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[ Drama 2013-2014 ] The Frist Born 맏이


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  • Title: 맏이 / Firstborn
  • Also known as: Oldest / The Eldest
  • Genre: Period, family, romance, melodrama
  • Episodes: 54
  • Broadcast network: JTBC
  • Broadcast period: 2013 September 14 to 2014 March 16
  • Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:45
  • Official website : http://drama.jtbc.co.kr/firstborn
  • Original Soundtrack: Firstborn OST


A drama set in 1960s about the eldest sister of five orphan siblings taking care of them and make them successful people in life and society.


Main Cast
Young Sun's Siblings
Soon Taek's family
Aunt's family

Production Credits

Credit : DramaWiki, Hancinema

Correlation chart



Character descriptions


Kim Youngsun

The first daughter of 5 sibling, she became their leader after their parents died.
There were 2 men who loved her but she chose to concentrate her life for her younger brothers and sisters.

She did many hard jobs to make end meets. From working in the factory, smuggling illegal imported goods and even nursing tuberculosis patient.

Despite her hard life, she loves to learn and study by herself through books.
Her sole wealth is her lovely personality and sincerity.


Park Suntaek

He is a boy who has nice smile. Though he is just a few years older than Youngsun , he acts like guardian for her. He always talks to Youngsun that good things will come to Youngsun if she keeps her good personality. He loves Youngsun deeply.

He wanted to be poet. But, he studies law to become lawyer according to his parent’s wish. During studying law, he starts to understand that life is unfair . It makes his parents difficult.


Lee Jisook

Sangnam’s daughter. She was raised by a nanny because her mother was sick. She envies Youngsun because Youngsun receives mother’s love. She gives hands to Youngran’s misfortune.


Kim Youngran

Youngsun’s younger sister . Different than Youngsun, she’s a social climber.
She causes many problem because of her beauty. She stays around Inho like sunflower. When she knows Inho loves Youngsun rather than her, she does a cruel thing because she feels betrayed,

imageKim Youngdoo

1st son in family and younger brother of Youn gsun. He has many talents in entertainment area such as singing. Though he can be a college student thanks to Youngsun, study is his second interests comparing to show business.

This immature younger brother is also becoming mature as time passes by.










Watch and Down load The First Born with Eng sub ( make an account first with very easy steps )






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Credit : AGB Nielsen



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Firstborn preview (childhood part)

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Lee Jong-won joins JTBC with Jang Mi-hee

Source | 2013/08/26 |


Actor Lee Jong-won is starring in a drama with Jang Mi-hee for the first time in 25 years of his acting career.

Lee Jong-won stars as Kong Chang-rae in the JTBC drama "The Firstborn". He has been a farmhand since the time of Lee Sil's (Jang Mi-hee) father. Like a brother looking over Lee Sil, he quietly grows his love for her as well.

Lee Jong-won said he decided to do it as it was settled in a difference background to the modern dramas these days. Lee Jong-won appears as himself without any hair or make up in this drama.

"The Firstborn" is produced by Lee Kwan-hee and written by Kim Jeong-soo who have reunited for the first time in 20 years. This drama is going to deliver The Scent of five siblings in the 1960s. The other casts include, Yoon Jeong-hee, Oh Yoon-ah, Jae Hee, Jang Mi-hee, Yoo Hae-jeong, No Jeong-ee, Oh Jae-moo and more. To be aired in September after "Cruel Palace - War of Flowers".

Source : starin.edaily.co.kr/n... ( English )


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Jo I-jin cast for JTBC drama "The Firstborn"

Source | 2013/08/06 |


Actress Jo I-jin has been cast for the role of Yeong-ran in the JTBC 2nd anniversary drama "The Firstborn".

This 50 part drama is about the first born of five, taking care of siblings to make them socially successful people. It is also known as the 2013 version of "Six Siblings".

Jo I-jin's role in the drama is Yeong-ran, Yeong-seon's (Yoon Jeong-hee) younger sister. She is a completely different character from her sister and works hard to get what she wants.

Jo I-jin debuted with the 2005 movie "The Aggressives" and was awarded the rookie actress award at the Dae Jong Movie Awards for the movie "South of the Border". She said, "I'm happy to be able to come out with a new movie soon. I hope for your continuous support".

Meanwhile, "The Firstborn" is produced by Lee Kwan-hee and writer Kim Jeong-soo. To be aired in September.

Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c... ( English )

Credit : http://www.hancinema.net/jo-i-jin-cast-for-jtbc-drama-the-firstborn-58957.html

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Hello @Iris...you're welcome dear...glad to have you here...we have been had beautiful memories at Two Weeks thread...i hope we can do it again here... :x

@KaoW and i are Yoon jung hee avid fans...and we are very happy when we knew that Jae hee will be YJH love interest in this drama... :x  We've both already call them "Double Hee"... :P Hope you don't mind yaahh... :)>-

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@badsmuler... that is so cute... and thank you for your warm welcome to the thread...:) :):)

Yes.. I think I will have to go through withdrawal when Two Weeks ends.. Love it so much....

I had just put a request on Viki's wall on Facebook, asking if they would consider bringing us this drama...

Maybe it would help if others would show they want it too, by commenting on liking my post, it would help... crossing my fingers...

What is your favorite work by Yoon jung hee??

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@Iris Nice to meet you...welcome to the thread  :\">
I hope we can find english sub for this drama too...would like to understand the whole story.and hope this drama of our beloved Jae Hee and Yoon Jung Hee have high rating :D

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@Iris...you're welcome dear and thanks for the official website of this drama...do you have a plan to watch this drama online ?? Have you ever watched YJH drama before chinggu ?

I love YJH acting in all of her dramas and movie especially in Dear heaven, Blissful woman and Family honor...up to now, personally, i think her best project is Family honor but for her best partner i still choose Lee tae gon from Dear heaven... :x

I hope and pray, besides a great story line, urri 'Double Hee" will have a sparkling chemistry and i'm optimist they will because both are great actors... :x

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@badsmuler... I have not seen YJH in anything.. I appreciate your recommendations, dear chinggu...:)

I look forward to this drama...hoping we can find it with English subs...

I love your statement of the "Double Hee..."

I found this site.. I am not sure if they will actually give us the drama.. but maybe worth following up.


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@Iris...if you have a time please try to watch Family Honor...for me it's the best Korean drama that i ever seen...@Kaow and i are FH avid fans...you can see from Kaow's signature... :D
The story and acting from all casts were fabulous and the most important is full of romance... :x

I have feeling that FB will be great as FH because both drama have warm background story lines with strong casts... :-bd

I pray that someone with subs this drama... [-O<

Do you have any informations about presscon of this drama ??

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@badsmuler..that is what bothers me.... that I cannot find any more info.. on presscon...or photo shoots... But I do not speak Korean...

Maybe @NewMario has some infro....  As you can see from my signature.. right now, no time for more drama..it will have to wait.... Thank you so much..will keep your recommendation in mind, my friend..

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@badsmuler,  I will watch this drama if it has English subs, and if it is as good as I am hoping it will be....

I personally do not want to send PM to him... I am sure he had seen the tags....

I ended up asking JTBC on their YT channel under the teaser, where can we watch it with English subs....

Maybe you and @KaoW, and others who are interested can do the same...  In the very least - maybe JTBC will bring it to YT?

If you have a FB account, lets write on the walls of Viki and DramaFever asking them to bring us this drama...
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@Iris...i agree with you...i think @NEWMARIO already got our tags and if she/he interested with this drama she/he will come and join us here... [-O<

Sadly viki and dramafever can't be watched in my country but i'll post in their FB walls...i already asked epdrama to sub this drama too cause the drama before The Firstborn, "Cruel Palace" had been subbed by them... [-O<

@KaoW...fighting !!!!

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