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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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[love you][love you][love you][heart][heart][heart]Lovely Suobao [heart][heart][heart]// @ Han Ai Chi : ah! Our master is too cute![Too happy][Be careful for you][嘻嘻]
 Li Zhongshuo has
long beenabsent , the words of the president appear on the “message board” of the cafe. “[heart]
Hey... it’s  
too hot
Go to travel.......
어디갔냐내 보드판.. 이놈들아.....Expand full text c
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....MOTHER QUEEN, please go to work...!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

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 Li Baoying # # whisper 
a hair cut last month, but until now only finished sorting issued to cut[doge]
[2017 SBS "whisper" Shen Ying Li Baoying decorative beads]
[segment cut / 1080P / + no watermark plug-in word / picture and The title of the segment can be referred to the following figure]
[suitable for scissors or drawing] | Not suitable for viewing the story, please use it as needed]
[link:O web link Password: 8480]
Shen Yuzhu guards in the whole process of gas field blessing, fighting against the car Interrogation defense (even English speeches) is a slap in the face, occasionally talking about a love will also be full of pink bubbles,[笑了cry]
she will be weak and helpless, she will cry sadly, she will be forced into the corner, she will be heavily stressed inverted. But she rarely wavered, but she never gave up, she could still fight for the water, and she fell back and forth. She is a soldier, she is also a knight, she is a guardian, she is also a redeemer, she is a radiant self from beginning to end, she is always upright, always brave, always stubborn, always full of vitality. 
So I love her, and I love life. 
(Orz if I don't love her, how can I cut the wood for so long? 233333)
(I hope everyone can love her 233333) The
source comes from @悦影天下, 
give me a girlfriend, give me my girlfriend, and arrange for me to lie at the bottom of the pit. Ping[sneak music]
MissSister isright, please let me know my girlfriend, Ms. Li Baoying[Good love]
(sliding away...[sneak music])


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  • 0065ElXsly1fu2nejwexzj312g0o7tok.jpg
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  • 0065ElXsly1fu2nejt5qzj31hc3c0qob.jpg
  • 0065ElXsly1fu2nejmso4j31hc2i0h59.jpg

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