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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Swaying blooming flowers 

1 hour ago from iPhone client

Today's gift :heart: 
amanproject unpublished party Cr.amanproject2018 #노둥파티 . . . #오늘의_선물#로맨스는별책부록[rabbit]


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5 hours ago

tvN launched the Lobe Start Commemorative Event, bought books in the following four independent bookstores, and uploaded the photos of the bookmarked postcards to the SNS certification, and you can get gifts (nightlights and keychains) by lottery. Event time: 1.19-1.29 

bookstore : :wub:buku.bookstore/:wub:byeolcheck/:wub:danginbookplant/:wub:dasibookshop
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    4 hours ago

    I like books very much. I have to go to the library I like to play, and I am a fan of Haruki Murakami. I bought all the novel essays published in China before 1Q84. Although Luo Bi is mainly interested in love drama, the background of the book is also very good.[rabbit]
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      3 hours ago

      Bookmarks and postcards, really want to [tears]cr mojiddot


      15 minutes ago

      ʻRoman history is an appendix of the album' director · screenwriter "Li Na Ying Ying Li Zhongshuo, no romantic comedy of MSG people"
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Fotografia postatÄ de Lee Jong Suk FansRu.

[Korean Entertainment News]:wub:
[#LeeJongSuk × #LeeNaYoung#RomanceIsABonusBook: First episode trailer released!]
"Romance is a Bonus Book" released the trailer video of the first episode. 
The tvN Saturday and Sunday drama 'Romance is a Bonus Book" scheduled to start broadcasting in Korea depicts the stories of people making books against the backdrop of the publisher, a temporary popular copywriter but a woman whose career was cut off It is a romantic comedy developed around Kang Dani (Lee Na Young) and "Idol of the literary circle" star artist Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk). Struggle for solitary fellows of people who make books stimulates warm empathy with pleasant laughter and the romance that comes along as a separate book will attract viewers with a crush.

Prior to this, teaser images and posters Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young breathed aroused viewers before broadcasting. As expectations for broadcasting get hotter day by day, finally the trailer video of the first episode is released and attention gathers.

Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk who wore a white white wedding dress with Lee Na Young's narration saying "If there is a day when I want to go back to the time and return the time, it is just that moment" Begin with scenes that run together. What is the moment you want to return, why Kang Dani and Cha Eun Ho went hand in hand, the curiosity is stimulated by the two stories.

Then, when the sentence saying "their new chapters have started" appears on the screen, the real world spreads and Kang Dani who walks in the rain with a tired face shows "Someone suddenly appeared and I will not believe the story that will save my life, I will not believe it. " And to respond to this, "When Kan · Dani is laughing I'm laughing too, Kang Dani crying my heart hurts and my heart seems to go crazy. I am worried, my heart is in my heart" With the monologue of Cha Eun Ho, warm His figure of embracing Kang · Dani is reflected, giving crowds and excitement to the viewers.

More than anything, in this video, I am drawn to romantic synergy between Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young. Lee Na Young, who returns to the smol screens for the first time in about nine years, draws out the feelings of Kang Dani, who starts the second act of life, in detail, and Lee Jong Suk who plays the genius writer Cha Eun Ho with a cold but warm heart, even just the more detailed delicacy and deeper looking eyes catch the viewer's gaze.

“Romance is a Bonus Book” will air its first episode on January 26 at 9 p.m. KST.

Korea Entertainment General Information Site - KOARI
Via: https://www.lee-jongsuk.jp/information/10150/


#이종석 #李鍾碩 #李钟硕 #イジョンソク #อีจงซอก#jongsuk0206 #kdrama #jongsuk #koreandrama#amanproject #A_ManProject #
Lee Jong Suk FansRu


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34 minutes ago from second shot web version

[He is coming] 
This year is also with Li Zhongshuo. I am going to meet with Li Zhongshuo, who is in our hearts, in the "Roman History is an appendix", please look forward to the high-cut 234, his full-filled pictorial and interview ♥ ️ stjerne_ seconds videotimeline_card_small_video_default.png


24 minutes ago

Li Zhongshuo for highcut, another hope[憧憬]
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Ah, ah[heart][heart]
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