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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Swaying blooming flowers 

21 minutes ago from iPhone client

"If Jiang Danyi laughs, I will be happy. If 
Jiang Danyi is crying, then I will be crazy and 
I will be curious about my heart." 
Once again, I am 
addicted to someone's gentleness . Cr. loverddot
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 Lee Jong-suk  romance with separate volume appendix there is a TV actor Lee should be a harvest aid car to say his favorite actor is the cause of most of loyalty Chen He directed the filming of emerald blue ocean and later the director shot himself during the winter to Director Chen He sent a busy coffee car and also took a guest appearance. Director Zheng Xiuzhen’s evaluation of the Queen because of the relationship between the Li Bible and the guest of the weightlifting goblin went to the fish cake fans to meet for Yin Junxiang’s new drama Amway and returned to Variety III after three and a half years. Three times of three meals and Park Hui Lian's writers have cooperated in numerous times to publicly indicate that Park is an important person in his actor's path. The actors who cooperated in private have become close relatives. He has always been grateful for how warm and delicate it is worth to be loved.


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