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Thanks to 석영아아아아아@YKYfVIGVPxvNhoi for the highlight on twitter from original source at Naver blog. The entry posted on September 28 indicating that the Hunnie couple & son sighted at Cafe Aewol in Jeju Island. :issohappy:

The blogger took a selfie in front where the couple was sitting.


(Google translate)

Lee Min-jung is so pretty...

Lee Byung-hun is wow...

So cool...

The son was playing so I couldn't see him properly...

Actually seeing the celebrities I saw in the movie 

It was amazing.



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1 hour ago, peonie said:

October 16, 2020.


Thank you @rubie  These are great photos.  I particularly like the second photo which may have been taken when LBH was in California. 


Hi Barbara, welcome to BHMJ! So good to read your comment here.. will also reply email message soon.


You're right.. that particular photo is indeed from his California pictorial in 2011 (more here). Because of the pandemic, the couple hasn't been to CA like they always do. It's clearly best to refrain from traveling right now, especially now that they have JH.


Last but not least for the Hunnie Sunflower series.:hooray2:



Be Happy, Be Optimistic just like the Sunflower.. Unconditional love & support to each other..



Whether it's the White Sunflower, Yellow Sunflower.. there's also the Blue Sunflower for Byunghun, of course. 


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