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[Chinese Drama 2013] DBI 新神探联盟


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Title:  新神探联盟 / Xin Shen Tan Lian Meng
English title: DBI
Genre: Mystery, Police

Producer: Liu Wen Wu 刘文武
Episodes: 35
Broadcast Date: July 26, 2013

Zhang Duo (张铎) as Bao Zheng

Wang Kai (王凯) as Gongsun Ze

George Hu as Zhan Chao

Zhang Li as Hu Xue Li

Li Xin Ru as Meng Fei

Kingdom Yuen as Gong Jie

Peng Jing (彭静) as Gongsun Vivian

The drama gives a modern twist to well known folklores on Bao Qing Tian. The story now takes place in a big city in the 1940s. Police captain Gongsun Ze was not happy when independent prosecutor Bao Zheng, attache to his department, inserted himself to his investigation. But Bao's uncanny ability to see through the heart of the cases eventually won him over. Along with tenacious police trainee Zhan Chao, they uncovered nefarious connections between the recent criminal activities and the mastermind who engineered the chaos.

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I took a look at this one yesterday and I didn't mind it at all. Wang Kai's Gongsun Ce plays the straight man to Zhang Duo's Bao Zheng which can be a lot of fun. Nice to see Wang Kai not being as stoney-faced as he normally is. He's even surprisingly comical. I quite like this Zhan Zhao too who seems to be De Cheng's answer to the Nightcrawler. I expect they're modelling this series after the popular Young Justice Bao series.

I won't keep going and set it aside for a rainy day. It's a lot of fun but the urge to marathon is great and I really shouldn't.

It certainly has a comic-booky, art deco feel to it a la Zach Snyder. I think I've probably watched too many detective shows because I managed to work out whodunnit during the third episode.

My only complaint is that Bao Zheng's face doesn't look dark enough. 


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On 10/25/2015 at 2:00 PM, outsanity said:

I very recently saw this, due to being a fan of Wang Kai after seeing him in The Disguiser & Lang Ya Bang. Great show; it has some funny moments and the layers of plots are very intricate. Anyone else who saw this before?

Hahahaha so glad to see you here! 

An update that I'm on my fourth time watching this....

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On December 17, 2015 at 11:28 AM, outsanity said:



Fourth? I couldn't watch it more than once, haha. The ending haunts me, in a bad way xD

I know! We all hate the ending! Because in the very beginning they planned to film 3-4 seasons, now it's gone. Plus the charater 孔雀王 is so 中二… Now my focus is all about 正泽's interaction and their funny moments xD.

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