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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Imagini pentru LOVE BOOK GIF..the archive time...:wub:

 death lauding # Lee Jong-suk "Death lauding" # 
commemorate my inner pathos - "Death lauding"
This video is reminiscent of the beginning of the care of the household perspective, faint, obscure and heart memories slowly spreading, but This short encounter was known before the heartfelt expression of admiration. After learning that Yuzhen was married, she ended her heart. Five years ago, my heart thought that there were no unforgettable memories, especially the fate of this mistake. 
In the middle part of the video, from the perspective of Youzhen, the town of You in the flash of memories has always been calm, silently confiding. When the lively and confident heart appeared in front of him who could not get rid of the family bondage and suffered, his eyes kept watching her secretly, and his instigation and regret were hidden in his heart. He did not deliberately conceal the marriage, as long as he can communicate with her, then the smile of the heart is all he desires. However, after discovering his heart, he had a short loss, but he looked at his heart and hoped that he could not continue this way. He invited her to visit her home and let her see the existence of her wife. He knows that this bright youth, writing and love, has since disappeared. 

The second half of the video is another encounter after five years. The 30-year-old Youzhen and the heart are no longer able to conceal the endless thoughts of the heart. The life of the same journey is not willing to draw the ground, so you will have "you are at the tip of the knife and dance." Because of the town, the heart understands the true meaning of the lyrics. However, North Korea, which lost its freedom, has no stage to make her a true classical music singer. If she accepts being a temporary singer (singer aggressor), her soul will die. If she does not accept, her family will die. If Youzhen continues to accept the control of his father, he will permanently lose his favorite writing (sending the idea of saving the country) and love. 

In the video climax part, they understand that the death of Shirojiro is not to escape from life, but to live truly. "In life, the first and last time, I thought about my own life, even if this life is the end of life." Finally, let the waves carry them to the place where there is no parting. 
There, Jinshuishan and Yin Shuixian survived.
BGM: Li Xianji's "Flower of the Wind": Because of the clear drop of water on the climax of the song, I thought of the tears left by the right eye when You finally kissed the heart, so I chose this song. But because of the need to match some of the lyrics, I did not express the main theme of the one-act play, leaving regrets. 
This slag cut is dedicated to "The Death of the Praise", and I will be able to understand the town and heart of the @菜央央cyy and other friends. Lchanged to zy's Weibo video

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âï¸promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think

.........YES...!!!!!!!!!!..:wub:............always ...always...will be ...........TWO WORLDS...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heartbreak:

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 Lee Jong-suk  Lee Jong-suk we wait for you 
like the master clock early films show the "Korean dream team" of. Zhong Shuo played the North Korean table tennis contestant Cui Jingxi, and he played the simple, tough, simple and patriotic North Korean players, which is very good[flowers][flowers][flowers]. This clip of the clip is my favorite scene in this movie, recommended to everyone. L -seok and fruit 0914 microblogging video

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