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[Drama 2013] Unemployed Romance 실업급여 로맨스

Guest aok

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Guest tiffany.shin

Yay cant wait! this drama is going to air next week! woohoo~! finally! feels like i've waited a whole lifetime  :-O thanks for the latest news @aoun :)

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Guest happyder

I am so excited for this drama!!! I love everyone in the cast!  They look like they get along very well,. They're all just oozing with chemistry!!  I love Bae Seul Gi!  I'm so excited for her.  Aww...i love the pictures of Bae Seul Gi and Lee Young Ah!  Kuddos to their friendship. BTW, Lee Young Ah and NamGoong Min are freaking cuuuute together!  Can't wwait!

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News update + disappointment...


Good (or bad) news: The show's formatting style will be different from what we are used to in k-drama land.

1. The first 3 episodes will be told/shown from Seung-hee's (Lee Young Ah) side of the story.
2. Episodes 4 to 6 will be told/shown from Jong-dae's (Nam Goong Min) side of the story.
3. Episodes 7 to 10 will be when both sides intermix and be like how k-dramas has always been.

Now for the disappointment. They have released another 3 minute trailer that is similar to the first one that I've posted above, but with some new and cute (almost kiss) scenes. The sad part is that I can't seem to download the video from their website like I used to, and the bandicam uploader hasn't uploaded the new version of the trailer either, so I can't post it here. Fear not though, here's 2 links ya can try watching it. Hopefully they work for you guys.

Link 1: Click Here!
Link 2: Click Here!

Also adding to this is the relationship chart...


Is it too much to ask for a topless or shower scene of Nam Goong Min? I mean, can't they just do this one tiny favor for us for only giving us 10 episodes and having Nam sport that... hairdo? :D


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