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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Filming Upcoming Movie “The Marvels” 2023] | [Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2022] | [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2022]


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2 hours ago, Anjalifairy said:

@ivanovie25 Ya i know that part when he playing guitar for his wife. So romantic :love: And i saw the clip a lot in IG too. But my first time seeing the karaoke scene. I thought i had watched all his parts in the drama but turned out i hadn't lol


Owww!!! Seojun in water is too dangerous. He is not human



Omg..i second to this, he's not human :love: those pics in the bathtub..arrgh..

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11 minutes ago, ivanovie25 said:


I'm curious how do they get the magazine? this is posted from the official?

No, I think it’s the ones who were able to get their hands on copies of magazine early;))

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i really love PSJ's hand, so i hate it when they airbrush to the point you can't see the details :criesariver:

but i suppose that could just be his natural aura glowingg :doggie:

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Has anyone read this old interview of Seojun? This was Seojun's interview with Tenasia in 2015, when he promoting The Chronical of Evils. In case you haven't, this probably will become your good Tuesday read hehe~


Park Seojun interview with TenAsia June 2015 



Q. I heard that after the drama "Kill Me, Heal Me" ended, you were going to rest for a long time, but it seems you can't rest properly due to movie promotion.
A. That's what i said. But this (film promotion) seems tighter in a way.


Q. Did you expect to rest?
A. I was just dreaming about it (laughs).


Q. How was the stage greeting? It must have been unfamiliar to go on movie stage greeting.
A. I didn't do much on stage, but it was good to meet so many people. I felt particularly strange when i stood on the theater stage which i liked to visit while dreaming of becoming actor. The memories kept popping in my head. Those were personally meaningful moments.


Q. It's been a while since the movie was released. Now i think you will calm down yourself from excitement and watch the movie and your acting more objectively.
A. I tried to look at it objectively from the beginning. It was my first movie, so i was so excited, but i try to be as objective as possible.  And first of all, i have no general knowledge of the number of audiences yet (laughs).


Q. 'Chronical of Evils' Cha Dongjae is a character who changes the mood of the movie by gradually revealing his true colors as the play progresses. As an actor, i'm sure you're attracted to it but it must have been a burden as well.
A. I always feel burden no matter what role i play. This time, i felt it as something attractive than a burden. I also tried to be responsible. I tried to see the whole picture because the flow of the story could be broken if i was greedy. Unlike the second half when the truth is revealed, in the beginning, Dongjae's emotional lines should not be clearly revealed, so i was so worried about adjusting the level of 'which one should be overflowing'.


Q. How did you feel when you first met Dongjae through the scenario?
A. At first, i was like, ‘Does it make sense?' But after slowly looking at Dongjae's situation and imagined specifically about his past that was not in the script, i felt sorry for him again. Dongjae is the perpetrator, but at the same time he is also a victim. I felt compassion for a situation where he had no choice but to make extreme choices, and i tried to understand that feeling. For me, i have to accept the character in my heart so that i can have righteousness when i act. Fortunately, it's a movie, not a drama, so i had a lot of time to think deeply about the character.


Q. Was it just good to have a lot of time to think? (Laughs).
A. Actually, sometimes it was frustrating (Laughs). I was used to the fast-tempo drama field, so the relatively relaxed field was unfamiliar at first. In the case of a drama, if i build up my character well in the beginning, after the 4th episode, i feel like i'm gaining momentum and pushing it out. However, although there is some kind of on-site editing for the movie, i couldn't check the audience feedback, so i had more time to think about it rather than leave it to the flow (depend on audience feedback).


Q. I think there are two main ways for a CRT (Cathode-Ray Tube) star to advance to the screen. Whether you are advancing by using an existing image, or trying to transform your image into a completely new look. But no matter how much i think about it, you don't seem to be both.
A. Oh, it's nice to meet someone who understands my mind (laughs). From the first time i saw the scenario, there was no thought like "let’s try it because it’s a genre i’ve never experienced before, and it’s a different character from the past". I just liked the role and the story was interesting. In a situation where there aren't many movies that people in their 20s can do, being able to play a character of my age was also attractive to me. Many people say that i chose this work for a change in external appearance which is by no means the reason. I always try to choose 'what i can do well' rather than 'what i think will go well'. 


Q. What are the criteria for 'what i think will go well' and 'what i can do well'?
A. First of all, ‘what i think will go well’ are things everyone expects. For example, from the surface, it's probably going to be something 'what i think will go well' for me to get involved in a masterpiece with a high production cost or a super studded casting. On the other hand, 'what i can do well' by my standards is to play character who feels familiar. Things that make me think about the character from my point of view. Of course, it would be best if i could do well on something that can go well (laughs). But two rabbits seem too greedy.


Q. It's been five years since your debut. Starting with the music video in 2011, you've been running nonstop to "Dream High 2," "Pots of Gold", "One Warm Word", "Witch's Love," and "Kill Me, Heal Me." And you have accomplished a lot over a short period of time. I think it's a time when you have a lot of thoughts, but if you look back on the past five years, what kind of mind is ahead of you, compliment or self-reflection?
A. Personally, i do self-reflection a lot. I always do my best when i work, but when i see the results, i often feel "I can't stand it anymore." I can't help but feel sorry for myself. It's inevitably always like that.


Q. What about compliments? When do you compliment yourself?
A. When i just finished filming a difficult scene. "Yes, I did! I did it anyway!" like this (Laughs). In the case of ‘Chronicle of Evils', the last scene was like that.  It was a scene in which Dongjae's accumulated emotions exploded, so i was very concerned from the first time i read the script. It's a burdensome scene, so i'd like to shoot it sooner, but the date doesn't come.. It seemed like there was a big mountain to climb for no reason (laughs). So i try my best to get rid of the thoughts about the scene on set. If i think too much, it'll be hard for people. 


Q. Are you someone with a lot of thoughts?
A. I am. However, i also think that thinking too much can make me suffer or it can ruin me. So sometimes when i get lost in thoughts, i say, "Okay! Just up there! Stop right there!" I control myself like that.


Q. When do you have a lot of thoughts?
A. When i'm alone. When no one's around. Since i live alone, i've come to enjoy the silence.


Q. 28. It's also an age when you want to enjoy solitude.
A. Is that so? I feel like im used to loneliness.


Q. By the way, there has never been any controversy about your acting.
A. Uh.. (with a bit shy smile) There seems to have never been news or something like that (laughs).


Q. I think your voice is the most crucial factor that determines your acting style. There is a strange appeal from your calm, deep and low voice.
A. Is it convincing? (Laughs). Thank you if you see it that way.


Q. You seem reluctant to something that's excessive and artificial. 
A. I don't like it. Anything in moderation is good. That way, it's comfortable for people to watch and it's also comfortable for me to act.


Q. When did you get convinced that being an actor was your path? 
A. Since i was young, i tend to hide my emotions rather than express them. Because of that nature, i initially thought, "Can i really be an actor?" However, that was the reason i became interested in acting. Expressing emotions through acting gives me a sense of pleasure. And i tend to take the small things big. Sometimes, like a weirdo, i see things from a different perspective that people say "it's nothing" about that thing (laughs). I think it's a good thing to become an actor for me, when i think i'm sensitive.


Q. Are you still feeling a lot of emotions now?
A. My personality doesn't seem to change much. At first, i hated that kind of personality, so i couldn't admit it. "Why do i have so many thoughts?", "Why do i break myself with so many thoughts?" I pushed myself. Now it has changed a bit. I feel comfortable the moment i admit that it's also part of me.


Q. Do you have any song you get hooked on these days? Sometimes i can feel someone's  state of mind through the lyrics (he/she listens to).
A. I don't think i've been listening to a lot of music lately...Oh, Big Bang's 'Loser' lyrics. "Loser.. loner~ a coward pretending to be tough~" Strangely, whenever i hear the lyrics, it feels relatable.


Q. You think it's you when you hear the lyrics?
A. While Big Bang is more shiny and more loved by the public, i think many people in this field will also feel similar feelings.


Q. Previously, you were in a position to wait for the selection of a work, but now you may choose first. How is it? 
A. I thought it would be good, but it wasn't. Many times i feel sorry. When there are overlapping job offers, i have no choice but to say sorry, and it hurts me. As i said before, the selection of works is based on ‘what i can do well’. Of course, the business aspect will not be completely ignored. Because it's not something i can do alone. From that point of view, i think being chosen (by audition) is much better mentally.


Q. I think being good at rejecting is one of the important qualities of an actor.
A. I think i'm in the process of getting to know that. In fact, it was very difficult because i was in a situation where i had to say no a while ago. I was worried about losing people, but fortunately, they understood my situation. It was never because i hated the work, but i feel i couldn't afford it mentally. Since i've only been running for five years, i thought i needed time to empty it out when "Kill Me, Heal Me" was over. I was also worried that i might fall into mannerism because of this familiarity. I felt like i was going to do a 'predictable' act if i continuously do a project without a break. So i refused politely, but i'm grateful that they understood without any misunderstanding.


Q. How about looking back on this time in the future? Work, work, work.. Generations in their 20s surrounded by work might feel victimized.
A.  There's a saying if you gain one, you lose one. Of course, there are times when it's unfair to have restrictions on your everyday life. So i sometimes want to deviate, but it doesn't work well for someone who isn't used to doing it (laughs).


Q. And yet, what experience of deviance do you have?
A. I think it was right after i went to the army? Since i was young, i have had firm standards in me that "i should not do this, and i should make a plan like this". The moment i broke those things was a deviation to me. After being discharged from military, i suddenly said to myself, "Isn't it too FM? (FM refers to a person who follows the rules/principles strictly). First of all, let’s start by letting go of the pressure to do something planned.” The moment i let go of the things that put pressure on me, another world unfolded. I realized a lot of things while hanging out with my friends who had lived differently from me, and it made me reflect on myself. It was a time when i was free from 'restrictions'. Oh, and it was also the first time i smoked cigarette. Hahaha. For about 3 years, i think i lived freely like that.


Q. You said you were living in an FM style, but it seems people won't think you're an FM.
A. Hmm… I may have been seen as 'a kid rolling on the wheels' (someone who repeats a routine). I get along with my friends, but at the same time i always keep my plans sharp.


Q. How were you in a group of guys in school?
A. I had close friends, but i don't think i spent much time with them. Just like high school students on average, 'class - night time class - academy - home - school again'. It's repetitive. By the way, after class, i went to the acting academy with my school grades as the condition. I had a contract with my father, he said, “If your grades drop, the academy will end.” So i had to study hard. I always closed the last door of the academy. After coming out, i took the last train of Daebang Station on Line 1, passed through a crowded subway, and went to the study room to review. After living like that for three years in high school, i didn't have much time to hang out with my friends. However, in my 3rd year of high school, my grades inevitably dropped. Because even students who don't like to study, start studying to enter university (Laughs) (what he meant was the more people study hard, the harder it is to get a good grade). But there was a contract with my father, and i tried not to fall behind in my studies to do what i wanted. Fortunately, my grades weren't bad. But when i did that again and went to university, a dilemma just came to me. I was in a corner when i thought, "Is my life goal was university?", "why did i do this?" A confusion like that.


Q. How did you overcome the dilemma?
A. There was only one way to make up my mind. "What's wrong with me?" "Let's study hard first and stick to what i have to do". I think i was like that. 


Q. Where do you think you are as an actor right now?
A. For movie, i'm definitely at the starting stage. Though it may be a rubbish thing, but it's time to emerge my own philosophy of acting. I believe that it is a stage of growing step by step. And i'm always grateful to those who pay attention in the process. In a way, they acknowledge my process. I want to work harder. Rather than working hard because i don’t want to disappoint anyone, i want to work hard for my own satisfaction. Then i believe that it can also impress someone.


Q. It's like an important point. How many unhappy people live consciously of the gaze of others, not theirs.
A. I get advice to take, but i'm not very conscious of how i look to people. I was like that before. I think that's the center of my mind.


Q. I keep feeling this while you're talking, that you seem to be 'An actor with guts'. I'm saying this in a good sense.
A. I think there should be such a thing. Because no one is protecting me on this field. I feel like it's a lonely job. When you're good, people nod, but when you're bad, people turn their heads coldly. Honestly, there are times when i feel that they are not on my side and it's the fate of the people in this profession to accept such things. In the end, i have to protect myself. That's what i think.



cr. https://tenasia.hankyung.com/topic/article/2015061011354


* English translation by me.

* Translation may contain inaccuracies.




After reading a lot of his interviews, i think Seojun is someone who has good theoretical knowledge about acting and also good (more like amazing) in practical application. Sometimes being good in theory doesn't always lead to good execution. But he does amazing in both. I guess he studied really hard at academy and college (though i'm a bit doubtful he graduated from college xD) so no wonder his professor was so sure he would make it and being successful in the industry :heart2:

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@Anjalifairy that was one of the best interviews of him I've read so far (Thank you for the translation!). So many in-depth questions and it really reveals just how he thinks about certain situations and how he deals with things. It was a bit sad to read at times because you can see that he does get negatively impacted by the industry and he feels lonely but he speaks in such an open and honest manner that it's refreshing. He also has such a strong mentality and still maintains a positive outlook which is really inspiring and admirable! I'm glad he protects himself and puts himself and his mentality first  :heart:

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waa..thank you @Anjalifairy I will read it in detail tomorrow, now i'm sleepy :) But i did a quick read a bit, i caught that he prefers to choose a role that he thinks he can do well? So i'm a bit confident now that if Marvel is just making him as a token, he will not accept it, but yeah who knows the agency says otherwise since it's hollywood. He's more to quality not quantity, no wonder his works always come out very good if not the best around the time :wub:

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@Anjalifairy I always had a feeling, that Seo Jun is someone who deeply thinks about his character, but don’t overthinks to the point when it takes over everything about his acting. Like sometimes actors option to be too much “textbook right”, that it overtakes their natural charm. That’s why I love so much  his acting style. Any of his character comes out natural, because he knows exactly what he is doing and gives room for characters to breath on their own too;)) 


Also, my most favorite part of any Chronicles of the Evil interview was something along the lines, that director said he first had no idea who was Seo Jun, but after seeing him acting, he knew that he would be an international level star;)) 


Is he trying to hypnotize me?;))):crazily: :omg:

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13 hours ago, serenilmauve said:

It’s a family illness. The princess also had it. Since to keep their “sacred bone” they basically opted for incest, Sun Woo having the exact same “unknown” illness as princess was a hint, that they’re related and he is actually a Royal blood. 

Ah thanks for the additional context :blush: it’s an interesting and scary illness - the worst part you never know when the fainting spells will come on. Way too dangerous for someone who is a warrior. This means the king, Sun woo and the princess are technically half siblings??

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14 minutes ago, Jeomju1216 said:

Ah thanks for the additional context :blush: it’s an interesting and scary illness - the worst part you never know when the fainting spells will come on. Way too dangerous for someone who is a warrior. This means the king, Sun woo and the princess are technically half siblings??

I think they’re technically cousins, but of course with incest it’s much more complicated;)) 

But It’s a been awhile since I rewatched Hwarang and to be honest the whole “royal family” storyline when it wasn’t about Sun Woo bored me and after initial first watch I almost always skip their scenes lol 

I like Hwarang almost for everything except “hidden king angst” and love triangle. For me A Ro and Sun Woo so much more interesting when king is not there trying to be “third guy” in their relationship pushing his “love”. The angst of him being responsible for death of A Ro’s brother and Sun Woo’s friend should’ve been enough. Also Sun Woo was too good to be friends or loyal to that guy lol

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11 K-Drama Actors Who Are Great At Kiss Scenes

11. Park Seo Joon


When it comes to having some hot and heavy kiss scenes, Park Seo Joon really takes the cake. The kiss scene from his drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” garnered over 300 million views – it also obviously helped that Park Min Young was his partner! Not only are all of Park Seo Joon’s K-dramas huge successes, but there isn’t a single drama he has done where the kiss scene isn’t memorable. There is certainly no disappointing when it comes down to it for Park Seo Joon!


credit: https://www.soompi.com/article/1474056wpp/11-k-drama-actors-who-are-great-at-kiss-scenes


Everything started from his debut in Music Video :lol:

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