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Name: 김고은 / Kim Go Eun Profession: Actress Birth date: 1991-Jul-02  Birthplace: South Korea Height: 167 cm Star sign: Cancer Talent agency: BH Entertainment / Naver Official Instagram

hai everyone.. you have all your favorite language information at your fingertips, all in. hence, everyone can watch full movie "UNTACT" on youtube.  "UNTACT" short film by award-winning writer a

hai everyone.. if you want to make someone fall in love with you, one of the first thing you should do is to look into their eyes. KIM GO EUN is one of the best at finding the sweet spot between pre

Kim Go-eun Recalls Difficulties in Latest Film

Kim Go-eun

Actress Kim Go-eun gave her all in her latest film "Memories of the Sword," which was released last week.

"My body was aching all the time," Kim recalled. "There were so many scenes I had to be in. Nobody was mistreating me or anything, but I cried several times due to the burden of the role I played."

Kim even suffered minor injuries, as the periodical film includes not only a sword but jam-packed martial arts. "I didn't feel the pain of injury when shooting the film, but later on, my body hurt so much and I realized that I really like acting that much."

Having debuted in 2012 with "A Muse," which catapulted her from obscurity to fame with the controversial role of the film which revolves around an affair between a poet in his 70s and a teenage school girl, Kim has expanded her acting scope by starring in a couple of films including "Monster" and "Coin Locker Girl."

"I started acting just because I like acting itself, so I still feel awkward when people recognize me on the street," she said. "I don't expect so much fame, and I just want to keep doing what I like to do and I think I've been on the right track so far."

Kim said the experience has helped her grow.

"I know there will be tough times ahead but I think this experience will give me strength when facing difficulties," she said




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August 25, 2015

Choi Ji Woo, Kim Go Eun, Jeong Ryeo Won all on tvN

Source: TV Report via Hancinema.net


All actresses and writers are gathering to tvN. They are all coming back with cable. They chose work over viewing percentage. They have been thirsty for quality and this time they held hands for a better filmography. It's a rush of actresses in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Kim Go-eun is back with "Cheese in the Trap", Jeong Ryeo-won with "Bubble Gum" and Choi Ji-woo with "Twenty Again". Who will be the one to laugh?

- Choi Ji-woo in her 40s – she might be lovelier than a 20-year-old

She's back. She's attempting at the best character ever. She is a mother with a 20-year-old son and a wife of a professor as well as a freshman of 2015. She has to play 3 roles.

Choi Ji-woo is starring in her first cable drama. Her character gets pregnant at the age of 19 and becomes a mother. She then decides to go to school at the age of 38.

Ha No-ra (Choi Ji-woo) has the spirit of an old lady and is pure and innocent. We can trust her with the melodrama. She opened the doors to Hallyu with "Stairway to Heaven" and "Winter Sonata" and has earned the title, 'Melo-queen'. She also appealed as a bright and cheerful character in the tvN show "Three Meals A Day".

"Twenty Again" also signals the comeback of writer So Hyeon-kyeong. She wrote "My Daughter Seo-yeong", "Prosecutor Princess", "Shining Inheritance" and more. She opened up a second chance to many with her work and this time she's going to create synergy with Choi Ji-woo.

- Jeong Ryeo-won in her 30s – Will she relive the honor of "Nine"? Jeong Ryeo-won is coming back with "Bubble Gum".

"Bubble Gum" is a grown-up fairytale with the message that if people worked together to fill each others' hollowness everyone would become happier. Jeong Ryeo-won plays Kim Heng-ah, a radio producer who is best friends with hospital director Park Ri-hwan (Lee Dong-wook).

They previously starred in the 2003 sitcom "Live Right" and have reunited for the first time in 12 years.

Kim Go-eun in her 20s – high expectations, high pressure 20

It's been a tough competition. Kim Go-eun was lucky to have landed a role in the new tvN drama "Cheese in the Trap" and not her competitor, Suzy. However, it's too early to be happy.

With only four months left until the first episode is on air, the attention for the drama is appalling. The original "Cheese in the Trap" is famous enough to bring about a fuss with every episode. Kim Go-eun plays Hong Seol, a junior to mysterious Yoo Jeong, played by Park Hae-jin.

With the demand for the original so high, everyone is waiting to see how they make the drama. While fans of the original say that Park Hae-jin is a perfect match to the role of Yoo Jeong, about Kim Go-eun they say, 'we'll wait and see'.

Kim Go-eun appeared in 2012 with the movie "A Muse" and has been doing well since then but this time it won't be easy. Kim Go-eun is going to have to work especially hard to earn the favor of the original fans. 

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August 26, 2015

Cable channel dramas to star top actresses

(YG Entertainment, KeyEast, OSEN)

Top Korean actresses are returning to the small screen via cable channel tvN with their eyes set on strengthening their filmography. 

“Winter Sonata” actress Choi Ji-woo is leading the pack with her role in the upcoming Friday-Saturday show, “Second 20s,” which is to start on Aug. 28. 

Actress Jung Ryeo-won follows with “Bubble Gum,” which is set to launch on Oct. 26. 

High-flying rookie Kim Go-eun is trailing behind with her role in “Cheese in the Trap,” set to air in December. 

The actresses in question are said to have enough talent to impact their age groups; Choi for those in their 40s, Jung for 30s and Kim for 20s. 

In “Second 20s,” Choi plays middle-aged Ha No-ra, a character who enrolls in a university as a freshman alongside her son, where time virtually rewinds for her as she tackles the college drama head on. Choi’s last small screen work was with SBS’ “Seduction“ last year.

“Bubble Gum” centers upon an adult fairy tale, featuring Jung as a radio producer. Jung will reunite with actor Lee Dong-wook, with whom she had worked in the 2003 SBS sitcom “Do the Right Thing.” Jung’s latest drama was MBC’s “Medical Top Team.”

Kim vied against girl group Miss A’s Suzy to win the female lead part in “Cheese in the Trap,” adapted from a Web-based cartoon. The tvN drama will be Kim’s first small screen work. 

Kim debuted with in the critically acclaimed Korean film “Eun-Gyo” in 2012, and since then has solidified her standing by starring in a host of movies including this year’s award-winning “Coin Locker Girl.” 

By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com)

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August 26, 2015

Five Facts About Rising Star Kim Go Eun

BY Adrienne Stanley | KDramaStars.com


Kim Go Eun will transition from 'Memories of the Sword' to lead the cast of 'Cheese in the Trap.' 

Kim Go Eun is poised to become one of the most talked about stars in Korean entertainment. An accomplished actress who was directly recruited from her college drama program, Kim currently stars in the period film, "Memories of the Sword."

Her noteworthy performance in the sword fighting film has drawn attention from audiences who were familiar with the actress, who previously starred in acclaimed movies like "Monster" and "Coin Locker Girl." 

In 2016, she will lead the cast of the highly anticipated drama, "Cheese in the Trap." While she is virtually unknown by international drama fans, she is set to make her mark with television audiences through "Cheese in the Trap." Until then, here are more facts about one of the brightest rising stars in Korean entertainment, Kim Go Eun.

1. She is not afraid to appear in controversial roles.  

The 24-year-old actress has taken on controversial film roles, including her critically-acclaimed debut in "A Muse." For "A Muse," the then 21-year-old ingenue embraced the role of a 17-year-old high schooler who tempts a 70-year-old author and his adult student.

2. Kim Go Eun has starred with top actors like Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Ki. 

Kim followed "A Muse" with a two-year hiatus before portraying a developmentally delayed woman in "Monster." In "Monster," she appeared opposite Lee Min Ki, whose bone-chilling portrayal of a serial killer added depth to her nuanced acting. She currently stars with Lee Byung Hun in "Memories of the Sword." 

3. Her last film, "Coin Locker Girl," was recognized at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

She followed "Monster" with the critically-acclaimed film, "Coin Locker Girl." "Coin Locker Girl" was recognized by industry leaders at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, where it screened as part of International Critic's Week. 

For the role, Kim Go Eun abandoned her conventional beauty to embrace Il Young, a tomboy who was charged with the task of performing horrific jobs at the order of her adoptive mother. 

4. Her breakout role led to several Best New Actress Awards. 

Kim Go Eun was the recipient of several top awards for "A Muse" including Best New Actress at the 32nd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards and the Star Asia Rising Star Award at the 2013 New York Asian Film Festival. 

5. Kim Go Eun beat out top actresses and acting idols including Suzy for the role of Hong Seol in "Cheese in the Trap." 

The role of Hong Seol in "Cheese in the Trap" was highly debated by both K-Drama and webtoon fans. Following several disappointing webtoon adaptations, audiences took to social media to criticize the potential casting of top stars like Suzy in "Cheese in the Trap." However, the final casting of Kim Go Eun was met with praise by those who were critical of previous choices for the beloved character, Hong Seol. 

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August 26, 2015

The Hong-yi Games

The acting is better than the swordplay in Memories of the Sword.

by Kristian Lin Fort Worth Weekly


Memories of the Sword Starring Kim Go-eun, Lee Byung-hun, and Jeon Do-yeon. Directed by Park Heung-sik. Written by Park Heung-sik and Choi Ah-reum. Not rated.

The same week that The Diary of a Teenage Girl expands to Tarrant County (see above review), another teen movie hits our theaters. It’s called Memories of the Sword, and even though it’s somewhat derivative, this attractive and well-acted South Korean film is the sort of the martial-arts adventure that fans of the genre (or moviegoers freaked out by the idea that teenage girls have sex) might be more comfortable with.

The highly convoluted plot is set roughly 1,000 years ago, where Hong-yi (Kim Go-eun) is as carefree as any girl can be who’s training to kill two specific people. She’s crushed when Sul-rang (Jeon Do-yeon), the blind woman who has raised her, reveals that she herself is one of her targets. Years ago, Sul-rang and her lover Duk-gi (Lee Byung-hun) led a popular uprising, only to betray their cause and murder Hong-yi’s real parents. Now the girl has to avenge them by killing the woman she thinks of as her mother, plus a man who’s an immensely skilled fighter and the head of the country’s military.

You can easily see the influences at work with director/co-writer Park Heung-sik. The swordfighters flying through the air recall Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, individual fight sequences are heavily influenced by scenes from the Kill Bill movies, and the historical pageantry and sumptuous costumes are reminiscent of Zhang Yimou’s Hero and House of Flying Daggers. The only time Park achieves the fluidity of those films is during the climactic sequence when Hong-yi stages a singlehanded assault on a heavily guarded castle. That almost compensates for the howler of a plot development when one character, having been run through with a sword, is cured by … acupuncture! Wow, those medieval Korean acupuncturists must have been really good.

Fortunately, this film has some of the best actors South Korea has to offer. Lee has shown off his fighting skills in Hollywood movies like Red 2 and Terminator Genisys. Here, he also gets to project streaks of sadism and thwarted love in his villain, and he’s particularly menacing in a scene when this traitor turns on his new boss and shows his true colors to an impotently spluttering king (Kim Tae-woo). Conversely, Jeon is better known as a dramatic actress — if you haven’t seen her soul-cleaving performance in Secret Sunshine, you need to — but she looks quite credible whether she’s handling a sword or playing the guilt-ridden teacher bringing retribution down on herself. Lee Kyeong-yeong contributes some badly needed comic relief as an old swordmaster who tutors our heroine to fulfill her mission. A lead actress needs a powerful presence to hold up in this company, and the relative newcomer Kim Go-eun is more than equal to the task, whether she’s slicing her way through the royal guard or getting drunk at a bar after discovering her family secret. These actors keep Memories of the Sword watchable and give us faith that we’ll see them in better projects.

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"The Advocate : A missing body" Lee Seon-gyoon and Kim Go-eun-I


"The Advocate : A missing body" co-stars Lee Seon-gyoon and Kim Go-eun-I have many anticipating their teamwork.

"The Advocate : A missing body" is about a skilled lawyer, whose ego is stepped on, in a case where there's a suspect but no body or evidence.

Lee Seon-gyoon has worked well with any actress he co-stars with. He worked with Kong Hyo-jin in "Pasta", and Im Soo-jeong in "Everything about my Wife". He also played Moon-ho in the movie "Helpless", a man who searched far and wide for his missing fiancé Kim Min-hee.

Kim Go-eun-I is working with Lee Seon-gyoon this time.

She's been acknowledged for her performance in various movies like "Monster - Movie" and "Coin Locker Girl". She's recently been cast for the drama "Cheese in the Trap".

She plays Jin Seon-min, a passionate lawyer and this is her first specialist role in a movie.

Jin Seon-min takes on the same case as Byeon Ho-seong (Lee Seon-gyoon) and they act like Tom and Jerry but there is a hint of intimacy between them.

In reality, Lee Seon-gyoon and Kim Go-eun-I are from the same university. Lee Seon-gyoon said, "I know why Kim Go-eun-I is so wanted everywhere. She's very sincere about acting and has a high level of concentration".

Kim Go-eun-I said, "I've been a great fan since "Coffee Prince". He's a very likeable actor and very passionate". "The Advocate : A missing body" comes out on the 8th of October.



Source:  http://tr.im/cNuqp


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September 9, 2015

Kim Go Eun Walks In With A Beautiful Smile

Source: BNTNews


[by Woorim Ahn, photo by Hwang Ji Eun] Movie ‘Angry Lawyer’ held its production conference at Apgujeong CGV in Gangnam, Seoul on September 9.

It is a story of ace attorney Byun Ho Sung gets in a rumor that he fabricated the evidence of his case. Lee Sun Kyun, Kim Go Eun, Lim Won Hee, Jang Hyun Sung, Kim Yoon Hye and others appear in it.

Meanwhile, ‘Angry Lawyer’ hit the theaters on October 8. (photo by bntnews DB)


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October 6. 2015

Asia’s hottest young stars on casting board in Busan

Film festival strengthens casting market with A-list lineup

BUSAN -- Kim Woo-bin, Kim Go-eun, Mark Chao, Sandrine Pinna, Takeru Satoh and Masami Nagasawa -- the hottest rising stars from Korea, Chinese-speaking countries and Japan -- sat onstage together Monday at BEXCO in Busan.

The unlikely gathering of young A-listers was for “Casting Board,” a new event added to the schedule for this year’s Asian Film Market, part of the ongoing Busan International Film Festival. 

The six actors chosen for this year’s Casting Board speak to industry insiders and press at BEXCO on Monday. From left: Kim Woo-bin, Kim Go-eun, Mark Chao, Sandrine Pinna, Takeru Satoh, Masami Nagasawa. (BIFF)

“We are so glad to present Casting Board and Curtain Call, an expansion of last year’s pilot casting market,” said Susan Chae, a member of the Asian Film Market Committee. According to Chae, this expansion of the AFM “reflects the rapid rise of the Asian market in the global film industry, and an increase in cooperative multinational projects.” 

Casting Board is an opportunity for industry insiders to meet the top rising stars in the Korean, Chinese-language and Japanese markets, and explore opportunities for casting them in multinational projects. It is simultaneously translated into Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

“I want to work in more countries and (with) more writers and directors. It would be great to work with them,” said Sandrine Pinna, a Taiwanese actress who starred in “Touch of the Light.”

Her sentiment was echoed by all the stars onstage.

“I wouldn’t dare to name a particular director I want to work with in the future,” said Kim Woo-bin, star of TV dramas like “The Heirs” and this year’s comedy hit film “Twenty.” “I hope to work with a variety of directors.” 

Kim Go-eun, who has been building up an eclectic filmography with movies like 2012’s “Eun-gyo” and this year’s “Coin Locker Girl,” said that she was eyeing China. 

“I can speak Chinese, so it will be easier,” she said. The actress lived for 10 years, most of her childhood, in Beijing. Pinna, who said that she was a fan of Korean dramas and had visited various filming locations on personal trips to Korea, said that she hoped to participate in projects in Korea.

Actor Song Kang-ho is honored at this year’s Curtain Call event at BEXCO on Monday. (BIFF)

The event was followed by Curtain Call, another new event which chooses one actor in Asia to honor for their contributions to the film industry both in their home country and abroad. This year, the honoree was Song Kang-ho of “Snowpiercer” (2013) and the current box-office hit “The Throne.” 

The first-ever Casting Board and Curtain Call didn’t go completely smoothly, with some sound and video issues as well as awkward silences that the host, film critic Oh Dong-jin, struggled to fill. Still, it was an interesting new attempt by the Asian Film Market, which also expanded its reach this year by adding an entertainment intellectual property market.

The 20th Busan International Film Festival runs until Oct. 10.

By Won Ho-jung (hjwon@heraldcorp.com)

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October 24, 2015

Kim Go-eun to do duet with Shin Seung-hun

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


Actress Kim Go-eun has turned out to be singer-songwriter Shin Seung-hun’s muse. 

Shin’s agency, Dorothy Company, uploaded a post to its official Facebook page on Friday that said, “Six days are left until the release of Shin’s new album. And we’re announcing the muse of Shin. Kim Go-eun has paired up with Shin to sing a duet song.” 

Kim, one of the busiest actresses in the film industry these days, is also known for being a good singer.

She debuted in the film scene in 2012 with “Eungyo,” and the young actress instantly stole the limelight with the controversial film, in which a 60-something professor falls in love with a high school girl next door. 

Since “Eungyo,” Kim has been appearing in various genres of film, from noir to action flicks. This year alone, Kim appeared in three films, including “Coin Locker Girl,” “Memories of the Sword” and “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” 

She is working on a new film, “Grandmother Gye-choon,” a story about a grandmother and her granddaughter who reunite after 12 years. 

Kim has also recently landed the female lead in the upcoming drama series “Cheese in the Trap,” which is based on the popular web cartoon series of the same name.    

By Sung So-young

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Well Go USA

December 1, 2015

Memories of the Sword Blu-ray    

by Webmaster Blu-ray.com

Well Go USAFrom the director of Children of Heaven and starring Lee Byung-hun (I Saw the Devil), the lavish epic Memories of the Sword will debut on Blu-ray on January 12, 2016 from Well Go USA Entertainment. The action-packed film blends tragic historical drama with thrilling swordplay and martial arts. Memories of the Sword also stars Jeon Do-yeon (Jibeuro Ganeun Gil), Kim Go-eun (Coin Locker Girl), and Lee Kyeong-yeong (War of the Arrows). 

There are no special features listed on the current press release.

As the greed and excess of a corrupt Monarchy threatens to destroy the once-glorious Goryeo Dynasty, three legendary warriors lead a revolt to overthrow the empire and save its people. But when deceit and betrayal costs the life of a master swordsman, a plot for justice and revenge is set into motion, raging for decades between the two survivors.

Memories of the Sword Blu-ray
Well Go USA | 2015 | Not rated | Jan 12, 2016 (1 Month)

Memories of the Sword (Blu-ray)

Codec: MPEG-4 AVC
Resolution: 1080p



Blu-ray Disc
Single disc (1 BD)

Region A (B, C untested)

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Kim Go Eun's pre-Hong Seol days







tv Report - Daum: 'Cheese in the Trap', A look at Kim Go Eun's transformation from 'Eungyo to Hong Seol'

1. [+520, -7] She looks so pretty when she smiles. Not only is she doing a good job as Hong Seol but she makes the character explode with so much charms

2. [+479, -49] She's so gorgeous even without double eyelids

3. [+412, -44] Hundred times prettier than plastic monsters~~ She reminds me of a puppy

4. [+195, -21] Felt like my vision instantly got better after looking at people with similar faces all this time. She's easy on the eyes

5. [+194, -27] Such a rare natural beauty in the industry ^^ She is so pretty when she smiles

6. [+121, -9] Noses of actresses lately gross me out. I love her nose

7. [+136, -26] I knew she would shoot to fame the first time I looked at her!

8. [+89, -8] She's so charming. Please never go under the knife

9. [+67, -7] I have a soft spot for actresses who didn't do surgery like Kim Go Eun and Park So Dam. Their freshness shine among plastic monsters. Kim Go Eun's acts well too. I think she can only go up from here

10. [+59, -9] I really like her natural acting in 'Cheese in the Trap'... She looks so pretty with her straightened bangs!! I guess she's full of aegyo and charms in real life too ㅎㅎㅎ





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So happy for Kim Go Eun, for the attention she's getting from Cheese in the Trap. Been a fan of this young actress since I saw her movie Monster. Since then, I've watched all her movies and actually waited and wished for her to do a drama. To be honest, I was a little adamant on Cheese in the Trap because I was not that fond of her co-stars, but after watching the first episode, I was hooked. KGE has amazing chemistry with the other actors, and they fit their roles to a tee. It's about time for the tv drama fans to see the brilliance in KGE's acting. This girl is no joke. A Jeon Do Yeon in the making. But as much as I want to see her in as many tv dramas, I don't want her to lose her premium as a film actress. She deserves to star with other seasoned film actors/actresses as well. (I would also love to see her do a movie w/ Shim Eun-kyung ala Romy & Michelle's HS Reunion. I think that would be a riot). Here's to more Kim Go Eun this 2016!  :)

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Kim Go-eun reveals her beauty secrets

Actress Kim Go-eun, who stars in popular TV drama “Cheese in the Trap,” revealed her beauty secrets in fashion magazine InStyle’s latest issue.

Kim drinks 2 liters of water every day and barley tea at the filming site to protect her throat. She sprays face mists throughout the day and puts on face oils at night to be makeup-ready the next day.




Kim Go-eun (Instyle)

When the 24-year-old actress was asked about her role model, she picked Cannes award-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon.

“When I was shooting ‘Memories of the Sword’ with her, I noticed she has many charms as an actress and a woman,” she said. “She is the one who guides me when my mind tends to be biased at times.”

More of Kim’s photos and the full interview are featured in Instyle’s February issue.





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On 1/25/2016 at 1:01 PM, coffeeboy said:

Loving her portrayal as Hong Seol in CITT. I've never been a big fan of Korean movies so this drama was a chance for me to discover this gem of an actress. Hope she continues receiving good projects in the future also.


@coffeebo, me too. I totally love her as Hong Seol in CITT.  I am in love with her character there.

I have only seen a couple of her movies. She totally captivated me in her first film, "A Muse"  aka "Eungyo," and I have also seen her in "Memories of the Sword." I do want to see more films with her, and I hope she takes on another drama too. But I want her to be choosy (as well, she can), and pick a good one again.

Hong Seol aka Kim Go Eun is fresh & innocent on pictorials for cosmetic brand LABIOTTE




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45 minutes ago, irilight said:


@coffeebo, me too. I totally love her as Hong Seol in CITT.  I am in love with her character there.

I have only seen a couple of her movies. She totally captivated me in her first film, "A Muse"  aka "Eungyo," and I have also seen her in "Memories of the Sword." I do want to see more films with her, and I hope she takes on another drama too. But I want her to be choosy (as well, she can), and pick a good one again.

Same here, i want her to continue like that. I think the best for her is to mainly do movies and from time to time choose a drama project. Making movie will give her a chance to do different genre/character  because movies are shorter and offer more diversity than dramas. Taking a drama project can boost her popularity with general public.

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  • Guest changed the title to Kim Go Eun ♥ 김고은 ♥ 金高銀 ♥ คิมโกอึน ♥ キムゴウン - Upcoming Movie: Hero Upcoming Drama 2021: Yumi's Cells

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