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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Imagini pentru LOVE BOOK GIF..the archive....:wub:摇曳绽放的花 

昨天 19:31 来自 iPhone客户端

Happy End (English Ver.) 
Everytime I catch you in my eyes
Tremble in my heart
You’re the only one
No one else
Never have I felt like this way
A little lost I am
Somewhere in the air
Oh oh oh oh
Things will be alright
Million times I say
I believe
Tell me now
One day things will ...全文
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    昨天 17:37 来自 iPhone客户端

    《W-两个世界》姜哲 [好喜欢]
    Cr. Marga_Hh
    他最有魅力的角色永远在下一部 [笑哈哈]"W-Two Worlds" Jiang Zhe
    Cr. Marga_Hh
    I liked something that I have understood for several years.
    His most attractive character is always in the next
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3-25 14:16

ARENA 2019.04 
Q: There are many characters played. Who is going to choose a favorite character? 
A: The car envoy that plays now in Luobe is a perfect character without edges and corners. Che Enhao is the first. The characters shot by the side, the characters that have been played before are all growing characters, must be tested, and gradually grow up with specific events as an opportunity, but Che Enhao is a finished character, which was produced when acting. Imagine the same idea as Che Enhao, so I like it more. I wanted to give a gift to the fans before I joined the army, but I was very happy to bring the characters in my life to me. I am the most mature person in the role I played, so I like 

it very much! ! !



Q: What is bothering you now is it? 
A:? Relationships I think I am a lonely man 

I am also:wub:
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I'm reading the book that is you
Turning page by page 
I read several times
But I never get sick of your story
As I read your book
I smiled so many times
All the stories you tell me
Make my entire day just pass by
This is the highlight
It's my favorite part, highlight
Our fluttering story
I read several times but I still get butterflies.
This is the highligh!!


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