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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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6e12174bgy1g1zrwy621hj20u011k0ue.jpg.........do i look like i got my ticket, noona?!:blush:


...cattitude say.....YES..!!!!!!!!!:blush::heart:006yak1yly1g151uqpgvcj30u01hcq6n.jpg

....and....NOONA....say.....I LOVE YOU.........:heart:

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#入坑的第一韩剧# "Listen to your voice"! ! ! Park Xia Xia and Zhang Huixing's life and death are related to each other's brothers and sisters. The love story is touching and unforgettable! Li Zhongshuo and Li Baoying's two powerful actors performed the interpretation of Xia Xing's perfect soul and fresh life! [heart][heart][heart]


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Two powerful Li actors, the best cp in the heart! Your true feelings give Summer Star the most beautiful soul and touching love![good][good][good][heart][heart][heart]
#李钟硕# #李钟硕电影VIP# #更美好的李钟硕# "JShine midday dessert [heart]" 
Li Zhongshuo 131116 2013 APAN STAR AWARDS (source see LOGO). L JShine Lee Jong-suk FanClub seconds to shoot video
More video poke here: O Web links

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Imagini pentru LOVE BOOK GIF

Love, please love 

it. It is easy to fall in love with a man. Nothing great. 
The great thing is that the heart of this person has always been there, not leaving. 

I didn't think that I could have a meal for a long time at the beginning of the meal. 
After eating rice, I really realized that this person is really helpless. 

This person does not have the strength of the usual star. 

People are the lowest-key temper in the world. 
Do not fight for it. I didn't know what it was like when I was in the fire. 

I am immersed in acting and my heart is sinking. Occasionally, look out for the world around you. 
I don't care completely about it. I don't care about it at all. I feel that his kind of lightness is more focused on thorough communication. 

Occasionally, I will go up to ins, send Weibo, always not salty and not talking about the weather, cold and hot, the year of swaying has passed. 

The five fingers of the variety show have been won. 
In addition to acting, there will be a road shot bursting out, and the rest of the time is almost a state of residence, and the dynamics are almost zero. 

It’s really easy to forget, and there’s a forgotten dead house. 

Fortunately, the work is not an unobstructed view. After watching it again, you don’t want to look at the soap opera again. 
So he can quietly watch his deductive characters in the quiet time. 

Look at his deductive characters to outline the different life of the people in the play. 

It's too transparent. So every time I look at the role he plays, I always look at more and more inexplicable surprises. 
How to do it? 
Our male god 

must be standing on the Sansheng stone.
In the last life, I have been an actor in my life. Otherwise, the kind of calmness and understanding that comes from there, as well as the persistence and enthusiasm infiltrated in the bones. 
The contrast with the falling of the bones in the bones forms a contrast between the heavens and the other. 

I always remember that the work of entering the pit was listening. At that time, Xia Xia was just a childish boy who had a scent of grass. 
In a blink of an eye, it seems that it didn't take long for the screen to smash in the pit, and Xia Xia grew into a young man with a handsome figure. 

How do you do this so seamlessly? The more you think, the more you feel that you really have a magical person. 
He is quiet and he does not seem to be very close to the society. 
He is soft and looks very obedient. 

But such a magical person uses a magical way to live out the appearance of the sky. 
Gradually, the more you see, the more he is not as soft as his appearance, but to maintain his rare and unconventional harmony with the world in his gentle and low-key way. 

It is not good at flattering, but the opposite is always straightforward and frank. 
It’s not a good thing, but it’s really amazing, and it’s really amazing. 

It is the kind of truth that you see more, experience more, and the heart is more transparent, on the contrary, the more you can understand and understand. 
Perhaps the more experience, the more the veil of hypocrisy is stripped by itself, the more clearly the heart is, the more it feels the precious truth. 

You look at him. Watched for a long time. 
The more you understand, why do you like this for a long time? 

Even, like a person, irrespective of age, irrespective of gender, and even irrelevant. 
Just because every gaze can make the soul feel calm and quiet. 

There is also a distress. 
Everyone who is distressed by him, even if everyone has a distinct personality, is very different, and can have the indifference and forbearance in the bones.

When I arrived at the representative of Jiang, the kind of inbearance and indifference in the bones had already arrived before, and there was no one to come to the top. 
The representative of ginger is such a person. There is almost no emotional ups and downs, no excessive emotional fluctuations, no much joy, no more sorrow, everything is faint. 
Under the faint appearance, it is wrapped in one of the world's most determined and strong heart. 

Even if the face is full of blood flowing, even if the face is distorted by pain and torture, it is still good to see every angle. 

Zhong Shuo has an inexplicable charm. The charm of natural beauty. 
Even if he is just standing quietly, walking in the crowd, lying arbitrarily, each frame is as pleasing as the pictorials in the picture, but it is natural, unpretentious, faint and self-confident. 

Although not much, even silent. Silence is close to ignorance. 
But the reporters in the interview were frank and honest. 

It's true, when you sink into the water, you will fall in love and fall in love with someone who will love you for a long time. 
Even if I walk around, I finally understand that the reason I like him is not so complicated. To put it bluntly, the simplest reason to like him is that this person’s face with blood and injury can still look like a light smile. It’s too distressing. 

Ask how many people in the world can really make you feel bad. 
Ask how many people in this world can really sink into the water and also call you a sinking water. 

Ask how many people in this world can be deeply remembered in the rolling red dust. 
Ask how many people in this world can make people feel sad when they are sad, when they are lonely, they think of it. 

Very few. 

So, don't forget, peace of mind. 
So, if you love, please love. 
do not give up.:thumbsup::heart:d8bcf3dbgy1fdp6ei4pm9j20nm0fqt9k.jpg

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Park Hyo-sin’s mourning is also the OST of the TV drama 'Da Yu Rong'. K 애상

can have people who miss it. This only makes me 
happy. Love is like that 
. People who can miss it are only 
happy and grateful.


立义 播放
手机 试听


I'll be running again.

My heart rushes back to memory

A long time ago, when you were staying.

I called out the back.

I can hear the sky without anyone knowing

I woke up the tears I had


Love deep inside my heart

You still live in me

A person who raises me again every tough moment


My love is scattered and my heart is broken

Even if my heart breaks and hurts me

There's someone to miss.

Happily, it's love.


You can close your eyes.

... ...https://www.xiami.com/song/3395436

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