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[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Love SOS 119 愛情急整室


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Details:Title:  愛情急整室 / Ai Qing Ji Zheng Shi
English title: Love SOS 119
Genre: Romance, ComedyProducer:  Zhang Ting Fei 張庭翡Episodes: 13
Broadcast Period: June 9, 2013 - September 1, 2013Air Date: Sundays
Cast:Daniel Chan as Han Tian Yu 韓天宇Jian Man Shu as Tong Lin 童琳Patrick Lee as Shao Xiang Feng 邵翔風Amber An (安心亞) as Lu Yi Jie 陸伊婕Wu Jing Xian (吳靜嫻) as Han Yan Shu Yu 韓顏淑翎Zong Hua (宗華) as Han Bo En 韓伯恩Zhang Shi Ying (張詩盈) as Tong Mei Xiu 童美秀Lin Yu Pin (林育品/阿喜) as Huang Tian Tian 黃甜甜Chen Zhi Qiang (陳志強) as A Hong 阿洪Yang Sheng Da (楊昇達) as Xiao Kai 蕭凱Sun Peng as Duan Qi Ming 段啟名Goa Yu Zhen (高宇蓁) as Bai Shan Na 白珊娜Tao Chuan Zheng as Lu Zhao Yuan 陸肇元Shu Zong Hao (舒宗浩) as Ba Ge 疤哥Chen Xi Ai (陳希愛) as Ye Zheng Ni 葉貞妮Xue Zhi Zheng (薛志正) as Zhang Guo Hao 張國豪Hao Shao Wen (郝劭文) as Xu Da Qi 徐大器Ding Ye Tian (丁也恬) as Mrs. Xu 徐夫人
Synopsis:Han Tian Yu is a friendly island physician. His father has a stroke and his mother urges him to take over the family business - a beauty medical clinic. However, Tian Yu can't understand why his father abandoned him and his mother, and can't forgive him for finding someone new. He is extremely reluctant to rescue the clinic. In a series of coincidental mishaps, he meets Tong Lin, who happens to be father Han's student and mother Han's tenant, and she poses as his fiance. The enthusiastic and optimistic Tong Lin is discontent towards Tian Yu's negative attitude.
Watch it here with English subs!
Theme song:
Angela Zhang - Colored Wings

Daniel Chan - Writing About You in My Songs

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