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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤ [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2021] | [Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2021]

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PSJ for Kloud Draft Beer CF. Reminder about live chat event.

I still don’t understand, will we be able to watch it too or not? :sweats:

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In her last two dramas, she always played the role of a mom. I guess she wants to be more special when it comes to Seojun. And i totally understand her xD


Btw, now that you mention about that Kloudbeer online fan meeting, as i just read it again, i realized what they said was "participants who are not selected can watch the live event on Kloudbeer youtube channel". So, does it mean it's only reserved for those who have ever applied for the event? Oh hopefully it's not :tears:


@Gisell Gisell

Actually i'm confused about all these magazines' name though. I'm not even sure if the interview i posted above is from Jisin Magazine? I mean, is it correct that the magazine's name is Jisin? Somebody please enlighten me about this :joy:


In celebration of ZioZia's 25th anniversary, they will release Park Seojun's self QnA format video in which fans directly ask and answer questions they're curious about. Looking forward to it :hooray2:

Cr. Awesome_ent_official IG

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