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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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 Li Zhongshuo's
interesting soul
looks good in thousands ofpockets , and the interesting soul picks one. 

Personally think, the amount, a person living in the world, there are souls are already rare to see, not to mention the soul is interesting, but not one of the best. 

Before going to bed last night, I saw Zhong Shuo’s comments on W World. 
I have seen it before and I don’t understand it at all. The large section of the comment, with the background sound of W, the two sounds overlap, but clear and sweet, calm and peaceful, very suitable for hypnosis music before sleep. 
Thanks to the hard work and hard work of our dear world's slowest subtitle group, I finally got a Chinese version, ecstasy, tears, and thanks[love you][love you][love you]

to the most conflicting plot of the story. 
The ups and downs of the ups and downs were all framed. 
Juvenile Jiang Zhe jumped into the river. I met with Wu Yuzhu. Shooting Wu Haozhu. 
And the artist's theory, anger, a large section of the word spurt out. Shooting and shooting the painter, suicide on the Hanjiang Bridge. 
Jiang Zhe found that he was only a character who lived in a painter's pen, and the whole world was overturned. The whole world is still. 

I felt that the gaze of the camera slowly remembered, and the people who said slowly looked very good. 
Looking at him, I feel that the feelings of this person are full of heart, and it seems that the whole heart will overflow. 

He is doing something he likes very much and enjoys. 
Therefore, the methods of shooting, the energy and physical strength spent at that time, are all understated. This is to fall down. 
Because the writer wrote this, the director wanted to take a feeling of falling. It was a bit hard to shoot. 
This part of the filming is a dumping, and it is very hard for the cyclist to fall from the bicycle many times. 

Maybe we can see the back of the finished product, it is a one-time drop, once again hanging on the Han River Bridge. The body was wet again and again by the cold rain.
No one knows what kind of exhaustion he experienced after the sporadic words, what kind of hard work he has experienced. 
When I was filming, I was always hurt a lot. The face, back, arms, and back of the hand were all traces of injury. 
These all-in-one numbers have been taken in a hurry. 
Well, it’s a bit hard. 

He is doing something he likes and is obsessed with. 
Sitting down and watching his work, he can be very keen to find the place of regret. 
Here, because the feelings are not enough, this scene is a pity. 
When I said this, it was the young Jiang Zhe who grabbed the railing of the Hanjiang Bridge with one hand. 

Here, the sound is too low. Not very well handled. He said a little regret. When I said this, it was a dialogue with Wu Yuzhu. 

Listening to him saying this, I really think this person is too interesting. 
For the performance, it is not completely obeying the guidance of the director, the sketch of the scriptwriter. 
Instead, it will be imagined in the brain for thousands of times. 
He can look at this scene, and the size of the film is in his mind. 
Knowing what kind of framing, where he stands can produce the best results. 
Imagine every subtle emotion, what kind of tone and tone should be used to express the rich emotions of the characters in a wider area. 
Know what kind of feelings should be used to express the rich world of the character. 
Try to avoid lengthy monotonous and boring performances. 

Seeing Douban has such a comment. Romance is an appendix to the book. The female owner is interesting. The male owner is also very interesting. He saw his chosen work and thought he was a very intelligent person. 

He always knew where he should work, know his strengths, and his weaknesses. 
He is too transparent. Live is too clear. Look at the waking hours of his comments and know directly. 

No one in the world is more harsh on him than Li Zhongshuo. 
But this kind of sobriety and cruelty made him the one we saw today.
This has been running, his eyes are shining with unyielding light, and he has been working hard all the time. 

Believe me, there are not so many interesting souls, so be sure to cherish the precious.:heart:

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#下班分享# Two lovely and kind children. (thinking)
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