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Kim Go Eun ♥ 김고은 ♥ 金高銀 ♥ คิมโกอึน ♥ キムゴウン - Upcoming Movie: Hero Upcoming Drama 2021: Yumi's Cells

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On 11/8/2020 at 2:37 PM, nina_mitrokhina 5misnina said:

How wonderful that the friendship of the TKEM team is strong and loyal! I am so happy after these IG photos and yesterday's concert that it's hard to put into words!!!


Completely agree with you! TKEM cast is really special to my heart.. I know Gonie always keeps her friendship with he rprevious co-stars.. she's seen with LDW, GY, all the gank from movie "sunset in my hometown".. But seeing her interactions with WoDoHwan in IG is giving me warm feelings.. before this picture came, WoDoHwan replied to her comment on his IG about asking her to cook the spicy braised chicken.. is it the one on the table?? So Gonie actually cooked for them, eh? AWWWWWW.. they are very close then.. My heart.. 





PS: Does anyone here have link to the english-sub of Untact?? and pls dont forget to rewatch and rewatch and rewatch.. we should get 10 million viewers soon! they promised us a duet of KIm Go Eun and the DIrector Kim, with Kim Joo Heun serenading his guitar !! Trio Kim hahaha... 




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Name: 김고은 / Kim Go Eun Profession: Actress Birth date: 1991-Jul-02  Birthplace: South Korea Height: 167 cm Star sign: Cancer Talent agency: BH Entertainment / Naver Official Instagram

hai everyone.. you have all your favorite language information at your fingertips, all in. hence, everyone can watch full movie "UNTACT" on youtube.  "UNTACT" short film by award-winning writer a

hai everyone.. if you want to make someone fall in love with you, one of the first thing you should do is to look into their eyes. KIM GO EUN is one of the best at finding the sweet spot between pre

This is my absolute fav. I prefer her version than the original. Her voice is so full of emotions and every time I hear it I get so emotional. Hope Untact reaches 10M soon and we will get to see her singing Live.

@YoyoyoI didn't know anything about SK other than BTS(that also just the name, not any songs) till this past FEB. I watched a couple of K-dramas but CLOY is my gateway drama. I was so into HB and RIRI couple and CLOY was being compared to Goblin in every article being published that time. It piqued my interest and made me watch Goblin. After that there was no looking back and I fell in love with KGE, my first time stanning an actress. Till this date, Goblin is my no.1 drama. 

@MinGoLoveShe was looking cute like a baby in the first transformation IG pics. 

Its very hard to maintain bangs, especially micro bangs and from her second IG pics it felt like she was having a hard time doing it. Even in the photo with her friend, she has tucked all that into her cap( She was looking adorb in that one with that gummy smile). Its difficult to have different styles with such short bangs unlike the longer bangs that I really like her in.

I like how humble and unpretentious she is. She always maintains a close relationship with her co-stars, both with her seniors and juniors even after the end of her projects. They also adores her and always supports her projects. Its very hard to do that especially considering the industry they are in. WDH and Ggone's open interaction in IG is actually refreshing. I have seen most of the stars keep away from doing it 'cos of fear of rumors. Its actually heartwarming to see KYJ,KKN,WDH and KGE can do it without any caution. I hope their friendship continues throughout their lives.

@nina_mitrokhina 5misnina @MinGoLoveI really wish they at least release a Hero trailer with her in it. I just want to see her onscreen. Now the only hope is SBS awards. I hope and pray she wins Best actress award.

@nina_mitrokhina 5misninathat drawing of hers is absolutely beautiful. :fullofhearts:

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Ms.sunshine, thanks for the kind words! Let's wait and hope that in the future, the creative destiny of Kim Go Eun and her friends from TKEM and Goblin will be successful. Perhaps in the near future there will be a new commercial for "Hero", where we will finally see what the heroine of Kim Go Eun looks like. On the web, I only saw a photo of her in a kimono, but, unfortunately, it turned out to be a photomontage. I would like to see the real video and hear Go Eun singing in this musical. She has such a gentle and charming voice!
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Wow, Arjenias how are you guys feeling? We thought we have to wait till Untact to reach 10M views for us to hear her singing. What a surprise!! This year been really amazing, first King- a global hit drama, then Untact a successful relevant short film about the current pandemic, the historical musical film Hero is going to release by Jan and now a MV, Comeover (Journey). She's versatile indeed. I hope she gets featured in the MV as well.:transforms:

This is another gem from Ggone. Look how shy she is, such an adorable baby. She can take singing as a profession if she could overcome the shyness. She has such a soothing voice.


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hai everyone..
if you want to make someone fall in love with you, one of the first thing you should do is to look into their eyes. KIM GO EUN is one of the best at finding the sweet spot between prestige work and mainstream accessibility. :D as referred to GO EUN SSI's fans twitter, these tweets are the great 

complements to her. let's have a look here at the tweets from twitter given by @TeamGoeun it been trending big time. there's no question that GO EUN SSI stars in is a hit and is award-winning in many ways. she's the most lovable, I’ve ever experienced in her "UNTACT" short film, an example of character immersion of significant distinction. I'm patiently awaiting her back on screen for her next big hit film and drama. besides that, her greatest performance in previous and next project, we hope it leads to an award. I believe we know something good will come her way soon and in return our way too. let's support GO EUN SSI for the fact that she's good at what she does. :D


Ryan Gosling Lol GIF


we'll have these moments to remember. :D




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Henry talks about asking Kim Go Eun, Park Na Rae, Park Joon Hyung, Jun Hyun Moo, Jessi, & more to feature in his song 'Come Over'



On November 18, Henry held an online press conference in light of the release of his 3rd mini album 'Journey'!

On this day, Henry talked about a unique track from his mini album, "Come Over". The song has a total of 7 different featuring artists, including GRAY, Kim Go Eun, Park Na Rae, Park Joon Hyung, Jun Hyun Moo, Jessi, and Han Hye Jin!

Henry said, "Because of COVID19, I was home all the time. While writing songs, I thought, what kind of song should I make? I wanted to have my friends over. So then I thought, how about I include my friends' voices? But there were too many friends I wanted to have over. So I called all of them one by one. They were super excited. Na Rae noona said she was happy to feature, and Jessi noona said, 'Why me? When should I send it to you by?'. Hyun Moo hyung said, 'Make my part pop out as much as possible. Don't delete any of it'. I'm thankful that all of these people helped me out."

He then added on, "Please listen to the song and try to guess whose voice it is!".

Meanwhile, Henry's 3rd mini album 'Journey' will be out in just a few more hours, on November 18 at 6 PM KST!



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Kim Go Eun, beautiful and lovable humor that grew even in everyday life


Actress Kim Go Eun has shared a current photo in her daily life.

On the morning of the 17th, Kim Go Eun posted a photo on her Instagram:




In the published photo, Kim Go Eun is focused on her computer screen. You can see that she leads a humble daily life with her natural hairstyle. However, fans admire her beautiful looks.




Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun made her debut in the 2012 film Muse, and later appeared in dramas Trapped Cheese, Goblin, and Your Song. She has also acted on screen, appearing in the movies Monster, Chinatown, Woman, Knife Memory, Bunsang and Liu Yeol's Music Album, as well as her latest SBS drama Friday Saturday: " King: Lord of Eternity ".


Google translation




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