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Kim Go Eun ♥ 김고은 ♥ 金高銀 ♥ คิมโกอึน ♥ キムゴウン - Variety Show: Sea of Hope || [Drama 2021] Yumi's Cells 유미의 세포들


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Actors and actresses of "Legendary Power" from the Korea National University of the Arts, anyone?


Alle Rea | Monday, 17 Jan 2022




Kim Go Eun, Kim Sung Chul, Lee Sang Yi / Photo: SBS.kor


The more the popularity of actors and actresses grows, the more attention is riveted to them and causes many interest in their lives. Including the lives of these actresses and actors before their careers. Like in school, auditions and so on.

One of them is the public's curiosity about the generation of legends of the Korea National University of the Arts, Class of 2010, who have now managed to become famous and recognized as Korean actresses and actors at the same time. Who are they? Come on, look here!


Kim Go Eun




Kim Go Eun debuted in the film "Eun Gyo" or another title called "Muse". This film won her many Best New Actress awards. Kim Go-eun then also debuted in the drama Cheese in the Trap, playing the role of Hong Sol, and won the Best New Actress award again.

Until now, Kim Go Eun continues to prove his existence as a talented actress with his successful work. Call it Goblin, Canola, Yumi Cell and so on.


Translation from Korean google



SBS World Movies Highlights: 17 - 23 January


South Korea, 2016




Genre: Family, Drama

Language: Korean
Director: Hong-Seung Yoon
Starring: Kim Go-eun, Youn Yuh-jung, Kim Hee-won, Shin Eun-jung, Yang Ik-june, Choi Min-ho


What's it about?


Twelve years after losing her granddaughter Hyeji (Kim Go-eun) by accident at a market, grandmother Gyechun (Kim Go-eun) and granddaughter become reunited. But things are not as smooth and perfect as they were twelve years earlier.



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Korean dramas: 15 of the most anticipated series of this 2022


2022 has just begun and it is already time to pull out the calendar and write down all the new Korean dramas preparing to devour our already scarce free time. There will be a lot of them in the coming months and what we have collected are the series that are already starting to be talked about, especially for their important cast.


After Vincenzo's incredible success, Song Joong Ki is highly anticipated with his new drama The Chaebol Family's Youngest Son where we will undoubtedly see him sporting a very elegant wardrobe again. Another expected return is that of Lee Jong Suk after the military break. Not to mention the television transposition of the Pachinko novel produced by Apple TV +. But all female dramas like Thirty Nine and Little Women are also very intrigued, ready to field actresses of great fame and talent.


Unusually, this 2022 will also be the year of the second seasons. The Good Detective, Yumi's Cell, The Tale of the Nine Tailed and then Squid Game and D.P. they will return to our screens to continue their stories. In short, the dish is very rich. Ready to jot down the new titles on your calendars?


Here are 15 of the most anticipated Korean dramas of this 2022:


Little Women




The most anticipated dramas of 2022: Little Women
Produced by TvN
Where will we see it: ??
Exit date: ??


It is the exciting story of three very close sisters, who grew up in difficult economic conditions, who are involved in a serious accident and face the richest family in the nation. Kim Go Eun (Goblin) plays older sister Oh In Joo, who wants to protect her family with money. Raised in extreme poverty, her only dream was to live as well as other normal people, but a serious accident completely disrupts her life. Nam Ji Hyun (Suspicious Partner) is the second sister, Oh In Kyung, a journalist who doesn't want to bow to money and always aims to do what's right. Park Ji Hu (All of us are dead) is Oh In Hye, the youngest and often feels overwhelmed by the love of her older sisters who work hard for her. Also in the cast Wi Ha Joon (Squid Game).


Translation from italian google






She didn't cry loudly, but her eyes spoke. Meanwhile i cry like a riverLoudly crying face Kim Go Eun


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Korean Actresses Who Gave Stellar Performances In 2021


Jan 23, 2022
by binahearts


The year 2021 brought us K-drama lovers so much joy, pain, and healing. Through all the massive hits and plethora of K-dramas that aired this past year, it’s really no surprise that so many actresses delivered great performances. It was one of the best years yet as all the talented queens gave it their all in their respective roles. Here are 17 of those actresses.

Disclaimer: Actresses whose K-dramas aired in December 2021 were not included. Also, this list is in no particular order... 


11. Kim Go Eun in “Yumi’s Cells”




Kim Go Eun has established a name for herself as being one of the best in the industry. Having started her career by accident as she followed her friend to an acting audition, she has proven time and time again that she has a natural talent for acting. This past year, viewers had the pleasure of seeing her star as the very realistic and relatable Yumi in “Yumi’s Cells.” Kim Go Eun was able to effectively show the emotions of an ordinary woman who struggles with expressing how she feels and the journey she goes on while finding her one true love.



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Korean movie beauties live up to their temper when they wear expensive watches


January 25, 2022


Not all Korean movie beauties have the opportunity to wear high-end watch models for promotional photos. Because in addition to the existing reputation, they must also have an aura that matches the spirit of the elite brand. Then, when they got the opportunity to shoot advertisements for high-end watches, these excellent beauties still had a fairly significant difference in temperament and display skills. Follow me to learn about it from the article below... 


Kim Go Eun




Kim Go Eun is one of CHANEL's "acquaintances" in the country of kimchi and even participated in an advertising campaign for the watch line of this elite brand. So just by mentioning Kim Go Eun's name, anyone can imagine her superiority with this accessory.




In Kim Go Eun, I see the perfect balance between the individuality and power of expensive watches, as well as the bright personality of today's youth. It's like Song Hye Kyo + Gong Hyo Jin mixed and matched with the Yumi's Cells star herself. In this area in particular, I think Kim Go Eun should be called the best in the Korean film industry as well as in the Korean entertainment industry today.


Translation from Vietnamese google

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Actress Kim Go-eun to star in upcoming tvN drama series 'Little Women'


January 27, 2022




From left, actress Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hoo and Wi Ha-jun will feature as the protagonists in upcoming tvN drama series ″Little Women." [TVN]

Actress Kim Go-eun will feature in one of the lead roles in the upcoming tvN drama series “Little Women," according to the cable channel Thursday.

Actress Kim, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hu and Wi Ha-jun will appear in the series. The narrative centers around three sisters who, despite going through financial hardships, have matured while supporting each other and have to face one of the most powerful families in the country.

Produced by Studio Dragon, screenwriter Jung Seo-kyung behind films “The Handmaiden” (2016) and “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” (2005) and producer Kim Hee-won behind hit series “Vincenzo” (2021) are collaborating on the series.

Kim will play the eldest sister Oh In-joo who wants to protect her family. Nam will portray the second eldest sister Oh In-kyung who does not believe money is the answer to all of their problems. Park will portray the youngest sister Oh In-hye who is often overwhelmed by love and the protectiveness of her two sisters.

Wi will feature as competent consultant Choi Do-il and will be romantically involved with Kim.

BY LEE JAE-LIM [lee.jaelim@joongang.co.kr]



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Ggone went on a shopping date with Rose. And her celebrity friends all left comments under her post.

Woo Do Hwan aka Unbreakable Sword  just commented Grinning face with smiling eyesGrinning face with smiling eyesGrinning face with smiling eyes

Is this another inside joke?


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Kim Go-eun updated photos of her visiting a department store with a luxury bag, getting BLACKPINK Rosé to comment


Hachi120721 hours agoLast Updated: January 28, 2022 Less than a minute
Actress Kim Go-eun shared her daily life moment.
On January 28th, Kim Go-eun posted 3 photos on her Instagram and left 2 emoticons in her caption. The released photos showed Kim Go-eun wearing a Chanel bag and posing in front of a department store. Seeing her update, BLACKPINK Rosé left a comment, saying, “Did you succeed?”. Kim Yong-ji also said, “Aigoo, you went such a long way, unnie”.






Meanwhile, Kim Go-eun recently confirmed her appearance in tvN’s new drama “Little Women”. “Little Women” tells the story of 3 sisters who grew up relying on each other to overcome financial difficulties facing the most powerful family in Korea.



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The series on TV-3 with Gong Yoo “Immortal. Romantic Spell: Premiere Date Announced!


By Happy Jea- 01/28/2022




The Russian channel TV-3 announced the official date of the premiere of the series “Immortal. Romantic curse.

Before the announcement of the premiere date, an action was held on the channel's official VK account. Netizens needed to kindle a candle with a secret message - write as many comments as possible. As a result, the post gained more than two thousand messages, a lot of likes and reposts.

So, the official Russian premiere of the series “Immortal. Romantic spell” will take place on February 11 at 19:30.

On the series page on the TV-3 website, viewers can find interesting information about the upcoming premiere, as well as watch promotional videos.

We wish the project good luck!




Translation from Russian google

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“Kim Go Eun who plays ‘Oh In-joo' who wants to protect her family with money. Grew up in extreme poverty, realized early on that money is her protector. In front of her, whose dream was to live as much as others, where an event that shakes her entire life takes place.”





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This is How Choi Ji Woo, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Go Eun Ring the Lunar New Year 2022




BY Geca Wills Feb 02, 2022 

Korean stars like Kim Go Eun, Lee Kwang Soo and Choi Ji Woo celebrated Lunar New Year 2022 in style.

The trio took to social media and updated their million followers as they rang the year with heartfelt greetings.


Kim Go Eun Celebrates Lunar New Year 2022 Over a Scrumptious Dinner

The "Goblin" star showed a glimpse of her life outside the glitz and glam of showbiz as she spent the holiday with her loved ones.

Although she didn't mention who she is with, it is safe to say that she had a fun time and enjoyed celebrating another year with special people.

On Kim Go Eun's Instagram story, she posted a photo showing her 5 million followers how she spent the holiday --and that is through devouring various traditional foods.




Kim Go Eun
(Photo : Kim Go Eun Instagram Story)

The 30-year-old beauty is set to headline "Yumi's Cells" season 2 and reprise her role as the office girl Kim Yumi.

In the much-awaited sequel, she will be with GOT7's Jinyoung as Yoo Bobby, Yoo Bobby, Park Ji Hyun and Ahn Bo Hyun, who played her ex-boyfriend Goo Woong.

In addition, she will also star in "Little Women," playing the eldest sibling Oh In Joo.

Kim Go Eun will be alongside "Squid Game" actor Wi Ha Joon, Nam Ji Hyun and "All of Us Are Dead" star Park Ji Hoo.



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12 Heart-Fluttering K-Drama Couples We Love Then and Now


February 03, 2022


K-dramas remain as South Korea’s most consumed cultural content export according to the study titled, Global Hallyu Trends 2021 by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, and its continued success is attributed to two factors: solid and well-structured storylines; and attractive actors. And we couldn’t agree more. 


Through the years, the Korean entertainment industry has been consistently giving us the most out-of-the-box storylines one could ever imagine. South Korean actors, writers, directors and producers are incredibly talented too, and as proof are several prestigious international awards that they have earned in recent years including the Oscar’s, Golden Globe and Cannes. On top of this, they seem to be exceptionally good at casting actors, and where the romance genre is concerned, they almost always come up with the most swoon-inducing pairs to grace the screens... 


While the list of notable Korean drama couples goes on, we have selected 12 of our all-time favourites in no particular order. Help yourselves and fall in love with them all over again.


9. Lee Gon and Jeong Tae-eul, "The King: Eternal Monarch" (2020)




Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun fans, relax! We acknowledge that many of you are rooting for Lee Min-ho-Park Shin-ye, Lee Min-ho-Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Min-ho-Son Ye-jin, Kim Go-eun-Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun-Ahn Bo-hyun, and so on and so forth. We can't blame you, after all, both are such versatile actors who would look awesome with anyone they are paired with, no matter the age or race. However, it was utterly difficult to move on from Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) and Jeong Tae-ul's (Kim Go-Eun) playful and blush-inducing romantic stint in The King: Eternal Monarch, which spans across two parallel worlds.


And if it's true that Kim Go-eun is the first lady to appear on Lee Min-ho's Instagram account, well, that says a lot.



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