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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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6月27日 00:25has been edited from the iPhone client 
"I want you to be happy even if I disappear ..
dc "Death" BD 亲 签 明信片 来自 "听 音" 二 词  

EP.18 词 / 修 夏 日記
"Even if I disappear .. 
I hope you do not know. 
I wish I could live somewhere very well. I want to think that I live so 
well while studying well, staying with my friends and 
nurturing a police dream. 
Even if I'm gone ... I hope you do not cry. I wish you always happy. 
And sometimes ... sometimes I just want to 
remember me .. "


  • 006pPZVSly1g4f0ccsv70j30v91bjjzv.jpg
  • 006pPZVSly1g4f0ccsv70j30v91bjjzv.jpg
  • 006pPZVSly1g4f0cbrwd6j31vo0v94qt.jpg
  • 006pPZVSly1g4f0d2hn5jj31vo0v9qvb.jpg
  • 006pPZVSly1g4f0d733roj31vo0v97wl.jpg
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今天 12:19 from Peach Girl edited
-[My Romance belongs to you] 

"Thank you for the warm hands that 
have led me through the years. 
Thank you for loving 
me so much when I do n't know anything about love." 

Forever JS
 log log logo  not authorized to stop reprint 
L sixth piece of chocolate microblogging video in your hand

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 Li Baoying, Good Morning ~
This photo is really a small editor's heart. The sister who reads the script is gentle and serious. It is hard to make people feel uncomfortable. I
can't help but start to imagine what kind of role and next time my sister will come back. meet[smirking]
fantasy look unrealistic, Xiao Bian hope is pretty much gold big sister next door & small dogs who set
we all want to see the comments disclose their roles pair of[Detective Pikachu smiles]

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