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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Filming Upcoming Movie “The Marvels” 2023] | [Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2022] | [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2022]


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“As shown in the movies Parasite and Kingdom, the content is the most Korean, but the story is told in a global way. It is said that the universality of the genre was followed by the specificity of Korea. It is said that even if you use a Korean sentiment, it will work if you write it in an understandable way. Rather, the more Korean the material, the more 'fresh' it can be. That is why many foreign media feel 'fresh'.


For example, the Kakao Webtoon IP You can find the answer by watching a drama called ‘Itaewon Class’ that was made using it. Although the Korean sentiment is deeply ingrained in the title to the extent that the Korean region name ‘Itaewon’ is included, it was aired on Netflix and created a huge hit. It goes beyond the color of the region. Moreover, when a specific regional color is added, the freshness of the story is doubled, which acts as a differentiator.

A man who has reached the apex of bad luck overcame adversity, lived his own convictions, and eventually achieved great success. The story of 'take it over' is the realm of universality, and the story that takes place in Itaewon and the character who walks bravely while running a franchise is the realm of speciality. The same goes for the squid game. The logic of survival of the fittest and the victims in it are global villages. They are everywhere, but North Korean defectors and Korean games are only in S. Korea.”


Skipped the rest… sourcehttps://m.mk.co.kr/news/it/view/2021/09/915017/

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On 9/23/2021 at 8:26 PM, serenilmauve said:

@Anjalifairy He also used to wear the same black long padded jacket for many years, before changing to new one with WWWSK (which I think he is keeping for now too);)))

Really? I didn't notice that. The same brand long padded jacket for many years? It should be included on part III lol





KB pay CF modeled by Park Seo Jun and Youn Yuh Jung is receiving good reviews by ad critics. It is said that the choice of the top stars as the models plus their crazy chemistry, cinematic directing that looks like a movie teaser, and how they convert the lines of conversation between lovers with big age gap to explanation of the benefit of the product are very effective and attract attention of the consumers since the beginning of its released.:cutekitty: Read the full review on the link above.


I think way before i read this review, i read people praise the CF a lot bcs of the powerhouse cast and the unique 'crazy' concept  :blush:


The duo powerhouse of PSJ and YYJ should make a return to a real movie project though :grin:





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EVENT Alert! What do you think should happen next? Calling all drama viewers who have an opinion on which direction a drama should be heading in. Here is your chance to play PDnim. Participate in this joint screenwriting game and lets see what kind of drama Soompi chingus come up with. Surely, it will be better than some of the duds we have been subjected to, right? :lol:




re: @partyon, @Lmangla, @Sleepy Owl, @confusedheart, @agenth

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