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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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bravo and good luck ,zzainal!              103 followers!...........it soo real,,,,,,,,,,,,,the number of course

,selfish man!...you abuse the car for a picture ? ..you need a lawyer , because this is't a domestic violence( the car is't considered a member of the family ).....

@asiaren I wish Sukkie work with Bo Young unni again and thank you for all the updates and posts chingu    



#好物 Evolution# Fine moist, clean, clear... @李钟硕What is the "muscle density" behind the makeup recommended by Ouba? The answer lies in the # Breathing Surprise Moisture Cushion CC# *. 24h*Long-lasting concealer, delicate skin without removing makeup, lightly pat, make autumn and winter foundation makeup moisturized~ #双11来# Li Zhongshuo Super Talk NBis [11] Respiratory additional purchase of Su sum37 ° secret foundation cushion cc water sense ...
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Baidu Li Zhongshuo Bar Official Blog 

3 hours ago from Li Zhongshuo Chaohua

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLee Jong Suk [heart]timeline_card_small_super_default.pngBecause it’s Lee, I

’m waiting. Comeback planning part4

[DID screen support report]

Location: Jongno 3rd Street Subway Station
Estimated release time: 2020.12.24——2021.01.10

should be online[Yay]Welcome everyone to check in, remember to protect yourself[Hug]This time I chose the Weibo picture sent by the actor, full of heart for lunch, we and the actor are the double arrow love[heart]Looking forward to return[Longing]

914 kinds of Li Zhongshuo are drawn, issue 8:timeline_card_small_web_default.pngWeb link
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#李钟硕退伍# 10 years of mixed work
from the school 2013 to the appendix of the Romance Booklet, bringing the audience one classic role after another, Li Zhongshuo returned from the army today.
When looking back at his role, it is not difficult to find his growth as an actor.
From Gao Nansun, who has the highest similarity with himself in reality, to the everlasting guardian boy Park Xiu-ha, and the justice reporter Cui Dab with special talents, and finally to Jiang Zhe, whose characters are very difficult to portray from the comics world. It is well digested and gives each character alive.
While reviewing the role, let us continue to look forward to what kind of surprises his return will bring us!LHey a stream of Weibo video
33misa :approves:
Li Zhongshuo talks about
the last day of 2020,
welcome to come back~
L33misa microblogging video

Baidu Li Zhongshuo Bar Official Blog 

3 hours ago from Li Zhongshuo Chaohua

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLee Jong Suk [heart]timeline_card_small_super_default.pngBecause it’s Lee, I

’m waiting. Comeback to the planning part3

[Shanghai Longyang Road Hyun LED screen] The certified video,

please check in[Yay]But pay attention to safety and protect yourself[heart]A round of about five minutes, please be patient and look forward to your certification[Longing]

Specific location and original video:timeline_card_small_web_default.pngWeb link
@李钟硕 timeline_card_small_video_default.pngBaidu Li Zhongshuo Bar's Weibo Video
9215 plays

jongsuk's little fairy 

13 minutes ago from Lee Jong Suk Super Talk

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLi Zhongshuo Chaohua #李钟硕弃军timeline_card_small_super_default.png李钟硕#
李钟硕将退伍#Welcome home Mr. Li~ @ 李钟硕
finally waiting for you Liao[Hit call]2019.03.08-2020.12.31▪️The witch has been waiting for lee
The road in the future The witches will always accompany you to go down timeline_card_small_video_default.pngJongsuk's little fairy Weibo video

Lee Bo Young South Korean Actress GIF - LeeBoYoung Boyoung  SouthKoreanActress - Discover & Share GIFs...i'm home....!...he's home...!:happy2:


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Lee Jong Suk Shares Short And Sweet Message After Discharge From Military Service Today

Lee Jong Suk Shares Short And Sweet Message After Discharge From Military Service Today

Jan 2, 2021
by C. Hong

Lee Jong Suk is back from military service!

On January 2, the actor was officially discharged from his mandatory military service. He enlisted in March 2019 as a public service worker due to a ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) from a car accident as a teenager.

On the evening of January 2, Lee Jong Suk shared two black-and-white photos of himself in casual dress and wrote, “I’ve come back.”


In November 2020, Lee Jong Suk was confirmed to be considering an offer to make a special appearance in the upcoming film “The Witch 2.” The actor’s last project before his enlistment was the 2019 tvN drama “Romance Is A Bonus Book.”

Watch Lee Jong Suk in “While You Were Sleeping” below!https://www.soompi.com/article/1446533wpp/lee-jong-suk-shares-short-and-sweet-message-after-discharge-from-military-service-today

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1 minute ago from Li Zhongshuo Chaohua

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLi Zhongshuo said:
"In life, I often feel that this world is really small. Two people who have never met before, only later discovered that they actually have a relationship. Maybe it is good fate, maybe bad fate, people will always have a magical relationship. In general, we will call this accidental fate"-"Pinocchio"
Cr: logo
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  • 6927b115gy1gmegy6dmgxj20jg0jg75i.jpg


Waiting cr.dc
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01-12 Super talks from Li Zhongshuo

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLi Zhongshuo super talk, finally finished painting, too difficult[awsl] timeline_card_small_location_default.pngSuining Shehong County
Li Baoying super words# # Li Baoying 0112 Happy Birth
brokerage ins update a

order to meet Li Baoying actor's birthday
is full of sincerity gifts fans sent
bright smile and beautiful flower beauty
-British actor certified according to reach 
Fans Our enthusiasm should be
thanked every moment. 

This is the fresh sister after many years! I am too good! [tears][tears][tears]p4 The cute little girl is really so cute [Hold a hug][Hold a hug][Hold a hug]
. #世界最 的李宝英# #李宝英你此此好看#
Thank you again for your support[heart][Hold a hug]
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  • cf10dc20ly1gmm12cwu2gj20u00u0jts.jpg
  • cf10dc20ly1gmm12d6pj6j20u00u0dhq.jpg
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Park Xiurong 

3 hours ago from Li Zhongshuo Chaohua

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLee Jong-suk Lee Jong-suk’s XPRADA pictorial filming behind-the-scenes finally saw Lee Jong-suk, who will move after being discharged from the military, is so handsome! ! ! #李钟硕# @李钟硕 timeline_card_small_video_default.pngWeibo video of Park Xiurong in Guangdong



6 Korean Male Actors with Highest Pay per Episode in a Drama

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6 Korean Male Actors with Highest Pay per Episode in a Drama

They make a lot of money per episode.


There are currently thousands of actors in Korea. However, among them, there are some who shine brighter than others. These 6 male actors are some of them. They are so popular not only in Korea but also globally. As a result, production houses are willing to pay a high price to feature them in a drama.


Curious much about how much money they make in one episode? Check out the list below!



#5 Lee Jongsuk (USD 110,000 per episode for 'While You were Sleeping')


Image Source: https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2021/01/15/6-korean-male-actors-with-highest-pay-per-episode-in-a-drama-389244

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