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Kim Go Eun ♥ 김고은 ♥ 金高銀 ♥ คิมโกอึน ♥ キムゴウン - Variety Show: Sea of Hope || [Drama 2021] Yumi's Cells 유미의 세포들


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August 5, 2015

‘Memories of the Sword’ Coming Soon

Source: BNTNews


[by Woorim Ahn] Movie ‘Memories of the Sword’ held its press showing session at Konkuk Lotte Cinema in Kwangjin-gu, Seoul on August 5. 

The film is the story of a man’s betrayal who once dreamed to be a king in Goryeo Dynasty and two swords’ story after 18 years. Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Go Eun, 2PM Junho, Lee Kyung Young, Kim Tae Woo and others appeared. Lee Byung Hun couldn’t attend the event due to his schedule conflict. 

Meanwhile, ‘Memories of the Sword’ will hit the theaters on August 13. (photo by bntnews DB)

Source: Nate (credit as stated on image)







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Kim Go-eun-I, a fan of "Cheese in the Trap" 


Actress Kim Go-eun-I talked about the new tvN drama "Cheese in the Trap".

Media Day was held on the 5th with appearances by director Park Heung-sik, actresses Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Go-eun-I, and actor Kim Yeong-min. 

Kim Go-eun-I said, "I have been a fan of "Cheese in the Trap" since the original. I don't worry much about anything once I decide to go through with something". 

"Cheese in the Trap" is based in an elite university and is about the many happenings of Yoo Jeong (Park Hae-jin) who has everything from looks to brains to wealth, Hong Seol, his junior at school and Baek In-ho, a free spirited man. 

Kim Go-eun-I claimed producer Lee Yoon-jeong as her motive and said, ""Coffee Prince" is the drama of my life. I watched it from beginning to end endless of times. I've always wanted to work with Lee Yoon-jeong". 

Kim has been going all out in action movies from "Memories of the Sword" "Monster - Movie" and "Coin Locker Girl". She says, "I want to try something I can do only this age now". 

Meanwhile, "Memories of the Sword" is a movie about a man who dreamt of being king at the end of the Koryeo era when the sword soon meant power starring Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Go-eun-I and Lee Joon-ho. The movie comes out on the 13th of August. 


source: http://tr.im/6MosX

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The review from the media screening are coming out. Not quite getting the rave, unfortunately. Nothing wrong with the actors but somehow the execution of the plot doesn't really meet the expectation of a martial arts movie. Hopefully the viewers will still like the actors' performances and undoubtedly, the stunning visuals.


August 7, 2015

Memories’ purely a visual feast

The martial arts flick focuses more on drama than it does on action

BY JIN EUN-SOO [jin.eunsoo@joongang.co.kr] INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily07002407.jpg

Hong-yi (Kim Go-eun), left, and Wol-so (Jeon Do-yeon) confront each other in the upcoming film “Memories of the Sword.” Provided by Lotte Entertainment

The upcoming “Memories of the Sword” is in many ways the type of experimental film that would be overlooked by a Korean director.

Set in the turbulent final years of the Goryeo Dynasty (912-1392), an unusual era to be shown on the silver screen, it also ventures into the expansive field of martial arts films, which has been considered the realm of Chinese or Hong Kong cinema.

“I wanted to take my cinematic ability to the next level,” said director Park Heung-sik during a press screening event on Wednesday at Lotte Cinema in Gwangjin District, eastern Seoul. 

He has crafted a number of notable drama films such as “I Wish I Had a Wife” (2001) and “My Mother, the Mermaid” (2004), but it is his first time trying out an action movie.

The film largely revolves around the poignant relationship and heartbreaking fate of three swordsmen - Yu-baek (Lee Byung-hun), Wol-so (Jeon Do-yeon) and Hong-yi (Kim Go-eun) - who are destined to kill each other.

Yu-baek and Wol-so, both of whom are skilled swordsmen, used to love each other very much, vowing to use their special set of skills to make the world into a better place, along with Yu-baek’s older brother Pung-cheon (Bae Soo-bin).

However, Yu-baek, who has always been the ambitious dreamer of the group, suddenly betrays the others and becomes a member of the royal court.

For the next 18 years, Yu-baek cunningly plots his way up the social ladder, while Wol-so, who has gone blind, keeps a low profile and waits to one day take revenge on her former beloved. 

Young girl Hong-yi, who was left an orphan when she was a baby, also waits for the day when she can get back at the assailants who killed her parents.

In order to compensate for the complicated relationships, the film utilizes a number of flashbacks to explain each of the characters’ pasts.

While it is not certain whether the explanations are thorough enough to lay out why they are targeting each other, they seem even more frivolous once they start to hinder the film’s flow.

In terms of martial arts, also, many scenes cannot improve on the martial arts masterpieces from Hong Kong and China like “Hero” (2002) and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (2000). 

The three protagonists precisely perform the choreographed action sequences, most of which take place up in the air. While a round of applause should be given to the actors for pulling off so many wire scenes where they soar through fields of white flowers and fly between bamboo stalks, these scenarios are something that we have seen before. 

Park admitted that the drama is the core element of the film, not the action.

“Growing up, I have seen many martial arts movies from China and Hong Kong, but I tried to differentiate my film by showing really dense emotion,” said Park. 

“It is as if I used action sequences as a means to deliver the emotions,” he added.

Realizing his intentions, many action sequences were filmed in slow-motion, which at some points maximizes the film’s visual aesthetics, but at other times takes away from the thrill and tension that are supposed to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. 

Choosing between showing splashy action scenes and depicting the tragic fates of the protagonists, Park definitely went with the latter. 

However, the loose links connecting the triangular relationship ultimately make the viewer wonder: Wait, what are they fighting for?

“Memories of the Sword,” opens nationwide on Thursday.

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News anchor Sohn Suk-hee falls for Kim Go-eun-I's glamor 


Kim Go-eun-I, Hong-seol in 'Memories of the Sword' appeared on the August 6th show of JTBC 'News Room', had an interview with anchor Sohn Suk-hee. Since she debuted through movie 'A Muse', 2012, she swept various new actress awards and has emerged as a hopeful talent on Chungmu-ro. She later established the exceptional filmography including "Monster", 2012, and "Coin Locker Girl". Her outstanding performances have brought her to the position representing actresses in their 20s. Especially, for her role in "Coin Locker Girl", which was released in last April, she was in spotlinght by being invited to Cannes International Film Festival. She will meet movie fans again through the blockbuster film, 'Memories of the Sword' this summer. On this day, anchor Sohn Suk-hee spoke about his first impression on Kim Go-eun-I, who was the youngest guest to the news show so far, "You look just like a female employee I encounter often at our company. You look somewhat plain for an actress". However, at the end of the interview, Sohn Suk-hee revealed his favorable opinion, "At the opening today, I told you that you looked plain like office employees. I was wrong. You sure do have glamours sides as an actress. I'll keep watching your activities from now on". 'Memories of the Sword' depicts betrayal by a man, set in the end of Goryeo era, when swords meant power, and two swords aiming at him 18 years later. It is a period action drama telling you about the inevitable destinies of the three swordsmen, who had different goals. Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Go-eun-I, Junho (2PM) and others star in the movie. Director Park Heung-sik of 'Mommy, Dearest', 'My Mother, the Mermaid' 'I Wish I Had a Wife' directed the film. The film will be released on August 13th.

Source: Hancinema http://tr.im/bODvH


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August 7, 2015

Review: MEMORIES OF THE SWORD, Remembering Better Sword Fighting Flicks

Pierce Conran TwitchFilm

The wild card in the quartet of major Korean releases scheduled for this year's high summer season (alongside Assassination, Veteran and The Beauty Inside), the star-driven period spectacle Memories Of The Sword proves to be a perplexing experience with jarring tone shifts and unclear aims. Not even Lee Byung-hun and Jeon Do-yeon, two of Korea's most dependable stars, can rise above the material, while newcomer Kim Go-eun is an awkward anchor to the film's emotional heft.

Rebels Seol-rang and Yu-baek used to fight side by side, until Yu-baek kills their leader Poong-chun and sides with the throne. Seol-rang escapes with Poong-chun's infant child and, after losing her sight, rears her to become a warrior. 18 years later, the young Hong-hee, who seeks to avenge the death of her parents, accidentally crosses paths with the now all-powerful Yu-baek.

Rather than the grounded and epic action film that was sold in its trailers, the film actually features extensive wirework and a twee sense of humor. This all becomes clear in the opening scene that features a tittering Kim Go-eun gleefully hopping over a 20-foot sunflower.

Memories Of The Sword apes a number of swordplay films, paying particular heed to the wuxia classics of its neighbouring China/Hong Kong. Warriors glide up bamboo stalks, albeit far less gracefully than in Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) and wear (symbolically) monochromatic garments while engaged in the dramatic stand-offs reminiscent of Zhang Yimou's epics Hero (2002) and House Of Flying Daggers (2004). Sadly, the mysticism that complements the fanciful physics of those films is replaced here by trite melodrama.

For a film that aspires for to be grand and heroic, Memories Of The Sword, lacking in broad geography and rarely straying from the relational dynamics of its central trio, feels oddly small and inert. As far as we can tell, during their 18-year absence, Seol-rang and Hong-hee have been near the King's palace the whole time and we spend no time with characters who aren't warriors or within the King's inner circle.

Thus, perhaps a little predictably, the film is overly reliant on the emotional cross sections of its three protagonists, but even their stories aren't given enough definition to stand out. Compounding this issue are the performances, with cast members who feel as though they're acting in completely different films. Given the usually steady hand of Park Heung-sik on the director's reins, a filmmaker known for efficient dramas such as those he previously made with Jeon (I Wish I Had A Wife [2001], My Mother, The Mermaid [2004]), the vapidness on display here is particularly disconcerting.

Of the main cast, it is actually superstar Lee who acquits himself the best, even though he isn't really given much to work with. He's played similar roles, not to mention a king in 2012's Masquerade, and affords an appropriate steeliness to his antagonist. Jeon infuses her trademark tough vulnerability to the film's dramatic points but alas is completely unconvincing as a warrior, though the blame here should be levelled at direction and choreography. Meanwhile, starlet Kim, who impressed many in her debut Eungyo (2012), proves erratic in the central role. Her performance is similar to her previous dud Monster, but thankfully she has shown a vast improvement in this year's Coin Locker Girl, which was shot after Memories Of The Sword.

Beyond wuxia films, Park's epic owes much to Lee Myung-se's Duelist (2005) and Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill (2003). Though rather than inspiration, Memories Of The Sword almost draws entire set pieces from them, down to production and shot design. Alas, the action on display is poorly choreographed and very busily edited, either cutting incessantly to mask a lack of dynamism or using longer shots that are filled with 300-style speed ramping, in addition to some horizontal panning and very quick and jarring crash zooms.

Memories Of The Sword never really knows what it wants to be and as presented, viewers will have a tough time acclimating to its disjointed style. Given the strong pedigree behind and in front of the camera, it's sad to be left with such a disappointment, as it feels the project was rushed to production (though not to theaters following Lee Byung-hun's very public scandals in Korea), perhaps in order to capitalize on the enormous popularity of period fare hat kicked off a few years ago in the country.

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