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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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...off topic...[sad][sad][sad]:cry::cry::heartbreak:

"TV Animal Farm" is another heartbreaking abandonment of the dog "Fu Shi" story [tears][tears][tears][tears]in a community guard room in South Korea, there is a dog called Fu Shi. Fushi has been here for 10 years, and it doesn't go anywhere every day, just stay here and wait for who. Fu Shi’s daily recurring thing is to chase after others and then disappoint... According to the residents of the community, the owner of Fu Shi is a resident of this community. When he moved, he lost Fu Shi here. This is 10 year. Fu Shi also changed from a little girl to a grandmother. The kind-hearted residents sent him dog food, but because there was no tooth, Fu Shi couldn't bite the dog food. Everyone would make the dog food into powder and let Fu Shi eat it. At the end of the day, Fu Shi returned to the well-meaning residents to sleep in the nest. The program group took the unskilled blessings to the pet hospital for examination. The doctor said, "Compared with this age, Fushi is in good health, but suffers from cataracts and cannot distinguish people in the distance." I used this increasingly invisible eye to find my own master. The doctor said, "If you are a good person, if you change the environment, it will feel psychologically uneasy and have an impact on health." So the best thing about the present welfare is to let it go back and continue. Looking for and waiting for your own master, this may be the only little happiness of Fu Shi... I hope that your future life will meet the family who grew up with you... L struggles in South Korea's Weibo video

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Zhong Shuo's friends around Bo PlanetL 

17 hours ago from iPhone X

[shame]So pink
@jongsuk-push : Li Zhongshuo's cold winter, we finally put on a sweater and a mineral water bottle that my father had drunk to take a photo, commemorate 2019, and love my father with my mother. @李钟硕@钟硕小朋友的周边博PlanetLtimeline_card_small_super_default.png 

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P5 I am dead, [跪了]so cute treasure
 Lee Hi  Lee Hee  Baoying

fact, my first pair of CP is that[haha][haha]
when you hear the sound of that conference-British nowhere to place the older sister Mei Mei ah +[笑红][Be careful for you][笑红]
you have considered Yoon Sang-hyun feel it[笑红][笑红][笑红]


  • 62ab2753gy1fymol9hdyxj20xc18g1kx.jpg
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  • 62ab2753gy1fymol5d26uj218g0xc1j0.jpg
  • 62ab2753gy1fymol3s351j218g0xc4qp.jpg
  • 62ab2753gy1fymoldi1yoj20eg0egq4r.jpg
  • 62ab2753gy1fymolcccd5j21kk1kke81.jpg
  • 62ab2753gy1fymolcxr5oj20co0go0tz.jpg
  • 62ab2753gy1fymole26rrj20dw0a0n4c.jpg
  • 62ab2753gy1fymol75updj20xc18g7tq.jpg
  • 62ab2753gy1fymol9hdyxj20xc18g1kx.jpg

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7 hours ago

190106 ig story 

update songs in the middle of the night, go to listen:thumbsup::heart:


5 hours ago

Is the Jannabi band taking part in the shooting of Rabe? Hahaha, saying that Romance 2 uses Lasse Lindh that I like very much, and I also look forward to the soundtrack of the new drama cr the_jayu_company
  • 68d4f61fgy1fywo834cbcj211m0qy10o.jpg
  • 68d4f61fgy1fywo83rrhcj20u00gwacb.jpg
  • 68d4f61fgy1fywo824zr5j20u00gwabe.jpg
  • 68d4f61fgy1fywo83cgyrj20u00gw763.jpg

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