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Lee Da Hee's latest post at her Me2day 3/15/14
translated by the KJH Philippine Operator




Today at dawn, the "Big Man" was busy shooting, I could not even eat seaweed soup.  Touched the packed seaweed soup at lunch. Thank you. I am now shooting. And Oppa Ji Hwan gave to me this doll and candy as birthday gifts ~! Heh heh l l ~ ~ ♥ Thank you ~ ~! Oh, are you looking ...?

source:Big Man - Korean Drama

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Sorry, I had to delete the other birthday pictures. I was asked not to post it since they consider it private.

Lee Da Hee receives another love call as new muse for 'Crocs'

January 24, 2014


Actress Lee Da Hee has been chosen as the simply gorgeous muse for the shoe brand 'Crocs'.

Lee Da Hee makes the casual shoes look less than everyday, putting them on top of her head to create bunny ears. The actress is receiving love calls left-and-right as one of the breakout stars of the past year with hit dramas 'I Hear Your Voice' and 'Secrets', and she's adding shoes to her list of endorsements.

Lee Da Hee will spread the 'Crocs' lifestyle with active promotions starting this February. Also keep an eye out for Lee Da Hee's next production!


credit: allkpop

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Lee Da Hee Spotted at Bruno Magli Store
bnt news 3/19/14


[by Sunghee Park] Actress Lee Da Hee was spotted while Bruno Magli store as enjoying shopping.

Recently, one photo of Lee Da Hee was revealed through an online community with a title of ‘Lee Da Hee’s Shopping Time.’ In the photo, Lee is enjoying her shopping, catching people\'s attention with her beautiful appearance.  

On that day, Lee Da Hee matched her flower patterned skirt with a simple white t-shirt and draped an over-sized jacket over her shoulder. She carefully looked through various Bruno Magli products, which shows her aspect as a trendsetter.

Meanwhile, actress Lee Da Hee is currently starred in KBS drama ‘Big Man.’ (photo by DIMACO)

credit: Yahoo Philippines
Big Man - Korean Drama

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Kang Ji Hwan presented to his fans some behind the scenes footage of his current drama, "Big Man" at his recent Birthday Fan Meet last March 16, 2014 together with some scenes from the pictorial of the main leads.
credit: yyll via sina and weibo/lovekangjihwan and Kang Ji Hwan Vietnam Fansclub
Thank you for sharing the video.

Lee Da Hee's scenes with KJH and her photo shoot with the three other main leads are featured in this video.

Big Man - Korean Drama

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"Big Man" picked up a surprise birthday party for Kang Ji Hwan, Jung So Min and Lee Da Hee
translated by the KJH Philippine Operator 3/21/14


Kang Ji Hwan's surprise birthday party scene at KBS 2TV's new drama "Big Man" (script by Choi Ji Won / director Ji Young-soo) was captured.

Yesterday, March 20, 2014, the "Big Man" crew prepared a surprise birthday party for Kang Ji Hwan (who plays Kim Ji Hyuk) to show off strong teamwork.

On this day of filming in the early morning, Kang Ji Hwan's fans visited him to celebrate his birthday and presented a coffee truck to energize him more. The crew also gave him a surprise birthday party.

At the end of the shoot, during the group dinner, the cake prepared by the crew was brought in. The staff sang the birthday song drawing cheers and screaming from the younger crowd. Kang JI Hwan thanked each and everyone among the crew.

Last weekend as well, with a difference of only one day, on the 15th and 16th, Lee Da Hee (as So Mi Ra) and Jung So Min (as Kang Jin Ah) were also given a surprise party by the crew. Both Lee Da Hee and Jung So Min were grateful to the warmth shown by the crew.

Having subsequent celebrations with endless laughter this early in their shooting, the staff and actors of "Big Man" feel that this would instill in them a strong team spirit. This synergy among them will bring out the best acting that would emit on the TV screens and attract expectation.

One official from "Big Man" said, "the three main actors who celebrate their birthdays at about the same date as a coincidence seems inevitable. Starting off happy, day by day, seems to have hit a jackpot. Also a pleasant atmosphere at the shooting of "Big Man" brings about a loving attention.

The "Big Man" is about an orphan who lived at the bottom and gains a new life as the eldest son of a conglemerate but was hurt by it. Because of this, he fights to keep the people important to him in the face of power and absurdity. "Big Man" is a follow up to "Full Sun".

credit:  Photo by Kim, Jong - Hak Production , KBS Media and newsen
Big Man - Korean Drama

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You're welcome, @the real CZ

but there has been a change in the date of the premiere

"Big Man" update

big man首播日从4月14日调整为4月28日
빅맨 방영일이 4월 14일에서 4월 28일로 변경되었습니다

The airing of "Big Man" has been moved from April 14 to April 28.
cr:KHS via Gersia Lee

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