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[Upcoming Chinese Drama] My Sweet City 甜蜜都市


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On her weibo blog Zhang Xinyi mentions having filmed 800 scenes already which are now being edited. Supposedly post-production work will be done in South Korea where they have better facilities. A Chinese newspaper mentioned that broadcasts may not begin until May 2014. Two Chinese cable networks, ZJS TV and Dragon TV, are interested in broadcasting this drama in China. The South Korean production company, CJ E&M, is in charge of marketing it to countries outside of China. 

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The latest production stills show domestic scenes between Zhang Xinyi and Henry Lau and scenes of Zhang Xinyi meeting with Lu Fangsheng. Chinese netizens have been hotly debating whether Zhang Xinyi's character is better off with the older man or with the younger man.

(Photo from Netease Entertainment)
(Photo from hunantv.com)

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class="entry-title" itemprop="name" style="margin: 0px 0px 15px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: 40px; color: rgb(54, 54, 54); text-rendering: optimizelegibility; font-size: 30px;"Henry Works Part-Time at McDonald’s?

Henry Super Junior

Super Junior M’s Henry

Super Junior M’s Henry is working part-time at a fast food restaurant?

Henry posted on his Twitter and Weibo, on November 28, a photo of himself wearing a red uniform. He also posted a message along with the photo saying:

I am tired these days. I am currently working part time at McDonald’s ㅠㅠ If you come to McDonald’s, I will give you a drink for free -3-
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

However, Henry doesn’t plan to quit his singing career in order to work at McDonald’s. The scenes are actually from his upcoming drama, ‘My Sweet City‘, a Chinese drama where he plays the lead character.

Read more: http://asiaotaku.com/henry-works-part-time-at-mcdonalds/#ixzz2mA5S3LEM

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In an interview about the filming of My Sweet City, Zhang Xinyi mentioned that Henry Lau's performance should be interesting for viewers in mainland China. Although Henry is Chinese, he grew up in Canada. His acting style and manner of speaking is different.
(Photo from weibo.com)

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(Photo from china.com.cn)6515885718743202527.jpg

Actresses Zhang Xinyi and Zheng Rosie were recently interviewed about their experiences working with a Korean film crew for My Sweet City. Zhang Xinyi plays Wu Su-wei, the central character and Zheng Rosie plays Nina, the heroine's best friend.
Zhang Xinyi and Zheng Rosie both lamented that they were not able to use foundation makeup because of the type of lighting used by Korean film crews. They could only wear a thin layer of makeup (nothing more than "BB cream").
The actresses have recently worked on post-production "dubbing" where dialog is recorded in a studio to match the scenes which were filmed.

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Thanks, @LavelyShai
I have been searching mainland China news sources. They still expect the drama to begin airing in May. There are at least three Chinese cable networks bidding on the broadcast rights.
Zhang Xinyi told some stories about working with Henry Lau. She said she was nervous because she never played a "cougar" type of woman before. She also realized how strict and rigorous the Korean director is when he yelled at Henry for being a few minutes late and keeping the production crew waiting.

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Actress Zheng Rosie, who plays Nina, the central character's best friend has been gaining more recognition. She has appeared in several recent Chinese television dramas and has completed filming a new drama Shenzen Roommate Diaries. She talked to Shenzen News recently about her recent acting experiences. In My Sweet City her character Nina is the most intense and troubled of the three female leads. Playing the role was challenging for her.
(Photo from Shenzen News)3405906159201530682.jpg

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Guest omgitsanna

I don't know... I'm not a big fan of older woman with young man. But I like her so I will wait and see how it goes. And because Henry is going to play as the main lead.

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omaygawwdd i loveeed henry style theree~~ will he dressed like that for this drama? looking forward for it :D

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Zhang Xinyi filmed another television drama before filming My Sweet City. The other drama will begin broadcast on June 26. My Sweet City is rumored to begin broadcast in August.

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