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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Imagini pentru business funny gif..THE BUSINESS TIME...:wub:

 Li Zhongshuo super talk  89mansion super words
white ice cup 207 yuan / one (stock 4)
silver ice cup 200 yuan / one (stock 2)
10.1 after the holiday friends help bring home, domestic freight self-care,
inventory too slow slow the[heart]
original out, declined to bargain[Be careful for you][Be careful for you][Be careful for you]
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  • 006u2PGQgy1g6wkh91g8hj31es1voduo.jpg

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...............I can tell you what's changed IN SOOMPI FORUM...!!!!!!!!!.....:blush:....THE SEASON...!!!!!:blush:

......no more....summer...!!!!!!!......now, is autumn...!!!!!!!!!:heart:

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...............of course, QUEEN WINTER, is on our side...always....!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup::heart:



niiloi.................via..soompi forum...!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::thumbsup::wub:

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[ @李钟硕]190919 "Hannet News Translation [heart]"   
李钟硕超话# More and more beautiful Li Zhongshuo #
李钟硕粉丝俱乐部, donated more than 10 million won (official)

actor Li Zhongshuo fan club generously for Typhoon Lingling victims The residents of the attack donated.

Hopes aspect Bridge National Disaster Relief Association September 18, said:. "Lee Jong-suk fan club to help typhoon No. 13 'Lingling' of the affected residents, who wish to bridge the National Disaster Relief Association (president Song Pil-ho) donated 11,890,914 won"

this The donation was commemorated by Li Zhongshuo’s birthday (September 14, 1989), which was raised by the official fan clubs of various countries. Including WithJS, い·じょんそく Club-J, JShine, Hot Mum Fan Club, LJS-HK Fan Base, With JS Thailand, helloLJS.tw, WithJS Indonesia, WithJS Philippines, WithJS_Myanmar participated in a total of ten teams.

WithJS operations team said: "Li Zhongshuo is very concerned about charity, so fans follow his steps to participate in far-reaching things. Although the amount is not large, but hope to bring comfort to the victims."

Translation: Yin Xiao According to the
map: Tina
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