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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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[ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 180,610 "good night [moon]"   
# romance with separate volume appendix #  Lee Jong-suk 
W-81 would like you [shame][shame][shame]
working hard, be patient waiting for an opportunity 
                                             - "Spirited Away" 
, a daily summary 
JShine heart of gas station 
O JShine Lee Jong-suk FanClub
Zhong Shuo Weibo Review 
O JShine Lee Chung Suk FanClub
Drawing: xiya #Romantic 
is a separate appendix # Roman history is a separate appendix # 更更好的李钟硕 #

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Imagini pentru tuesday gif good morning:heart:

今天 10:14 from Bao Ying Mei Android fans have been edited
 Li Baoying [news translation]
JWIDE company said "to meet with Li Baoying, exclusive contract coordination" [official position] actor Li Baoying is negotiating a contract with JWIDE. On June 3, JWIDE related personnel expressed their opinions to xportnews, and they are currently in the process of signing a contract with Li Baoying. The specific matters are still being coordinated. I met Li Baoying in the previous TVN "Mother". It is being discussed that the work to prepare for the next stage after the birth of the second child in February is under discussion. The company belongs to JWIDE, including Li Shangyun, Jin Suzhen, Jin Taili, Bai Zhenxi, and Cui Daniel. (Source:O web link )
Well ~ sister company want to change it[smirking]to wait for the official declaration ing, the new company has Ruiying father in the United States and two-term husband and father[smirking][smirking][smirking]on Monday and I'm just as happy it 484[smirking][smirking][smirking]& plan priorities: "to inform in February The second child is ready to move into the next stage after the birth of the work. Everyone is looking forward to the new work of Li actor[love you][love you][love you]
with the picture of the Madou period to preparefor “resigning the old and welcoming the new”~
# 很快乐见你礼一 # [heart]# Finally, I’m looking forward to Li’s new work. #


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  • cf10dc20ly1g3x02e61twj20k00dcdgc.jpg

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