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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤ [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2021] ; [Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2021]

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park saejoon and park saeroyi fanarts

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Wooga gang is so cute and sweet. They cheer on each other and ask support for each of their project. Wooshik asked them to support his movie, PSJ for his drama, and Peakboy for his album lolll :joy: Indeed a group of talented people :wub:

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OSEN | 2020. 02. 06. 4:00 PM

Park Seo Joon's acting journey: From a 'vice president' to a 'highschool boy'


The transformation journey with impressive roles of Park Seo Joon.



Park Seo Joon is on the momentum of building yet another life-time character in his filmography. He has dominated the small screen with the image of a character the same as described in the original work. From a visual god who specializes in the genre of romantic comedy, Park Seo Joon has perfectly transformed into the main character coming out from the webtoon with a 100% synchro rate like coming out from a webtoon.

Below are Park Seo Joon's perfect legendary roles in both movie and drama fields.


#Emerging rom-com king



With stable acting, Park Seo Joon is an actor capable of express all kinds of characters. Among them, the genre that best suits him is romantic-comedy. Since his debut, he has shown his strengths in this distinctive genre and demonstrated his acting ability in many works, thereby creating characters that leave impressions on viewers.

In 2014, he became an emerging king of the rom-com genre through the drama "A Witch's Love". In the drama, Park Seo Joon had a perfect collaboration with senior Uhm Jung Hwa as a younger-man couple. Subsequently, Park Seo Joon gradually received more and more love from the audience through romantic and comedic dramas like "Kill me Heal Me", "She Was Pretty", "Fight for My Way", "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?". Park Seo Joon always performs well in terms of humor, romance collaboration with every actress, worthy of the title "the typical role model of rom-com genre".

#Apprentice police officer



Another character of a lifetime by Park Seo Joon that can't be missed is an "apprentice police officer". Through "Midnight Runners'' that premiered in 2017, Park Seo Joon revealed a brand new image compared to the previous films as he played Ki Joon - the passionate student of the Police University. He perfectly portrayed the characteristics of the action-comedy genre thanks to his collaboration with Kang Ha Neul, as well as the acting that teenagers of his age can relate to. "Midnight Runners" won big at the box office and became Park Seo Joon's new production of a lifetime.


#Messenger of the gods


Then, Park Seo Joon displayed a completely different image through the movie "The Divine Fury". In the movie, he took on the role of martial arts champion Yong Hoo - a boy who only left dissatisfaction with this world after losing his father since he was small. Different from the images that he had shown in previous dramas and movies, Park Seo Joon demonstrated in-depth acting when he had to portray a character who is somewhat evil. Thanks to the exorcism genre, "The Divine Fury" has allowed the audience to fully admire the new image of Park Seo Joon when he previously only focused on the romantic genre.


#The boy coming out from comic



Park Seo Joon's new nickname is "The boy coming out from comic". The actor had a role for his career when taking on the male lead Park Sae Roy in the Fri-Sat drama "Itaewon Class" (JTBC). Thanks to Park Seo Joon's 100% synchronization rate to the original work when playing the role of a guy who always lives up to his own firm beliefs, "Itaewon Class" has been receiving a warm response right from the first episode. Park Seo Joon's solid acting ability has contributed to highlighting the character's rich charisma, thereby predicting a big hit.



OSEN = Reporter Sun Mi Kyung /seon@osen.co.kr
Photo = OSEN DB, still-cuts of dramas and movies
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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PSJ and KDM greeting for Netflix


Park Saeroy's style


 PSJ for Dr. Jart Taiwan




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