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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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follow our instagramfollow our instagramfollow us on instagram..and...now....i want a kiss.:wub:....a big kiss:heart:something new and exciting for this blog! look who visited us for breakfast :) his name is Sheridan and he is my friendâs pet bunny. we barely managed to keep him still for a few shots as he was running around and hiding in pillows :) i love animals......please, a Cuba kiss...!!!!:innocent:Imagine similarÄ..........:heart::heart::heart:Imagine similarÄ....26 january....the beginnnig......for you and me....!!!...bonus...a KISS...!!!:thumbsup:


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A-Man Project Naver Post Update-1
  • e838d6c5gy1fzbn3s8yl6j20rs15oka2.jpg
  • e838d6c5gy1fzbn3ud52yj20xc0m87kj.jpg
  • e838d6c5gy1fzbn3pub3xj20rs15oqig.jpg
  • e838d6c5gy1fzbn3wbde0j20rs15oaye.jpg
  • e838d6c5gy1fzbn3yc3ypj20rs15o7ru.jpg
  • e838d6c5gy1fzbn3zgitmj20xc0m8qbw.jpg
  • e838d6c5gy1fzbn40nme1j20m80xc12t.jpg
  • e838d6c5gy1fzbn42n80cj20rs15oh11.jpg
  • e838d6c5gy1fzbn44gln3j20rs15oe0g.jpg
    A-Man Project Naver Post Update-2
    • e838d6c5gy1fzbn6qy939j20xc0m8wto.jpg
    • e838d6c5gy1fzbn6rtirtj20xc0m8ncg.jpg
    • e838d6c5gy1fzbn6t6do6j20rs15ottx.jpg
    • e838d6c5gy1fzbn6ull77j20xc0m87jx.jpg
    • e838d6c5gy1fzbn6qack9j20xc0m8ar4.jpg
    • e838d6c5gy1fzbn6vu3udj20rs15ob29.jpg
    • e838d6c5gy1fzbn6yxcq2j20rs15o1kx.jpg
    • e838d6c5gy1fzbn70rt5oj20rs15odyq.jpg
    • e838d6c5gy1fzbn7275iaj20rs15owx7.jpg

      Swaying blooming flowers 

      7 hours ago from iPhone client

      The car owner's poster shooting scene is open! 
      Cr. amanproject2018 
      주말을망치러온나의구원자, 나의편집장, 나의차은호 
      ✔️Web links . . 친구들아#이제_주말저녁은_알아서_피하자 #편집장님_만나러_가야해timeline_card_small_web_default.png

      • e838d6c5gy1fzblptoqenj20u011in2w.jpg
      • e838d6c5gy1fzblpuaxoaj20u011igs2.jpg
      • e838d6c5gy1fzblpw5xn3j20u011idnn.jpgMy savior who has ruined the weekend, my editor,

      • Finally, the first broadcast of the # romance is coming up for another week!
        I will post on the poster shooting of the editor who became a bestseller in my mind!
        ✔Web links. . Friends. Now, __ on weekends. _ I'll take care of you.

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