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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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 Lee Jong-suk [tears] # # Lee Jong-suk we wait for you 
| death lauding the first episode retouching |
look at two Shuo @ Lee Jong-suk of drama tears is not money[允悲][tears]death lauding actually see crying ...... crying eyes a little sore[允悲] 

[microphone]diagram ban two commercial change, please indicate the source

Episode retouching →O Yin Wei wooden Feather_
Episode retouching →O Yin Wei wooden Feather_
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uepzwupj21po0u0e81.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40ug8frcvj21401z41kx.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40ugmja6wj21401z4b29.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40ueqm541j21401z4x6p.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uetj6kfj21401z47wh.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uepzwupj21po0u0e81.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uepgmp0j21401z47wh.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uet0dlgj21401z4e81.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40ueu9sy1j21401z47wh.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uesbvyaj21401z4e81.jpg
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