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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Swaying blooming flowers 

3 hours ago from iPhone client

Jiang Mianyi, 
who is quietly Mimi’s Che Enhao Tibetan cat, puts the campus as a professor of the T station 
in the employer’s house to help the big man’s 
comedy first episode of the first episode of 
“Romantic is an appendix”. Cr. loverddot[Too happy]

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 Lee Jong-suk
Lee cast
me yesterday very young colleagues said bell master of drama soon to be aired. 
Then my lovely little colleague said to me very seriously. Although I have seen very few Korean dramas, I will carefully follow each of Zhong Shuo’s plays. Every drama he shot I felt good quality. 

This is the most pertinent evaluation of Li Zhongshuo by almost everyone. Even if he is not familiar with him, at least he will never forget his work, and he will catch up. Perhaps this is the life he is looking for and what he wants. 

If you really want to trace it back, think about the long-lasting Korean dramas that have been passed down after ten or twenty years. The three words of Li Zhongshuo will not be erased. 

Because of the age relationship, it is really difficult to talk about it, and it is rarely against your own circle. How much do you like this person? Just silently like it. 
It may be such a silent one, so it is only to put the kind of hard-to-draw emotions on Weibo to say, but even so, the kind of likes can’t help but take the lead. Whenever you ask questions, how do you know how to cough? I like Li Zhongshuo. 
It’s always the same answer, haha, everyone on earth knows. 

Most people think that he only has a shallow skin and beautiful. Most people think that most people who like him are only greedy with his skin. 
How do they know that the bones of his skin, the bones are clear, and the inside is the top of the land. 
When he was a teenager, he was very active, and he was curious in everything. He always had a warm arms and embraced him. When you are happy, walk around. Suddenly a random gust of wind ran away and disappeared. 
In his early twenties, he likes to stick to people, and he is too shy. Often common strangers can't even say a word. 
But this is a shy, sensitive person, by the age of 30, but has been able to shoulder the storm. At the age of thirty, it has been calm and steady. 

In his teens, his bones are slender and look like girls more than boys. 
In his early twenties, his bones are still slender and beautiful, and his face is clean like a fairy.
Thirty years old, I think he is more beautiful. 

The bones are long open, but they are still pretty and beautiful. 
The five senses are still soft and moving, but the eyes of the people are full and firm. 

It is such a person who gave the best look of growth. 
The most difficult thing is the age of 30. If you give him a white cloak, look at the camera, then condense, turn around and look back, then bow down for a moment, time is no longer there. 
In the eyes, it still seems to be a sense of juvenile overflowing, full, clear, and clear. 
Everything was the time when I fell in love with Park Xia Xia and fell in love with Gao Nanzhen. 

Still like the teenager who was annoyed with how to act. 
I also searched for the background of the character as I did at the beginning. I also circulated thousands of times in my mind for a line. 
Also, as in the beginning, except for the performance of the play, the disappearance is not outside the crowd. 
It was also a script that didn't leave the scene for a moment, and it was like a writer who knew and went deeper than the scriptwriter. 

Also, when I was not laughing at the beginning, it was a cool and handsome big man, but it was a little cute with a sudden change in style. 
I also kept checking the playback device as I did at the beginning, and the eyes that stared at the camera were always so sincere, shining with the moving light. 

It’s a life of old people, a happy soul, and a quiet soul that this person has in this turbulent era. 
In this world, it is not easy to have a unique soul inside the body. 
What's more, such richness and quietness, such ambition and persistence, are more and more admired and liked. 

Someone always asks why you like Koreans. 

In fact, I like this thing, I really can't be forced to come. At a certain moment, for a moment, my heart flickers with an aura, and that feeling comes.
I don't know when that feeling may be gone. So the passers-by powder becomes pure powder, only the powder becomes loose powder, the loose powder turns into black powder, and the black powder turns to passers-by. These years, I saw some people like duckweed came, and gradually learned to smile and said it doesn't matter, my child is transparent. 

Speaking of it, he did penetrate to the level of horrible. When I was young, I didn’t have a second of fluttering. I was always so slick and harsh on myself. I always kept a vigilant and clear-cut philosopher who was hard to possess. 

I always wonder what kind of survival rule a person like this would be if I were in the country where I live. 
I always wonder what kind of life chances such a person would have if I were in the country where I am. 

First of all, I will think, in that case, whether a person who is crazy about music can perform for forty years, or perhaps he has no suitable performances at the age of his acting. 
Secondly, I am thinking, a person who is so obsessed with acting, facing the country where I am, whether his values of world outlook and outlook on life can still be consistent, always maintaining a transcendental attitude outside his works. world. 
Maybe, maybe not. But no matter how he can do it, I must follow his personality. If you really reluctantly do things against yourself, your heart must be painful and suffering. 

If you think about it, you would rather be a Korean. 
Of course, there are too many indulging diseases in South Korea, but such a country has created Li Zhongshuo today. 
I have been running all the time and have been thinking. I have always been clear about what kind of time I am in. I have been soberly aware of how he can fly on the blade. 

Look at him, always with infinite feelings and respect. I always remember that a friend once told me that he is the most suitable object for observing anthropology. 
Every step of his choice, his every trajectory of growth, the interpretation of each of his works, every sentence he said has a scientific research significance for the discussion and observation of anthropology. 

He has the qualities of a large group of fans, and his appearance looks so smart and sharp, that is, what everyone said has the savvy and capable face of Seoul, and looks like a genius.
In life, the halo of his faded character is the easy-going and easy-going life of ordinary people. He often carries the distress of ordinary people and thinks that he is ordinary and boring, so he lives so faintly. Quietly accumulate energy, thick and thin hair. 

Stealing that this is what an actor should have. 
It’s just that he likes it.:wub:
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....six days.:wub:....panna cota...:innocent:....yummy.:heart:..yummy.:heart:....panna cota...:thumbsup:cinemagraph artist on instagram

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I don't know how you do what you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I'm amazed by you

#goodnight Oppa Jong Suk-ssi :sleepy:

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.....first snow..:wub:...first tears for love.:wub:...first pain.....:wub:...first.....................WE.....:heart:

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Swaying blooming flowers 

7 hours ago from iPhone client

Participate in the tvN drama "Romance is not, Appendix" broadcast commemoration bookstores do not have a book called Appendix 
reportedly P1, book bags in store only limited Oh 
Cr. Byeolcheck 
tvN 신작 드라마 <로맨스 는 별책 부록> 방영 기념이벤트를저희별책부록서점에서도진행합니다.

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7 hours ago

Wuli Enhao's home, the publishing house is the place to shoot the dance notice, it feels good.
  • 68d4f61fgy1fzcrv8ymi9j21yq13s7du.jpg
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  • 68d4f61fgy1fzcrv82z3cj21yq13sqdk.jpg

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Fotografia postatÄ de Lee Jong Suk FansRu.

Romance is a supplementary book" Director / writer "Na Young ♥ Lee Jong-seok, no MSG Human Rocco"


"Romance is a separate supplement" Director / writer "Na Young ♥ Lee Jong-seok, no MSG Human Rocco"

TVN new gild drama Romance is a supplementary book (written by Chung Hyun- jeong Lee Jung-hyo) with a warm emotion and pleasant sympathy. Open. 

The romance comedy is a romantic comedy about the story of people who make books in the background of publishers. Lee Jong - seok 's encounter with Na Yong' s return to the drama and romantic comedy showcasing his new charm, has attracted a lot of attention since the broadcast. The reunion of Lee Jung Hyo and Jung Hyeon Jeong, who created the 'Romance Needed', which has been said so far with 'Rocco Bible', is another Honeymoon point where Romance is a separate supplement. It is making drama fans shake up expecting a differentiated romantic comedy with a warm sensibility. The 'Rococo Dream Team' directed by Lee Jung Hyo and Chung Hyun Jung directly raised the expectation by saying 'Romance is a separate supplement'.

It is the work that represents the romance of 'tvN vote' that 'romance is needed' which received the love of the viewers with hot sympathy every season. Jeong Hyun-jung's distinctive mind-bending history and honest and realistic stories gained full support from female viewers.Lee Chung-hyo's sensational and delicate directing, which does not miss a detailing sentiment line here, is a perfect combination, and he has cultivated 'rofol' mania. A new work by Jeong Hyeon-jung, who starts with "I need romance," and brings up a realistic look with warm and emotional stories such as "Discovery of Love" and "Five Kids" The synergy with Lee Jung Hyo is also an important factor. His return to Rocco, which received a strong support for mysticism and sensational production, regardless of genres such as TVN 'Good Wife' and OCN 'Life On Mars', makes 'Romance a separate supplement' as the best anticipated work of 2019. 

Lee Jung Hyo said, "Chung Hyun-jung is a genius of 'Rocco'. Unlike traditional romantic comedies, the script is as dense and compact as a genre. Above all, I do not miss the intimate story of people even in romance. It's been a long time to hear the drama in my heart. " Jeong Hyeon-jeong writes, "The script is just the beginning and it is completed by directing Lee Jung-hyo." They added to the romantic comedy that they will be creating.

About the distinction between 'I need romance' and 'Jeong Hyeon-jung', Jung Hyun-jung explained, 'Although it is a different work from' Lo Pil ', it can be similar in that it feels like experiencing the amplitude of emotion directly. It is 'Human' Rocco without MSG. There is a human who is different from 'rofil'. Old and warm feeling, "adding to expectations. 

Another point of differentiation and attraction is that the publisher is the main stage of the story. In the era when books are going away, I focus on the 'people' who live hot and fiercely to make one book. This is also the point of the 'Human' that Lee Jung Hyo emphasized earlier.The struggle of those who demonstrate realistic and diverse lives, such as career-cut women, mistaken new entrants, enthusiastic veterans, a lot of troublemakers, and promising 3-year-old representatives, empathize with a broad audience. 

Jung Hyun-jung writes about people who live and report directly to the publishing house. Chung Hyun-jung writes, "Everything in the world has become cool. Friendship, love is just the same as not shaking everyday life. I hope that Romance will be healing with the deep relationship and love of the people in the separate appendix. "I would also like to reconsider what we should be like in the relationship between people and people through the pulpit and the eunhoe." All.

The extraordinary credibility of Na Yong and Lee Jong Suk has been revealed without any consideration. Lee Jung Hyo said, "Na Young tries to play the real thing. It is a great learning that you can put down your joy and not be afraid of anything. Through this drama, you will see another attraction of Na Young. Lee Jong-seok is a perfectionist who runs a script rather than me. Great actor, "he praised. Chung Hyun-jung writes, "From the first meeting until now, Na Young has been surprised at the actor every moment. Lee Jong-seok is too soft, delicate and hard to be sharp. I thought that I could take out the resemblance to Eunho from Lee Jong Suk who had various charms. He is a wonderful actor in that he is prepared to be serious and perfect. " 

Lastly, Director Lee Jung Hyo said, "'Romance is a separate supplement' is a drama different from the existing 'Rocco'. There is romance, and the struggle of the bookmakers is pleasantly melted. With a pleasant smile, you can feel the sound of your heart once each time. It will be a warm drama. " https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&amp;aid=0000703786
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