you? Really appreciate it. Don't worry, they might all look the same but they are all different, you know what I mean lol. And I would love to see them all. Really, really thank you, merci beaucoup,  kamsahamnida!!!!

edit to add: now we can see a better view of the wedding ring (Rain's) and I like it, it's so simple and a true symbol of what it represents in a marriage, round and has no end as a sign of love and fidelity. True catholic beliefs and tradition. 

And may I add, Rain's beautiful hands..... I just love his hands.... 

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Not that I hardly move from page 23 of Nate news online portal but I got pushed down to page 24/25/26 each time I want to go forward, LOL! :lol:

More and more pictures are coming our way!!!


















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So nice to see Rain putting his arm around his wife!




Can see Rain’s wedding ring but it’s too far to make out the design and made.




As for KTH, we could hardly see her fourth finger with her wedding on because she had all her fingers hiding in the fur, LOL!

No idea whether it is by design or she is being iher usual, i.e. holding the strap of her bag near her collar bone and this time, she happens to be wearing the fur lined lapel knitted coat.











































































Credit images as tagged.




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