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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Roman history is a separate book of the
adult fairy tale of

thirty-seven years old, losing marriage. unable to find a job. Raise the child alone. 

The younger brother asked, where are you? 
She said that I am on the edge of my life. 

There are no shoes under the feet, bare feet, and the heels are worn out and bloody. 
The whole body was drenched by the rain. 

Poor on the passbook. The only house that can shelter from the wind and rain has been demolished, and there is nowhere to go. 

She seems to be unaware that only Che Enhao can rely on. But it won't be because, hey, kid, I saved you. If it weren't for me, you would have been gone, and there would be such a thought today. 
For such a younger brother, it is always the first thing that the subconscious mind thinks. The first one wants to protect the concern. The only one who wants to rely on, the only one who can show off. 

This is a lonely woman who is left behind. When the child says, Mom, I will send the doctor’s bill to your mobile phone. 

The weather was very cold, she was barefoot, so I couldn't help but want to find her warm clothes. 

It hurts a lot. 
How cold it is. 
It’s so helpless. 

No matter how helpless, you can always shine with a stubborn light in your eyes. 
No matter how lonely, I have not forgotten to take away the green onions I have raised. 

This is the story of an adult woman. 
The little girl may look impatient. I can really feel the same feeling when I am older by the screen. 

The world never belongs to us. 

Good-looking man, rich man, this is a picture that we can only see from the distance. 

However, she still never had a man like a younger brother asking for help. 
I will not say a word. 
Even if she knew that she would help if she spoke.

So even if it was just the first episode, I started to like the woman. 
Don't lie to me, I don't believe you are really not curious. 

A helpless woman who has lost her marriage started her career, and I don’t think this is a Korean drama. 

The Korean drama chosen by Lee Jong-soo is actually not a Korean drama. 
Or go deep into the bottom of society, or go deep into the spiritual world of writers of the last era. 
Even this time, I only want to play a relaxed romantic comedy, but when the audience is in the sweet, sweet, no-brain watching comedy, the unexpected feeling is actually not As I thought before, as long as the value of the face can be a good bubble. 

Perhaps I have seen fewer Korean dramas, and there seems to be no such miserable woman in my memory. 
In the first half of my life, Luo Zijun had a similar situation, but compared to Zijun, Dan Yi was much worse. 

Zijun's husband is not in love, but when he really wants to get divorced, he is really reluctant to let go, but he is too sticky and will be counted as a woman who can't turn back. 

Daniel’s husband did not return to the dust, and the children were too lazy to care for half. 

Zijun was divorced, and the child and father were hurting. Grandparents and grandmothers were at ease, and Danyi’s children were afraid to see a doctor even if they were sick. 

I prefer this woman who smiles brightly and looks like a woman who can't die. 
I also like the first moment when I know that my sister is so depraved. The most frustrating and direct feeling is that you are so angry that you don’t know anything about Che Enhao. 

Although it is a fairy tale for adults, I see Danyi's most valuable side. 
Open-minded, transparent, no blame. Such a woman is loved by a good younger brother. It is not a hole in the wind, because the precious flash of her body is not the pleasure that the appearance can bring, but the part that really touches the heart. 

The most real feeling of seeing the second episode is that a good screenwriter is really important. 
Passing the correct three views, paving the way for people to watch the story, to build the intricate relationship of the characters, can not help but want to explore the curiosity.

The tears smiled and flew together, and both moved and hearted. Telling the truth, Li Zhongshuo is the most powerful. He will have a picture in his mind. Tell me the truth, I always believe that he knows what he wants, what should be done next, what goals should be achieved. 

Looking at the warmth and watching the tears. 
This is the fairy tale of adults. 

Although, today I still feel that if there is Jiang Danyi in life, maybe she will be as bitter as she is in the second half of her life. 
A high school graduate can get a job to retire, and several part-time jobs for her daughter to support her, and better to meet a normal man who raises her daughter or child alone, two people bump into each other. Have a good time. 

The encounter with a man who is so handsome in the sky as Che Enhao is a thousand points. 

But the meaning of fairy tales is that whenever we don't give up a bunch of hopeful seedlings in our hearts. 
Just smile and tell yourself not to give up hope. 
As long as you are cheering on yourself, you must keep a goodwill and a sincerity. 

Come on Jiang Danyi. 

... The most touching of today's share, from the source of Che Enhao: I saw the crying sister, I feel that my heart has collapsed. I [tears][tears][tears]

hope that the woman in the world has a car cherished her car. 
And: The happiest thing is, looking at the feelings that flowed out of his eyes when he looked at his sister, so sincere and true.d8bcf3dbgy1fzlkd6ebr8j20hs0bvmxx.jpg
[good][good][good][Be careful for you][Be careful for you][Be careful for you][heart][heart][heart][sad][sad][sad][flowers][flowers][flowers]:wub::wub::wub::wub:

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Nu este disponibilÄ nicio descriere pentru fotografie.Romance is a Bonus Book.
Text preview for Episode 3.
Broadcast date: 2019-02-02 (Saturday)

It took seven years to start a corporate life again, and Dan-yi wanted to spend it well. (Lee Na-young). But for the contractual staff of the working group, what they want is nothing more than an auntie who does odd jobs. 
Dan-yi, who was hiding in Eun-ho's (Lee Jong-suk) home, has to face the crisis of being expelled from his home. 
Dan-yi, who is looking for a house, meets Seo-Joon (Wi Ha-Joon), a handsome man who found her shoes.

Translated by withSusan.
Proofread by @
Lee Jong Suk_JShine Fanclub

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tumblr_plzlcdcCwN1vpmpmko1_400.gif tumblr_plzlcdcCwN1vpmpmko2_400.gif

tumblr_plzlcdcCwN1vpmpmko3_r1_400.gif tumblr_plzlcdcCwN1vpmpmko4_r1_400.gif

....you can't  take two steps there without falling into a tunnel of love....:relaxed::heart:


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Swaying blooming flowers 

4 hours ago from iPhone client

"Romantic is a separate appendix" road shot 


5 hours ago from iPhone 6

2019.01.29 "monkey hotel" album introduction 
jannabi's first regular album "Monkey Hotel" 
consists of a total of ten tracks composed of all the tracks of this album constitute a story. 
Please listen to it! 
1. "Goodnight" (Intro) 
tortured and devastated John in the annoying daily life of his hometown. 
Flee from the exhausted daily life to the first night of the monkey hotel. 
A song that sings and sleeps while insomnia. 
The intro of the Jonh singer who will become the observer of everything that happens in the monkey hotel. 

"People are very lonely, no one is a special case, don't think too miserable" 
2. " There is nothing left in the summer after the summer," 
John, who woke up from the song that didn't know where to come from, overheard whether I don't know if Amy's love for the lost love, who missed the love of the lost love. 
It’s already a thing of the past, so now I’m determined to open my heart for a new love. 

"After the rest of the summer night like much but still for the next coming who have reservations" 
starting today, will be updated in a regular series 1 song in digital video - daily 
video selected in 2017 The official version of the year-end concert. Although the Chinese characters of these two songs have been issued not long ago, the song "Summer Summer" has every unique feeling in every game. Please always see the last, there will be surprises. Surprise only belongs to the treasure@bandjannabi ~ 
Lyrics / album story translation: @舞的崔政勋 
Video production: @史  jannabi #bandjannabi# #jannabi中字# Jannabi_Club's Weibo video
timeline_card_small_super_default.png timeline_card_small_video_default.png
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Swaying blooming flowers 

4 hours ago from iPhone client

Shooting only needs to play a few bars, but one month in advance to practice the whole song. "Romantic is a separate appendix" 1, 2 episodes of shooting jpgif Cr. RANG5959[Be careful for you]

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 Li Baoying met in listening Zhang debate in the know "mother" of Jiang Xiuzhen your smile on your tears for your forthright about your desire not to tender your resistance to the outcome of the people you have no resistance Brief Encounter I'm sorry I'm late accompany you through the rest of the day together there to give me share some cute little British treasure Ernie high-quality pictures thanks[love you]
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  • 0072259zly1fznwyx1v54j30u01407c0.jpg
  • 0072259zly1fznwyxcucxj30xc18g0wn.jpg

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