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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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..no more !...no more number FOUR !!!! ..of course !!!!!!!

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살 짝 초 점 나 갔 갔 갔 만 갔 너 너 너 무 무 뻐 서 서 google translate You can not do it without me.

 Lee Jong-suk [rabbit] romance with separate volume appendix [rabbit]# Lee Jong-suk is not romance, Appendix # [rabbit] spoiled craftsmen Lee Jong-suk [rabbit] go together and Lee Jong-suk Hua Road 
esquare Korea Lee Jong-suk related videos updated
the original translation: Lee Jong-suk and Omega and, ESQUARE met. The encounter between best-selling works and best-selling works has become a best-selling work. If you ask what romance is, then please look up at Li Zhongshuo. The facade of the ESQUARE February issue is the actress Li Zhongshuo. 
jongsuk0206 @ @omega # # Lee Jong-suk Omega #omega watch # seamasten ## #leejongsuk # Lee Jong-suk # Lee Jong-suk #อี จง ซอก #イ_ GUI Newspaper nn ku Tosoh # Omega #esquire

translation by circle
@ Lee Jong-suk L Baidu Lee Jong-suk it official blog seconds to shoot video
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 Lee Jong-suk # Romance is not delete Appendix #
Suobao, you know? ? 
Your smiles, already affects millions of people's hearts, and always be thinking of you when to launch new drama[laugh without saying][laugh without saying]look forward to, oh[Too happy][Too happy][Too happy], congratulations on your new play big hair[憧憬][憧憬][憧憬] @ Lee Jong-suk
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190121. Roman history is an appendix of the album. Press conference  Li Zhongshuo @ 李钟硕 The last one, please use ❤ to feel the brother’s eyes.
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