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[Drama 2013 - 2014] Prime Minister and I 총리와 나


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'SOUND OF MUSIC' Remaketumblr_mwdteolqoh1sgbev5o1_1280.jpgtumblr_mwzn16czua1sg2018o3_r1_500.png
Prime Minister and I총리와 나 (Chongriwa Na)
Also known as: Prime Minister is Dating
Network: KBS2Official Website: PrimeMinister



Company: SM C&CDirector: Lee So Yeon
Writers: Kim Eun Hee & Yoon Eun Kyung
Producer: Lee Myung Han
Episodes: 17Release Date: December 9, 2013Airtime: Mondays and Tuesdays | 22:00 KSTGenre: Romantic comedyPreceded by: Marry Him If You Dare

PlotPrime Minister Kwon Yool (Lee Beom-Soo) works well at his office, but he struggles to raise his three children alone. Nam Da-Jung (Yoona) is a reporter full of enthusiasm at work, but she always ends up missing big scoops. Nam Da-Jung comes to Kwon Yool and his three kids like a Christmas present.

Source: AsianWiki

Lee Bum Soo as Prime Minister Kwon Yooltumblr_mwzdipF1Ds1sg2018o9_1280.jpg

Im YoonA as Reporter Nam Da Jungtumblr_mwzdipF1Ds1sg2018o6_1280.jpg

Yoon Shi Yoon as Kang In Hotumblr_mwzdipF1Ds1sg2018o4_1280.jpg

Chae Jung An as Seo Hye Jootumblr_mwzdipF1Ds1sg2018o3_1280.jpg

Ryu Jin as Strategy and Economy Minister Park Joon Kitumblr_mwzdipF1Ds1sg2018o1_1280.jpg
Prime Minister's Children:tumblr_mwzn16czua1sg2018o7_r1_400.jpg Choi Soo Han as Woo Ritumblr_mwzn16czua1sg2018o8_r1_400.jpg Jeon Min Seo as Na Ratumblr_mwzn16czua1sg2018o9_r1_400.jpg Lee Do Hyun as Man Se

Extended Castsubcast_02_03.jpg Lee Min Ho as Reporter Park Hee Chulsubcast_02_01.jpg Lee Han Wie as Nam Yu Sik
subcast_05_01.jpg Yoon Hae Young as Na Yoon Hee
subcast_01_05.jpg Lee Young Bum as Shim Sung Ilsubcast_02_02.jpg Choi Duk Moon as Go Dal Pyosubcast_02_04.jpg Min Sung Wook as Byun Woo Jaesubcast_01_04.jpg Jeon Won Ju as Na Yong Sun



Script Reading [131022]Prime-Minister-and-I-scriptreading.jpg

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Press Conference [131204]311220012712.jpg
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Long Preview11 (Version 2) | 23 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16
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Part 1tumblr_mz81w5O5ly1sg2018o1_500.jpg
1. "Steps 발걸음" - Taemin
2. "Steps 발걸음 (Ins)" - TaeminRelease Date: January 7, 2014Audio
Part 2
1. "I Love You to Death 죽을 만큼 사랑하라" - Yoon Gun (윤건)2. "I Love You to Death 죽을 만큼 사랑하라 (Band Ver.)" - Yoon Gun (윤건)3. "I Love You to Death 죽을 만큼 사랑하라 (Ins.)" - Yoon Gun (윤건)
Release Date: January 22, 2014AudioBand Version
Part 3
1. "Sweet Lies 다정한 거짓말" - Barberettes (바버렛츠)2. "Sweet Lies 다정한 거짓말 (Ins.)" - Barberettes (바버렛츠)Release Date: January 29, 2014Audio
Source: DramaWiki and Siryx Cerioli @ YouTube
OSTs by Various Artists: LINK | LINK | Information
Source: BUBBLEFEETMUSIC @ YouTube and dlkpopalbum

Ratings Nationwide(AGB Nielsen Korea)
[20131209] Episode 1 - 5.9%
[20131210] Episode 2 - 5.4%[20131216] Episode 3 - 7.3%
[20131217] Episode 4 - 6.5%
[20131223] Episode 5 - 5.9%
[20131224] Episode 6 - 5.7%
[20131230] Episode 7 - 8.9%
[20140106] Episode 8 - 7.3%
[20140107] Episode 9 - 7.3%
[20140113] Episode 10 - 6.9%
[20140114] Episode 11 - 6.5%
[20140120] Episode 12 - 6.1%
[20140121] Episode 13 - 6.0%
[20140127] Episode 14 - 5.5%
[20140128] Episode 15 - 6.1%
[20140203] Episode 16 - 4.9%
[20140204] Episode 17 - 6.1%

Source: DramaWiki

Awards(2013 KBS Drama Awards)

Excellence Actress for Miniseries - Im YoonABest Couple Awards - Lee Bum Soo and Im YoonA

LinksViki | DramaFever

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class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 26px; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.4em; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Girls’ Generation YoonA and Lee Bum Soo Reviewing Lead Roles in New Drama “Prime Minister and I”crystalcove September 10, 2013 

Now this is some interesting casting news! Actor Lee Bum Soo and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA are in talks to lead a new KBS drama “Prime Minister and I.”

“Prime Minister and I ,” to be written by Kim Eun Hee,  is described as the Korean version of the famous story “Sound of Music.” It will follow the love story between a prime minister and a governess who in the past gave up her dream to become a musical actress.

This drama is being produced by SM C&C, the subsidiary of YoonA’s agency SM Entertainment, which might explains YoonA’s possible casting. 

Lee Bum Soo’s reps have stated that the actor is merely reviewing the role; nothing has been decided yet. The actor is currently busy filming the movie “God’s Trick.”

Lee Bum Soo was born in 1970 and YoonA in 1990, meaning there is 20-year age gap between them if the casting happens. While the original “Sound of Music” story also depicts a large age-gap, what do you think guys? Too much? Or does age not matter as long as there is chemistry?

Soompi News

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Lee Bum Soo and Yoona are positively reviewing new KBS2 Drama Prime Minister and I

Lee Bum Soo and Yoona are in talks as leads for the newest Mondays-Tuesdays KBS2 Drama “Prime Minister and I“, Korean version of The Sound of Music. Some news reported that Lee Bum Soo has verbally accepted the offer. He will be portraying a cool & charismatic Prime Minister who is in his 40s.

If Yoona accepts the offer, she’ll be playing as the private tutor who works at the Prime Minister’s House, probably as a private tutor for the Prime Minister’s children.

I honestly can’t imagine the chemistry between them, especially with their 20 years gap; but I will reserve my judgement until I see their on-screen chemistry.

This drama will be penned by scriptwriters Yoon Eun Kyung (Take Care of the Young Lady) and  Kim Eun Hee (Ghost, Sign). It premieres after The Future Choice, so will likely to broadcast its first episode in December 2013.

Cr: Nate
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class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 18px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', 'Nimbus Sans L', sans-serif; font-weight: 300; line-height: 1.62em; vertical-align: baseline; letter-spacing: 1px; overflow: hidden; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Lee Beom Soo and Yoona in ‘Prime Minister and I’leebeomsoo_yoona_drama.jpg

Lee Beom Soo (IRIS 2) and Yoona (Love Rain) are reportedly being offered the lead roles in KBS’ new drama The Prime Minister and I.


The drama is based on the musical “The Sound of Music” where it follows a charismatic prime minister (Lee Beom Soo) and the female tutor (Yoona) who enters his household. (I don’t remember Christopher Plummer being all too charismatic in the film, but he sure was a looker. Anyways…) I wonder if this means they will sing in the drama, because that would be kind of awesome.

The two actors are reportedly “carefully considering the role” and nothing is definite yet. What’s really attracting a lot of attention is the age difference between them – he’s 43, and she’s 23. (1970 to 1990. A round 20 years.) To put it into some perspective he’s old enough to be her father, and she could be closer in age to her pupil (assuming that she’ll be tutoring Lee’s daughter). In addition, the age gap between Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews was six years.

The age gap here is quite glaring for me, because no matter how charming and lively Lee Beom Soo is, Yoona looks so much like a kid next to him. She’s not a terrible actress out of all the idols-turned-actors out there, but Love Rain left such a bitter taste in my mouth. She had some chemistry with Jang Geun Suk, but I think he was the one who tried harder. Yoona is great at being feisty and perky, but it might come off as quite shallow when she’s going up against the likes of Lee Beom Soo’s talent.

Things might change with the casting, though both are strong candidates for the role. The drama is set to air in December after Mi Rae’s Choice. Man… that drama didn’t even air yet and we’re already planning the next batch of dramas!

sources: newsensports seoul


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Posted by Clockwatcher 



Hmm. Hmm.


To be fair, I’ve never seen YoonA in anything so there’s that. But doesn’t this news just make you go “Hmm?”

SNSD’s YoonA has been offered the lead in the upcoming drama Prime Minister and I which is based onThe Sound Of Music. The title makes me think of The King and I. It appears to be written by Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Kyung of Winter Sonata and My Fair Lady fame.

If accepted, YoonA will play the role of a private tutor who works for the prime minister who might be played by Lee Bum Soo. Both are positively reviewing their offers. Some reports state that Lee Bum Soo has already confirmed his appearance.

With a twenty-year age difference, one wonders why the tutor couldn’t be a woman in her thirties. And with an actor like Lee Bum Soo, why not an actress with more experience? But to be fair – about the age difference – while Christopher Plummer isn’t significantly older than Julie Andrews, I think it’s fair to say that Captain von Trapp (with his 16-going-on-17 year-old child) is significantly older that Maria the nun-wannabe.

With The Suspicious Housekeeper and now this, could we be moving away from ghosts to dramas about older men and their governesses?

Lee Bum Soo was last seen in Iris 2 while YoonA’s last drama was Love Rain.

This Prime Minister and I is scheduled to air in December after The Future Choice on KBS 2.

Sources: Sports SeoulNewsen


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YoonA and Lee Bum Soo in talks for new KBS 2TV drama 'Prime Minister and I'

Girls' Generation's YoonA and Lee Bum Soo are in talks to return to the small screen through new KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama 'Prime Minister and I'!
Lee Bum Soo's agency HB Entertainment stated, "Lee Bum Soo received the casting offer for 'Prime Minister and I'." SM Entertainment also revealed that nothing has been confirmed, stating, "[YoonA] has only received the casting offer so far."
'Prime Minister and I' will portray the story that unfolds after a private tutor starts working at the home of the prime minister. Lee Bum Soo is in talks for the prime minister role while YoonA may be taking on the role of the tutor. If confirmed, all eyes will be watching to see what kind of teamwork they'll put on and how well they'll be able to overcome their 20 year age difference.
This production is set to air in December following upcoming drama 'The Future Choice', but in the meantime, stay tuned for updates regarding their confirmation!

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Lee Bum Soo and YoonA in talks for “Prime Minister and I”

Actor Lee Bum Soo and Girls’ Generation member Yoona are being offered to appear as leading cast for new KBS2 drama, “Prime Minister and I”.
On September 11th, according to various media reports, Lee Bum Soo received an offer for casting and he is positively considering the role as the Prime Minister. SM Entainment also told the media that Yoona received the casting but no confirmation on her part yet.
“Prime Minister and I” is a story of a private tutor who works at the home of a Prime Minister. It is likely the Korean version of “The Sound of Music”. If Yoona will accept the offer, she will play the role of a private tutor.
It is set to air on December following the upcoming Mon-Tue drama, “Future’s Choice”.

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Well i love Lee Bum Soo,loved him in Giant and Iris 2(wanted him to win)but i think Yoona is not the best choice here...the age gap it's quite visible,it would been much more good if a older actress took the role...but oh well,since this drama it's from SM i doubt they will cut her off...It's funny that se always picks dramas with older leading male

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Yoona offered lead role on KBS drama


Yoona of K-pop group Girls' Generation may expand her acting resume by taking the lead role in a new TV drama on KBS, slated to begin in December, according to yesterday's local media reports.

Tentatively titled "The Prime Minister and I", the series is being called a Korean "Sound of Music", depicting a young governess who comes to the prime minister's house to work.

If Yoona accepts the offer, she will be playing the governess. The prime minister will reportedly be played by Lee Beom-soo of KBS drama "IRIS 2".

Due to the age gap between the two lead characters, many industry observers are curious about how producers will handle this story. Lee was born in 1970 while Yoona was born in 1990. 

However, Yoona's agency, SM Entertainment, is reportedly being cautious about commenting on the offer.

"Although it is true that Yoona was offered the role, nothing has been confirmed yet", said an official at the agency, according to local reports.

"We need to conclusively check Yoona's personal arrangements, as well as the schedule for Girls' Generation, before making a decision".

By Lee Sun-min

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Twent years is a big age gap, especially in a culture that seems as obsessed with age as Korea. In a society where women are talked about as "aging" or "getting older"  when they're approaching thirty this series is taking a risk with a gap of this size. It can work though, if the actors gel and more importantly if the writers do a good job. A romantic relationship between a mature woman in her early twenties and a youthfully-minded man in his early 40s is feasible, but it is definitely a challenge to stereotypes and to the skill of everyone involved in defeating those preconceptions. 

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Guest minminsarang

@StaRix I commend your good intention to start this topic but @Rebby states in the K-Dramas & Movies subforum rules that "no new drama thread shall be created till either a. drama's press conference / prayer ceremony is held or b. official homepage / poster for the drama is available. c. at least 3 confirmed cast."

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@minminsarangI'm sorry that I created this thread too early. I thought it would be okay since other thread also started early. But I know I should've just sticked with the rules..Again, I apologize on my action and if this caused inconvenience on Soompi. I'll make sure this won't happen again in the future.Thanks!

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