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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Li Baoying # Congratulations on Li Baoying's 17th Anniversary of the 15th Anniversary# 
Compared to the seventeen years that Baoying debuted , I like her time is very short, I still want to continue to like it. [heart][heart]
The first time I knew Baoying was listening to the sound. I was very annoyed with Korean drama in high school at that time, but it didn't take long for[doge]me tobeatmyface.Listening was the second Korean drama I watched. The first episode saw my sister appearing, I still dislike her, but I don't know when she started from her eyes. Her arrogant eyes and little gestures I like. 
After watching the drama, I started to find this woman crazy, and then I knew her name, her birthday, her preference, her work... In a summer vacation in high school, I started to play Weibo, learn Korean, learn to write her name, learn to be in micro On the blog, I signed up and said that Goodnight gave her assistance. Then I started to make up the drama and read the variety. I saw her book and found that I like Li Baoying is not Zhang. I was happy every day. Although I couldn’t understand it, I knew she was different from others. She was unique. I decided to always like this gentle low-key woman, I want to be a person who silently supports her. [rabbit]
After that, she has a new drama, I am happy, she won the prize, I am excited, she is a baby, I am distressed, and I am waiting for her quietly. [breeze]I also wrote naively to others to read and want everyone to know that I like her. In fact, they already knew[Meow meow]her book and the picture I painted her. I kept it on my bed and saw how many times she painted her. The times are all happy. [flowers]In short, I like her, she taught me a lot. Happy 17th anniversary! Welcome to the hole, we have been[heart]:heart:


 Li Baoying 
we started this big name 곽우성 (Gwak-Woosung) [oh yeah]
aunt now translated the story first, then think again, started to translate a nice name

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Este posibil ca imaginea sÄ conÅ£inÄ: 1 persoanÄ, zâmbind, cadru apropiat

...D 598......and.....me 24  598......the meeting point is....598....in korean-army and soompi forum...!!!!!!!!!:blush::wub:

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 Li Baoying # 0515 Baoying congratulate the 17th anniversary of his debut # # # Monday glad to meet you company ins update: fans together and love today is the 47th anniversary Bao Ying debut, sincerely thank[Be careful for you]
[doge]certified according to

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# congratulate Li Baoying 0515 debut 17th anniversary # the 
best actor, debut 17th anniversary. 
"You have spring and autumn in your eyes, better than all the mountains and rivers I have ever seen." If you look like a star, you can laugh like a Li actor in summer flowers. I will always help you to learn to blow the rainbow fart for you. 
A good work and look forward to our next meeting with you that day[Be careful for you]

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 Li Baoying # congratulations Li Baoying 0515 debut 17th anniversary #sister debut 17th anniversary! [shame]Lee is my favorite actor ah[heart]I will always be that way[Mickey than heart]
 Li Baoying # congratulations Li Baoying 0515 debut 17th anniversary #About[love you]

Ouni, my Weibo, either no words, or full of words. 

If it is according to the standard of chasing stars, Baoying Ou Ni is not my life; however, I have never thought of like O'Neill in the way of chasing stars. Not before, not now, not even in the future. 

I didn't pay attention to O'Neill's super-words because of my love. I loved and enjoyed O'Neill from beginning to end, even though she had no work for a long time. I once listed a list of "happiness that others don't understand" on a small book. "Li Baoying's eyes and acting" is second, and the third is "Daddy's dry noodles." The first is not mentioned, hahaha. 

I never worry that I will no longer like O'Neill one day, and I don't let this kind of love become my own trouble, because I know exactly what I like about her, and I am very confident that her flashes will not be dim. 

O'Neill is only one year younger than my mother. I have never seen O'Neill himself, but I just know that O'Neill is a gentle and beautiful mother, and I wish Ouni can always be happy. 

I can't remember the year of high school that I liked O'Neill. Anyway, I have already been a sophomore. I listened to my voice and my heart was still there. 

O'Neill likes to read books, and I am the same; I heard that she likes "Iketo's journey to find happiness", and I have bought this book and read it repeatedly. What Ouni said was a screensaver for a long time before I chased the stars: "I hope that as I do, there are more and more people who are comforted by books. I wish you happiness forever..."

I have a better mentality recently and I am looking forward to waiting. I have money in the future. When I want to go to Korea, I must follow the footsteps of O'Neill. 

In short, I sincerely congratulate Bao Ying Ou Nie on the 17th anniversary of his debut! O'Neill is going to be happy forever! 

Source: A super-big coffee is cute


  • 0069qmFoly1g31vbulj0tj30u018b7aw.jpg
  • 0069qmFoly1g31vbulj0tj30u018b7aw.jpg
  • 0069qmFoly1g31vbw61e6j30u00orwi6.jpg

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 Li Baoying remember the 14th anniversary written in anger that the time to talk and write too much, there is a not published. In the past three years, you have to rest, have children, film, and work. I can wait for a good wait, and I finally waited for the excellent work: "whispering, mother" is really awesome, and the story acting is online. At that time, I was a dramatist, and[haha][haha][Be careful for you][Be careful for you]the drama was also well received by foreign countries. I wish the same anger that like blue 17th anniversary happy[awesome][awesome][awesome][rabbit][rabbit][Be careful for you][Be careful for you]

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Imagini pentru business funny gif..the business time...:wub:

 Li Zhongshuo card wuli Zhong Shuo's coffee shop... Also with the coffee shop's little brother photo ~ things are delicious ~ special happy ~ met Zhong Shuo's younger brother, the two are very similar, the younger brother is the blessing version of Zhong Shuo[squeezing eyes]
clerk They are all big long-legged guys close to one meter nine, very eye-conscious~
  • 6e43b58fgy1g0z68fcnctj20xy1oox6p.jpg
  • 6e43b58fgy1g0z69gxye1j20yi22onpm.jpg
  • 6e43b58fgy1g0z68wqq14j20y91ltaw5.jpg
  • 6e43b58fgy1g0z69ya8hij22c03404qq.jpgLIVE
  • 6e43b58fgy1g0z69lmlqij22c0340b2b.jpgLIVE
  • 6e43b58fgy1g0z687swflj20x81ptwq7.jpg
  • 6e43b58fgy1g0z683uwtvj20yi1r01ky.jpg
  • 6e43b58fgy1g0z69rgz4xj22c0340e83.jpgLIVE
  • 6e43b58fgy1g0z68zwuatj20yi1u119u.jpg

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Imagini pentru LOVE BOOK GIF..the archive time...:wub:

 Lee Jong-suk # Lee Jong-suk # # Lee Jong-suk homemade cell phone wallpaper # 
 Little ™ wallpaper coming !!! (returning to the ~) ~ I hope you like
the first attempt with words, not very satisfied with their own private letter the original ...... After the map, everyone can eliminate the word or change the map

. Figure 2 Picture material cr @胖的十一0914- love you ~
Figure four five six impression is the original picture of other witches but I forgot who, Say sorry and thanks here 
  • 006bE1Wyly1g2qdd619xej30u01hc4qp.jpg
  • 006bE1Wyly1g2qdd9k7j0j30u01hc1kx.jpg
  • 006bE1Wyly1g2qdddjtxoj30u01hctz5.jpg
  • 006bE1Wyly1g2qddk3w1hj30u01hcqv5.jpg
  • 006bE1Wyly1g2qddvtk7dj30u01hc1kx.jpg
  • 006bE1Wyly1g2qddnfsynj30u01hcx2x.jpg
  • 006bE1Wyly1g2qddzwvlmj30u01hc1kx.jpg
  • 006bE1Wyly1g2qddrunlpj30u01hc4qp.jpg
  • 006bE1Wyly1g2qde4k5t7j30u01hc4qp.jpg

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