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[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Dragon Gate 飛越龍門客棧


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Details:Title:  飛越龍門客棧 / Fei Yue Long Men Ke Zhan
English title: Dragon Gate
Genre: Action, Adventure, RomanceProducer: Liu Wei Ci 劉瑋慈, & Chen Qi Ming 陳啟銘
Episodes: 15
Broadcast Date: July 26, 2013 - November 1, 2013Air times: Fridays
Cast:Chen Yi Rong as Jin Xiang Yu 金湘玉Alice Ke as Qiu Mo Yu 邱默語Sunny Wang as Zhou Huai An 周懷安Xie Jia Jian (謝佳見) as Xiao Dao 小刀Sharon Kwan (關詩敏) as Ai Xin 艾心Xu Jin (余晉) as Xiao San 小三Tang Zhi Wei as Qiu Qi Xian 邱啟賢Wang Dao as Prime ministerZhu Lu Hao (朱陸豪) as Liu Wei De 柳維德Hibino Akira as Cao Shao Qin 曹紹欽Bao Zheng Fang (鮑正芳) as Mrs. Li 李媽媽Tong Yi Jun (童毅軍) as Lao Liu 老劉Huang Tai An as Hei Ren 黑人Hu Shi En (胡世恩) as Mei Nu 美女Xu Yuan Kang (許元康) as Lu Zheng Ting陸正亭Zou Shou Hong (鄒守宏) as Agent Fang 方保安Na Wei Xun as Zhao Guo Wei 趙國威Guo Yao Ren (郭耀仁) as Aniki 阿尼基Lu Yi En (盧以恩) as Xiao Wen 小文Yang Shao Wen (楊少文) as Vice prime minister 副首相Liu Cheng En (劉承恩) as A Wan 阿萬
Synopsis:When her father is detained in connection with the disappearance of the prime minister, secret service agent Qiu Mo Yu sets out to clear her father's name. Her mission reunites her with Zhou Huai An, her boyfriend / colleague who returned from oversea to help her. Their search for the prime minister leads them to a trading post called “Dragon Gate,” a place where underworld dwellers do business and information is currency. Their presence in the area immediately attracts the attention of the flirtatious owner Jin Xiang Yu. She offers them full cooperate, but they can’t determine if her intention is to help or sabotage the investigation.
Watch here with English subs!
Theme songs:
Heartbroken Ones Should Not Listen to Slow Songs (傷心的人別聽慢歌) - Mayday

A Good Lover (好的情人) - Yen-J

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Guest lili101

I watched two first episodes..Tammy play very well (I like this actress), Sunny is very handsome.This story is interesting.
Thanks for sharing infos and theme songs.

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