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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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[ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 190,529 "good morning [breeze]"   
# romance with separate volume appendix #  Lee Jong-suk 
. 2013.11 THE STAR Making Story L JShine Lee Jong-suk FanClub seconds to shoot video
More video poke here [憧憬]: O Web links  

small daily task, a touch of morning sun, small touch of a finger ah: 
[flowers]microblogging words directly over the point  Lee Jong-suk sign 
[flowers]hundred / one day three of flowers O link to this page 
[flowers] Weibo monthly membership collar flower flowers O link to this page 
[flowers] Weibo, then directly over the point  Romance is not book Appendix sign 
[flowers]microblogging words directly over the point  romantic is not, Appendix  attendance 
[flowers]Korean forces standings bell Shuo Home   O link to this page 
# is not romantic, Appendix # Romance is a separate appendix #更更好的李钟硕#

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Today's archaeological 130529 listening to the press conference
[130529. # Lee Jong-suk # # # heard you make will be published - Lee Jong-suk & Li Baoying PhotoTime] within the video update station → O link to this page online → O Web linksReview together in the cold end of the summer brought us through the repair, along with Christmas Eve the repair summer spent with [Too happy][Too happy]SBS Awards we all have to refuel ah[awesome][awesome]

Li Zhongshuo 2012 " Listen to your voice"   
Park Xia Xia is really the most beautiful little milk dog in my heart. "Aquarium Kiss" is still beautiful to heartbreak.
  • bd8a913agy1g3g7rxz715j20u00xrayo.jpg
  • bd8a913agy1g3g7ry6igwj20u02r9hcp.jpgLong picture
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Summer repair[Be careful for you]
Don't waste your life on things that hate people who are afflicting you. Life is only once in your life. It’s not enough time to have a good time. You have someone you need to love, and have been to the life you have lived. - "Listen to your voice"


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  • 7a7a931bgy1g3j9z895l2j20ig0c9qdy.jpg
  • 7a7a931bgy1g3j9z82q84j20ig0c6qbw.jpg

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...........off topic for good night...:sleepy::heart:

 Kim Seo-hyung , Jin Runya , Song Enyi starred in beer ads fire! 3 weeks of playback exceeded 3 million! Just like watching a short musical, it is particularly touching and especially bloody! This advertisement cheers for all those who challenge their dreams, especially those who challenge their dreams. 
In the video, Jin Ruiheng sat on the bar and drank beer, singing a song and thinking about his past. 
She was a waiter in the early 1990s. She will be very excited to see the beautiful advertising models that appear on TV. A few years later, when she saw a female politician appearing on television, she took off the waiter's brand name and began to look for her own dreams. 
Another few years later, she became successful and returned to meet her friends in an upright manner. Friends who realize their dreams sing together "You can do it" ~L struggles in South Korea's Weibo video

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