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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Filming Upcoming Movie “The Marvels” 2022] | [Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2022] | [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2022]


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Looking back at his twitter account. He used to be so talkative, seems like he just wrote down what's on his mind just like normal people. It's fun to read though. Here are some his old tweets i found interesting, no actually i just chose randomly :D



Rough trans It's really hard to hold your emotions, but i think the actors who shed tears are really great, i feel that i'm too inadequate, and I want to try to be more delicate

No, oppa, i think you also did a really good job even back then :D



Rough trans Habit is important. I have a habit of observing and imagining my surroundings when i use public transportation for a long time, but now I think I have a habit of thinking too much about myself. Observation is important.

Remember he told us about this in record park's. So he has had this habit since long time ago :D


Rough trans Since i was 100 days old, I've learned how to smile in front of the camera

Cuuuuuttteeee :wub:



Rough trans : It's been a long time since I've been on the train, but it's hard to stand, my legs are sore, my back hurts. It wasn't hard to ride on train back then. I'm weakened. I was adaptable at that time.. ha..

Lol were you complaining?? :lol:


Rough trans : I'm learning guitar these days. It's exciting and so much fun that the calluses at your fingertips have been stripped off once, but it's good. Because actors are actors until they die

I think it's for dream high 2 purpose. He's been really serious to become an actor since back then. I mean he's already had that mindset at that time. I'm a proud fan :D



I wish he would be talkative like this on instagram. Impossible huh? :joy:

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@serenilmauve I agree. Actually the storyline is very light, but it's their chemistry between them that makes the whole show more interesting. And i really appreciate PSJ and PMY here for their consistent acting from the first episode until the end. Psj for example, i notice he maintained the lee young joon's intonation of speech and gestures until the very end. I think it's not easy though. He seemed never to be off guard about it. And you'll never find those style of speech and gestures in his other dramas. So did PMY. She really made the drama flowery with her lovely acting. I love kim mi so's character so much. Indeed they did amazing job in wwwsk :blush:

That's why i couldn't help falling in love with PSJ through LYJ :D

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@Anjalifairy thank you for sharing and translating;))) It’s nice to see, that he didn’t change much as an actor;) Still likes his job a lot and it shows though his acting. His eyes always sparks whenever he is in new character. Truly was born to be an actor. 

I found some translations of his old magazine interviews, should I post them? Are you interested guys?;))


I think the contrast of seeing Go Dong Man and Lee Young Joon made me fall hard to his acting abilities. They both drastically different characters, but you believe him 100%. He changes his aura, attitude, speech pattern, the way they (characters) hold themselves and even walked different way. Then I went to watch his other dramas and movies and in all of them he gave something new to each his character. It was such a delight to experience all his works because of it. 


I like everything about WWWSK. It’s one of this few dramas, that I never get tired of re-watching.   It has perfectly balanced everything. PMY and PSJ great at acting, so is supporting cast. OST and background music and sounds design, set design, cinematography and locations, humor and message, how everything was sweet, yet tasteful. WWWSK was all around one of my most favorite experiences as a drama-watcher. People can criticize it for “light story”, but I was into it even because of that, not despite;) 

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