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Kim Go Eun ♥ 김고은 ♥ 金高銀 ♥ คิมโกอึน ♥ キムゴウン - Variety Show: Sea of Hope || [Drama 2021] Yumi's Cells 유미의 세포들


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August 9, 2015

Kim Go Eun Is an Innocent Beauty With a Sexy Twist for High Cut



Kim Go Eun, who has recently made a comeback with the movie “Memories of the Sword,” showed off her innocent but also sexy charms for High Cut magazine.

In the pictorial that was revealed, the beautiful actress poses for the camera with very little makeup and comfortable clothes. She is also shown lazing around in bed and enjoying the summer sun for a very natural, Sunday afternoon concept shoot.


In the interview that took place after the pictorial, Kim Go Eun talked about her new movie, “Memories of the Sword.” She said, “There were about 80 shoots in total, and every single time, I was on wires. There wasn’t a single day without an action scene. I trained until I couldn’t breathe anymore. But because I went through this process, I was able to get to the point where I could act even in the midst of all the action.”

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun’s full pictorial can be found on the August issue of High Cut, which was released on August 6.


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August 9, 2015

Kim Go Eun "It would be difficult to act if I was obsessed with being pretty"

Source: Xportsnews via Hancinema.net

Kim Go-eun had a day off. She was featured in the style magazine High Cut.

She stood in front of the camera without make-up and in comfortable clothes to make it look like a Sunday morning. She's seen relaxing in bed and enjoying the morning sun next to the window.

Kim Go-eun talked about the movie "Memories of the Sword".

"We shot about 80 scenes and I was in a wire in one of them. There wasn't a day without action. I trained until I was out of breath. Thanks to this process, I have come to a point where I can do action and act at the same time".

Kim Go-eun- has ecently been cast in the upcoming tvN drama, "Cheese in the Trap".

In the movie "Memories of the Sword", "Coin Locker Girl" and "Monster - Movie", she acted out a rough and isolated character in extreme conditions.

"I think it's stressful to think that you have to be pretty. I never had to be pretty in the movies but once I start being obsessed about being pretty that's when acting becomes difficult".

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August 12, 2015

‘Memories of the Sword’ took 11 years to fully develop


Park Heung-sik, director of “Memories of the Sword,” said Wednesday that the lack of swordswomen heroines in Korea pushed him to make the upcoming film, despite difficulties. 

In an interview with local media, Park said he spent a total of 11 years in bringing his brainchild to life on the silver screen -- six years to fully develop the idea and three years to write the scenario. 

The filming itself only took five months. But Park faced another problem. Due to a scandal involving one of lead actors, he had to delay the release of the film for nearly a year.

Yet his confidence in his work remains strong. “We spent the extra time perfecting the cuts and edits,” he said. 

Park said he wanted people to see how women can dominate in a movie with swords in hand. 

“I hope there will come a day when strong women will be seen as ‘admirable’ not ‘difficult,’” he said. 

“Memories of the Sword” portrays a power struggle between three swordsmen who are bound by vengeance. The film will hit the cinemas nationwide on Thursday.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com)

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August 12, 2015

‘Memories of the Sword’ to show in North American theaters

(“Memories of the Sword”/Well Go USA)

By Tae Hong The Korea Times US

South Korean film “Memories of the Sword,” headlined by A-listers Lee Byung-hun and Jeon Do-yeon, will make its way to North American theaters Aug. 28, distributor Well Go USA announced Wednesday.

The film will show in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Hawaii, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, New Jersey, San Diego, Las Vegas, Toronto and Vancouver.

Directed by Park Heung-sik (“Children of Heaven”), the period thriller follows deceit and betrayal among three warriors in the age of a corrupt empire.

The pic stars Lee as swordsman leader Deok-gi, Jeon as blinded warrior Seol-rang and up-and-coming actress Kim Go-eun as Hong-ee.

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August 12, 2015

[North America] Well Go USA Presents "Memories of the Sword"

Source: Hancinema,net l Well Go USA


Well Go USA Presents "Memories of the Sword" in theaters August 28th!

Cities : New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Hawaii, Dallas, Washington D.C., Atlanta, New Jersey, Detroit, Houston, San Diego, Las Vegas, Toronto, Vancouver, with more cities TBA


As the greed and excess of a corrupt Monarchy threatens to destroy the once-glorious Goryeo Dynasty, three legendary warriors lead a revolt to overthrow the empire and save its people. But when deceit and betrayal costs the life of a master swordsman, a plot for justice and revenge is set into motion, raging for decades between the two survivors.

From the director of "Kids From Heaven" and starring Lee Byung-hun ("The Good, the Bad, the Weird", TERMINATOR GENISYS), Memories of the Sword is a lavish epic that blends tragic historical drama with thrilling swordplay and martial arts.

Director: Park Heung-sik

Cast: Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Go-eun

Genre: Action & Adventure, Foreign

Sub Genre: Martial Arts

Run Time: 121 Min

Theatrical Date: Aug 28, 2015

Original Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Official US website : MemoriesOfTheSword.com 

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August 13, 2015

Cannes Queen Jeon Do-yeon vs. Kim Go-eun in “Memories of the Sword”

Source: KOFICE


In the upcoming movie “Memories of the Sword,” Cannes queen Jeon Do-yeon meets rising star Kim Go-eun. It’s the late Goryeo Dynasty, when the sword means power. The betrayal of a man who once dreamed of the throne and the two swords aimed at him 18 years later. “Memories of the Sword” is an action blockbuster that follows the fate of three swordsmen. The movie is garnering attention for bringing Cannes queen Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun on the same screen. We look at the behind-the-scene story of the two actresses.

The meeting between Chungmuro’s heroine Jeon Do-yeon and rising superstar Kim Go-eun goes back to the young actress’s debut “A Muse.” Jeon Do-yeon paid a surprise visit to the filming site of “A Muse” and gave advice to the then rookie Kim Go-eun to help her shine brighter on the screen.

Two years later, Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun met again in “Memories of the Sword.” The two actresses formed a tight bond as they trained hard at an action school six months prior to the first shoot. The veteran actress explained that Kim Go-eun is flexible while she is more powerful, bringing different action skills to the movie. The two actresses completed each other on the set and created beautiful and elegant action scenes that only they could pull off.  

Furthermore, Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun brought out the best of each other. When Kim Go-eun saw how Jeon Do-yeon was handling both the physical and mental demands of her first role as a swordsman, she said, “After seeing how she completed the difficult scenes so gracefully, I couldn’t complain a word.” Jeon Do-yeon also praised Kim Go-eun for fulfilling her role with passion, and said that the young actress could well be her friendly rival. 
Check out the explosive synergy between Cannes actress Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun in the movie “Memories of the Sword” coming to theaters on August 13.  

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Published on August 17, 2015 by ARIRANG K-POP


The sword had authoritarian rule of the era at the end of the Goryeo dynasty. Three different swords confronted one another! Korea’s top actors Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun are back through a Korean martial arts film. Take a look and learn more about their new movie ″Memories of the Sword”

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Main actress of ‘Cheese in the trap’ Kim Go-eun becomes model for cosmetics brand

다운로드 (18)


Main actress of ‘Cheese in the trap’ Kim Go-eun becomes model for cosmetics brand  

Actress Kim Go-eun was chosen as a model for Labiotte, a naturalism cosmetics brand launched on August.

Kim Go-eun having an unrivaled presence amongst actresses in their twenties through films and dramas, is also extending her activities to cosmetics industry by chosen as a muse for ‘Labiotte’.

Labiotte is a natural cosmestical brand with functionality and extracts from clean resources in France.



A Labiotte official said, “Kim Go-eun has Labiotte’s beauty value. Her skin would match Labiotte skin care line containing clean nature. Therefore, she is expected to deliver our brand value well”.

Meanwhile, Kim Go-eun is cast in ‘Cheese in the trap’ and ready for it.




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August 20, 2015

Going deep in ‘Memories’
Young star explores character growth in new martial arts film

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

20075823.jpg Kim Go-eun. Provided by Studio 706

She has a young face, but on it she is capable of conveying deep sadness and pain.

Perhaps that’s why actress Kim Go-eun has been able to pull off such complex roles in the past and in “Memories of the Sword,” which opened in theaters just last week.

Since her unforgettable debut in “Eungyo” (2012), in which she played a high school girl who becomes the sexual fascination of a 70-year-old poet, the 24-year-old has taken parts in rather dark movies.

And along the way, she has emerged as one of the most sought-after actresses in the Korean film industry.

Asked about how she hopes to age as an actress, Kim said she wishes to age “naturally and go with the flow.” She added that she wants to live and also perform accordingly in the right roles for her age.

Here is an edited excerpt of her recent interview with the JoongAng Ilbo, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily.

Q. It’s been a long time since Koreans saw a Korean-made martial arts film.

A. Yes. But I’m very familiar with martial arts films. That’s because for 10 years from 1994, I lived in China. During those years, I saw a lot of martial arts films, like “Swordsman II” (1992).

You seemed very comfortable performing martial arts movements.

I guess it’s because of my background in dancing. I tried my best to accentuate the lines and curves as much as possible because I wanted my action moves to be like dancing.

Your character, Hong-yi, requires a wide spectrum of emotions, as she’s at first an innocent young girl but turns into a vengeful woman after losing her parents.

Yes, and I interpreted it as her growth. In the initial scenes, Hong-yi is very simple. She plays with her friends, is happy when she wins a martial arts competition, gets frustrated when she’s ignored. But once she learns about her enemy, she wanders around and goes through emotional turmoil. Growth is about that, I think: going through various emotions.

Since your debut in “Eungyo,” you already made four films. How much did you grow?

I don’t think it’s a good thing to grow fast. I’d like to grow naturally and take on roles according to my age. I was lucky that I played roles that were my age [at that time].

You’ve always worked with such veteran actors: Park Hae-il in “Eungyo” and Kim Hye-soo in “Coin Locker Girl.”

You are right. And whenever I work with those amazing actors, I feel like their colors get absorbed in me. I feel like I’m a blank, white paper and their colors - green, red and black - get painted on me. They had different colors, but they had one thing in common: they all treated me as equals and respected me. I think it’s because they’ve all been where I am, so they understand.

You seem to have a filmography that actors your age would envy. Do you care about ticket admissions or how successful the films are?

I always prepare for the worst. For instance, when I chose to work on “Eungyo,” I prepared myself in case it totally failed. I think imagining the worst-possible scenario helped me get through hard times as I took part in the film. I’m also preparing for the worst for my upcoming work, “Cheese in the Trap.” If you do that, you’ve got nothing to lose. Isn’t that quite good? (Laughs)

BY JANG SEONG-RAN [hkim@joongang.co.kr]

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