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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Concentrated concentration!!! 9 o'clock tonight!!!! 
Meet in the tvN and naughty cute out of Ndanyi :heart::thumbsup: 

# 罗曼史is an appendix tonight at 9 o'clock tonight to send stjerne_ seconds videotimeline_card_small_video_default.png


2 hours 68d4f61fgy1fzjw5tymmog20go0btnph.gif


2 hours ago

Wrinkled nose and drums, it’s also very hard to promote[笑了cry]
Jiang Danyi stills update

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...YOUR EARS..?!!!!!!!!!!!:relaxed:..REALLY...?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:blush::heart:


...THE EARS.....for I HEAR YOUR VOICE....!!!!!!!!:heart::thumbsup:

..THE BODY......for....ROMANCE IS A BONUS BOOK...!!!!!!!!!:heart::thumbsup:

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 Li Baoying
17 years Illustrated, 18 years to do a year of wallpaper
for 19 years, finally put 18 years Illustrated
it a treasure for 19 years continue operating Mimi da oh[shame]
so I can change the wallpaper and some[haha]
last Tucao about , are obviously Mei Mei photos, choose a spicy do wallpaper but it is difficult, trained, trained, trained,[handstool]weak weak say I actually still prefer another on the set[not simple]
orz fact, I was after a lapse of several days to take a bubble[跪了]today is A day of heart and waiting for Li Baoying[Be careful for you]


  • 006rySvDly1fzjuk3w512j30j60j6ta3.jpg
  • 006rySvDly1fzjuk3w512j30j60j6ta3.jpg
  • 006rySvDly1fzjuj4ynn9j30u01hcqsm.jpg
  • 006rySvDly1fzjujbtcwaj30u01hcb29.jpg
  • 006rySvDly1fzjujmn6f0j30u01hc1ky.jpg
  • 006rySvDly1fzjuk2xqiaj30u01hc7wi.jpg
  • 006rySvDly1fzjuk483jij30ad0bimy7.jpg

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47 minutes ago

EP1: The plot is not too much accident because of the prelude. It is quite fast to use a set of narratives to find a female divorce and divorce to apply for a job interview. The photography is good. The female host’s memory is quite deep, and I heard Jannabi’s song. Everyone in the car is fascinating, and it’s super funny when it’s splashed. The first time I saw someone playing this role is too fresh (I haven’t found the adjective kkk yet)68d4f61fgy1fzkdustgm2j21yk12dn46.jpg


9 minutes ago

Although the owner of the car is a variety of handsome and windy eyes can not see, there are bathrobes and glasses my day, the most heart-warming is here :heart:

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