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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤[Completed Variety Show “Youn’s Stay”] | [Upcoming Movies "Dream", “Concrete Utopia” 2021]

Park Seo Joon Poll  

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  1. 1. Which are your favorite Park Seo Joon dramas? (choose up to 3)

    • Record of Youth
    • Itaewon Class
    • What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
    • Fight for My Way
    • Hwarang
    • She Was Pretty
    • Kill Me, Heal Me
    • Mama
    • A Witch's Love
    • A Word From Warm Heart
    • I Summon You, Gold!
    • Family
    • Dream High Season 2
  2. 2. What type of role would you like to see Park Seo Joon in next? (choose up to 3)

    • Lawyer / prosecutor / judge
    • Psychopath
    • Chaebol
    • King / prince
    • Detective / NIS agent
    • Zombie
    • Writer / painter / musician / dancer
    • Hacker
    • Scientist
    • Doctor
    • Chef
    • Casanova / playboy
    • Con artist
    • Time traveler
    • Sportsman
    • News reporter / anchor
    • Carpenter / handyman
    • Teacher / professor
    • Stay at home dad / single dad
    • Something else. What?
  3. 3. Which of Park Seo Joon's upcoming movies are you looking forward to the most?

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  • Poll closes on 04/17/2021 at 12:00 PM

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Happy New Year to you all! May your family and loved ones have a happy, healthy, prosperous and successful 2021 Take good care of yourself and love yourself. 2020 has been a special year; I got to wor

Name: 박서준 / Park Seo Joon or Park Seo Jun [pronunciation]  [japanese] パクソジュン ; [chinese] 朴叙俊 Birth name: 박용규 / Park Yong Gyu  Date of Birth: 16th December 1988 Star Sign: S

credit: https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=parkseojun&no=116003&_rk=tDL&page=1   Sharing this because we should start 2021 with seeing dashing Seo Jun in suit    @

Netizens charmed by Park Seo Joon's cute and bright energy on set when the cameras aren't rolling


Park Seo Joon is making netizens smile with his bright energy on set.


Although Park Seo Joon plays a charismatic role in his new drama 'Itaewon Class' but when the cameras aren't rolling, he definitely looks sweet and cheerful! The pictures uploaded by his label on February 22 show his adorable smile and goofiness. Netizens have been commenting saying:


"He's adorable."

"Look at those cute eyes."

"Duality is the key here." 


Check out more photos of Park Seo Joon below! Have you watched 'Itaewon Class' on Netflix?





credit: https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/02/netizens-charmed-by-park-seo-joons-cute-and-bright-energy-on-set-when-the-cameras-arent-rolling

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5 Reasons Why “Itaewon Class” Is The K-Drama You Didn’t Know You Needed

5 Reasons Why “Itaewon Class” Is The K-Drama You Didn’t Know You Needed

“Itaewon Class” is a new K-drama starring Park Seo Joon as Park Sae Roy and Kim Da Mi as Jo Yi Seo. If you haven’t already started watching this series, it’s a definite must-watch and will most likely change your K-drama watching game. Here are five reasons why “Itaewon Class” is a K-drama you need to watch!


Warning: minor spoilers below.

1. It’s all about hope

So many of the characters go through various life trials that seem like it would be very difficult to come out of. Despite the struggles and hurdles they face, there’s a message of hope that is constantly sent throughout the drama. Park Sae Roy, played by Park Seo Joon, is a unique character and one that anyone can get behind. He’s a firm believer in taking a stand against injustice and is willing to stand up for anyone, even if it means putting his own well-being at risk.

We need more Park Sae Roy’s in the world.

4. Park Seo Joon is impressive

Park Seo Joon being impressive is seriously an understatement. He’s become one of the most well-respected actors in the industry and has without a doubt earned the trust of his viewers as being an actor who never fails to give it his all no matter what role he’s in. In this particular drama, Park Seo Joon plays a character who has been through some traumatic events early on in his life as a result of Jang Geun Won and his father. He had to go through some grueling emotions at the beginning and he did a good job of making us invest in his character early on. He truly is a gem in the K-drama world!

full article: https://www.soompi.com/article/1383803wpp/5-reasons-why-itaewon-class-is-the-k-drama-you-didnt-know-you-needed

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