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[Variety] Star Diving Show "Splash" 스타 다이빙 쇼 스플래시

Guest flamingshawol

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Guest flamingshawol

Splash! is a reality television series that follows celebrities as they try to master the art of diving. The celebrities perform each week in front of a panel of judges and a live audience in an Olympic-size diving pool with the result each week partly determined by public vote. Originated from United Kingdom.


Network: MBC
Day: Friday
Time: 9:30 p.m. KST
Pilot Rating: August 23, 2013 - 8.5% (Nielsen)
PD: Sin Jeongsu
Hosts: Shin Dong Yup, Jun Hyunmoo
Participants: B1A4 Gongchan, Yang Donggeun, Kim Youngho, Oh Seungyeon, Kim Saerom, Lee Bongwon, SHINee Minho, Park Jaemin, Sam Hammington, Super Junior Kangin, EXO Tao, Sistar Soyu, Clara,
Yoonji, MIB Ojik, Zic, Lee Hoonye, Kim Donghyun, Ladies Code Rise...


Preview for August 30, 2013 Episode

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Guest flamingshawol

SHINee’s Minho to participate on “Star Diving Show Splash”


SHINee’s Minho is confirmed to participate on MBC’s new variety show, “Star Diving Show Splash”, where he will show off his athletic ability.

On July 15, MBC announced 10 panel members of the show, including SHINee’s Minho, Girls Generation’s Yuri, SISTAR’s Soyu, NS YoonG, actor Yang Dong Geun, and more.

“Star Diving Show Splash” is based on a show of the same name in the Netherlands and it has been broadcasted in more than 20 countries. The stars will be challenged with various obstacles on the diving board.

The first episode of Korean “Star Diving Show Splash” will air on August 23.

Source: ttwigo.com

Last August 23, Minho lightly injured his hand during recording of "Splash"

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Guest flamingshawol

Clara struggles through a hip injury on 'Star Diving Show Splash'

Clara spilled tears after being unable to get herself to dive into the water following her hip injury on MBC's 'Star Diving Show Splash'.

On the August 23rd premiere, Clara suffered a hip injury during diving practice, which only increased her existing fear of the water.

She shared, "Was I too confident? I think my high ambition and confidence that I could do well led to my injury. That's why I got extremely frustrated... My fear of the water increased 2 to 4 times. Because of my fear, I can't do the pose. I can't even dive 1 meter... The saddest part is that if only I had more time. I didn't have enough time to practice. I really want to show a cool image, but my stamina doesn't follow my will. I was so angry at myself."

But with her determination and support of her parents who sat in the audience, Clara was able to take a dive for the team and received a total of 24.5 points.

Source: allkpop.com
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Guest bemjerry13

flamingshawol, did he get first?......god, i am sounding like Minho!!!!! :)) =))
when was this aired and where can I watch the episode?????please tell me... :)] :-/ [-O<

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Guest flamingshawol

SHINee's Minho, M.I.B's 5Zic, NS Yoon-G and more show off their diving skills in 'Star Diving Show Splash'

SHINee's Minho, M.I.B's 5Zic, NS Yoon-G, Kim Sae Ron, Hong Suk Chun, and Lee Hoon showed off their diving skills on the 2nd episode of MBC's 'Star Diving Show Splash'!

Minho showcased his 'Iron Man' diving pose, and even though NS Yoon-G had acrophobia, she was able to pull off the diving moves perfectly. Kim Sae Ron put behind her comical image for the episode and worked sincerely hard at diving, and Hong Suk Chun came every day to train hard.

5Zic said, "It's my first time being a permanent member of a variety show. I was excited, and I put my everything into diving." Lee Hoon added, "I wanted to win over the slump of my failed business, so I decided to go for diving."

On this episode, Lee Hoon came out with the victory, check out the videos of the dives below!

M.I.B.'s 5Zic

NS Yoon-G

Hong Suk Chun

Kim Sae Ron

Lee Hoon




Source: allkpop.com
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Guest flamingshawol

Comedian Lee Bong Won suffers orbital fracture while filming 'Star Diving Show Splash'

September 5, 2013 @ 2:06 am lee-bong-won_1378341606_af_org.jpgAnother injury from a competitive variety show has been reported and this time, it's comedian Lee Bong Won, who has unfortunately suffered injuries his face while filming MBC's 'Star Diving Show Splash'.According to MBC reps, Lee Bong Won was practicing for his upcoming competition at Goyang Gymnasium when he injured his face by hitting the water face first while diving, and was rushed to the hospital.

A MBC representative stated, "Lee Bong Won injured his face while diving and has severe swelling around his eyes. There were no permanent marks on his face or damage to his eyesight...We are currently discussing the possibility of him leaving the program. We consider his health as first priority."

Later on in the day, the comedian received his full diagnosis, which turned out to be orbital fracture that will take 3-4 weeks to heal. To make sure that it heals properly, he and his reps are currently considering surgery, which would make his leave from the show inevitable.

We wish Lee Bong Won a complete and speedy recovery. 

Source: AKP

be safe please...[-O<

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meh, this last ep was kinda boring & no one I really wanted to see with the exception of Stun Gun.


Brought along some of his Busan Team MAD fighters to cheer him on like "the Wolverine" Myung Ho Bae -- I thought he was doing his mandatory military service tho'? Maybe it hasn't started yet? :-?


KDH actually did great being the high scorer & doing his dive off the 10m platform...


boo to Jung Bo Suk for marking him down :-q


The other dives were all kinda bleh but props to Oh Seung Hyun for her dive considering she couldn't even swim and she dove without her flotation device too. =D> Choi Soo Rin had the best outfit this ep IMO, she's no spring chicken but still had enuff confidence in her body to wear a sexy swimsuit. Hong Yeo Jin for being the oldest competitor -- she's gotta be in her mid to late 50s & still competed which is no small feat.

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Guest flamingshawol

MBC cancels 'Star Diving Show Splash' for safety reasons


As many of you might have expected, for the safety of its celebrity contestants, MBC has announced the cancellation of 'Star Diving Show Splash'.

SEE ALSO: 'Star Diving Show Splash' halts filming + to discuss possibility of cancellation following contestants' injuries

With the various reported injuries of the celebrity contestants, viewers have been questioning the safety of this show. If you remember, in response to the concerns and injuries, MBC halted its filming scheduled for the 6th and entered discussion concerning a possible cancellation of the show.

Well they have finally reached their decision today as a MBC representative announced, "'Star Diving Show Splash' cancellation has been confirmed. According to the Board of Directors' decision, the show will be canceled and will air its final broadcast this weekend."

So with this, 'Star Diving Show Splash' will air its fourth and final broadcast on the 13th.

Did you see this coming or are you surprised by the decision?

Source: allkpop.com

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well guess this was the sayonara ep with the show being canceled. It started off pretty strong ratings wise in its time slot for the pilot ep but how were the ratings recently? I can't imagine MBC killing off this show if it was a winner ratings wise regardless of injuries or was it just an excuse to axe this show due to declining ratings & viewer interest? :-?

anyhoo, thx @bryant_choi1209 for starting the thread for as long as the show lasted. :)>-

all the dives in this last ep were pretty good...I was especially interested in seeing how Park Jae Min & Soyu would do tho' hehe....I didn't really pay much attention to the others but Yang Dong-geun's dive was nice as were the two idols, Tao & Gongchan. I dunno what happened to happened to Kangin? looked like the doctor told him he bruised his ribs or something but he was still a trooper to complete his dive but damn, that landing looked painful. b-(  He prolly won't worry about his ribs after that dive cuz the pain in his back now :P

I couldn't help myself and started cracking up when Ivy literally threw a tantrum in the pool due to her frustration. :)) Props to her tho' cuz she did a much better dive than I thought she would do given her tears and all in practice.


Soyu sure got cold feet up there huh? :-SS  I thought she was gonna dive then she bailed at the last moment and then gathered herself and then bailed again haha...I seriously thought that her coach was gonna give her a shove....errrr, I mean "helping hand" off the platform at one point. ;))


I thought PJM would handle the handstand pretty easily with his b-boy background but guess he was saying it was completely different trying to do it diving but he sure pulled it off tho' -- that was a sweet azz dive off the 10m platform.  =D>  Too bad he didn't appear for the DT diving ep cuz he would've killed it.


btw, any of you guys know who it was that showed up to support him? I think his family members but did they say specifically what relation these two are to him? :-/  That one dude sure has the idol looks huh? he could be in a boyband himself  :P

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