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[Drama 2013/2014] Miss Korea 미스코리아


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Replaces (Medical Top Team)
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: TBA
Tv Network: MBC
Release date: December 11th, 2013
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays
Production: SM C&C
Director: Kwon Seok-jang (권석장) - Pasta", "My Princess", "Golden Time"
Screenwriter: Seo Sook-hyang (서숙향) - "Pasta" and "Romance Town".
Licensed English VIKI Channel: http://www.viki.com/tv/21182c-miss-korea
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/MissKoreaMBC

A MBC drama about some particular men trying their best to make a woman from their neighborhood the next Miss Korea. A drama full of surprises and love.

“Miss Korea” takes place in 1997 and is about a failing cosmetics company that tries to turn a former high school beauty queen into Miss Korea. Lee Yeon Hee will play the former Queenka (the most popular and/or prettiest girl in school) who has grown up to be nothing more an an elevator girl. Lee Sun Kyun will play an employee of the cosmetics company and will lead the efforts to turn Lee Yeon Hee into Miss Korea to save his company.

Producer Kwon Seok-jang and writer Seo Sook-hyang are reuniting with "Miss Korea". "Miss Korea" is an upcoming MBC drama which will be broadcasted in December after "Medical Top Team". "Miss Korea" is the struggle of some men trying to make a neighborhood girl into Miss Korea. Kwon Seok-jang has experience is drama making with "Pasta", "My Princess", "Golden Time" and more. Seo Sook-hyang wrote "Pasta" and "Romance Town". The two have reunited for the first time in 3 years since the drama "Pasta" in which a bad-tempered chef and a wannabe chef fall in love.

 LEE SUN KYUN                                     LEE YEON HEE                                 LEE KI WOO  


                                   LEE MI SOOK                                           LEE SUNG MIN                          JEWELRY'S KIM YEWON 


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  • [131008] Lee Sung Min cast in Miss Korea
  • [131021Lee Yeon Hee is cast as the Main Lead Actress for Miss Korea 
  • [131029] Licensed VIKI Channel - Licensed in North, South America + QCs Worldwide ^____^
  • [131030] Lee Sun Kyun is cast as the Main Lead Actor for Miss Korea 
  • [131104] Lee Mi Sook is cast as the Beauty Queen Maker
  • [131108] Lee Ki Woo joins Miss Korea as the bad guy 
  • [131109] Jewelry's Kim Yewon is cast as the best friend of Miss Korea 
  • [131108] First Script Reading at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan 
  • [131204] Trailer 1 Released 
  • [131211] Trailer 2 Released 
  • [131215] Trailer 3 Released
  • [131218] Episode 1 Released
  • [131219] Episode 2 released
  • [131225] Episode 3 released
  • [131226] Episode 4 released
  • [140101] Episode 5 released 
  • [140102] Episode 6 released 
  • [140108] Episode 7 released 
  • [140109] Episode 8 released
  • [140115] Episode 9 released
  • [140116] Episode 10 released  
  • [140122] Episode 11 released  
  • [140123] Episode 12 released
  • [140129] Episode 13 released  
  • [140130] Episode 14 released  
  • [140205] Episode 15 released  
  • [140206] Episode 16 released  
  • [140213] Episode 17 released 
  • [140219] Episode 18 released  
  • [140220] Episode 19 released (LATEST)
  • (140226) Episode 20 SOON

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  • Title Song: Moonlight
  • Artist: SHINee Onew


OST  2

  • Title Song: New World
  • Artist: Every Single Day

  • Title Song: Take My Hands
  • Artist: Every Single Day

  • Title Song: Street of Angels
  • Artist: Every Single Day

  • Title Song: Hero
  • Artist: J-Min

  • Title Song: It Happens
  • Artist: DalMoon

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class="content-title" SM C&C Hires The Services Of “Pasta” Scriptwriter For Their New Drama “Miss Korea” lordbordem October 1, 2013 20 Comments SM C&C Hires The Services Of “Pasta” Scriptwriter For Their New Drama “Miss Korea”

Kim Gura has previously mentioned that SM Entertainment’s drama production left a bit to be desired, but as the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, then keep trying. SM Entertainment‘s non-music division, SM C&C, certainly seems to agree with this mindset with reports coming out that SM C&C is preparing to produce a new drama set to air in December. Reports are also stating that SM C&C has got some formidable staff members lined up to man this new drama.

According to reports being published on October 1, it has been revealed that SM C&C is currently producing a drama called “Miss Korea” that is set to air in December. This would be SM’s first drama in a year and a half, with their previous drama project being “To The Beautiful You.” The new drama will also bring together the staff combination from the hit MBC drama “Pasta,” with director Kwon Suk Jang (who directed ‘Pasta,” “My Princess,” and ”Golden Time”) teaming up once with “Pasta” script writer Seo Sook Hyang.

There is, however, something a bit more interesting about this arrangement in that script writer Seo Sook Hyang has also acquired shares in SM C&C. SM C&C explains that while the two parties were in the process of signing a contract for her writing services, she decided to acquire shares in SM C&C as she agreed with the vision growth potential in the company, along with a desire to solidify her relationship with the company. We will be providing further details about this new project as we hear about it.


© 2013 Soompi Inc. All Rights Reserved

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reading the topic >> first thing pops up in my mind is LEE HYORI 
if it is gonna be by December , it is strange no yet revealed starring list the actors and actresses !! 
and if it is SM , if no idols like in TTBY , would it be someone from A Gentleman Dignity cast ? as many of them sugned with SM ! 
lets wait and see ^^ 

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From Dramabeans:

DRAMA CASTING & NEWSPasta team returns with new drama Miss Koreaby girlfriday | October 8, 2013 | 17 Comments


New drama alert: MBC is lining up its winter Wednesday-Thursday drama, helmed by the PD-writer team behind Pasta. It’s called Miss Korea, and it’s about a group of neighborhood ajusshis who set out to turn a young lady from their small town into the next Miss Korea. Why am I picturing a group of grumpy ajusshis swathed in glitter and why is it awesome? The new drama is set to come around in December after Medical Top Team, and so far Lee Sung-min (Golden Time) has signed on to play one of the members of Team Beauty Queen.

It’s not surprising that he’s joining the project, since it’ll be the fourth time he’s teaming up with PD Kwon Seok-jang of Golden Time, My Princess, and Pasta. Writer Seo Sook-hyang has since penned Romance Town, and will be reuniting with her Pasta cohorts. It sounds like a fun idea, mostly because of the misfit ajusshi thing and the strangeness of them as stage moms in the pageant circuit.

The make-or-break-it element will really be the actress they cast as the future beauty queen, since she’ll have to be believably normal to some degree. I’m assuming we’ll have an ugly duckling makeover transformation (in fact it’s basically a makeover sequence AS a drama), but I can see it taking more than one montage if they go for a Miss Congenialitytype of deal. We’ll have to wait for more story details to find out the why behind the town’s efforts to turn this girl into Miss Korea, but I can see My Princess’s fluffy charm working for a drama like this.

Miss Korea will follow Medical Top Team in December.

Via Star News

Is there any other actor or actress rumored? I hope they cast someone amazing for the lead girl  :((
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Guest eeldeerlove


Actor Lee Sung Min is confirmed to join the upcoming MBC drama ‘Miss Korea’.

This is not the first time that Lee Sung Min will be working with PD Kwon Suk Jang. They worked together in past dramas such as Golden Time, My Princess and Pasta. It is also the second time working with Seo Suk Hyang, the writer of Pasta.

‘Miss Korea’ is about a group of men who struggle to help a young woman in their neighborhood to win the ‘Miss Korea’ beauty pageant.

It is set to air on December and takes over the Wed-Thu slot of ‘Medical Top Team’.

Источник: http://dramabucks.com/drama/lee-sung-min-to-join-mbc-miss-korea/

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Guest eeldeerlove

Lee Yeon-hee courted to become Miss Korea


Read more: http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/10/lee-yeon-hee-courted-to-become-miss-korea/

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